Friday, 30 September 2011

Survivor South Pacific episode 3 review

Hello and welcome to my very first Survivor review, while I had hoped to review the first two episodes I'll be content with starting from the third episode for now.

Anyways on to the review

After the vote.

 After voting out Christie we see her arrival at Redemption Island complaining about how much she dislikes coach calling him " King farook", since we dont get any interview from samhar I took that as a hint that Samhar is leaving the game.

Back on camp Brandan is starting to feel a bit guilty as he should, although he is still trying to get mikayla voted out.

Redemption island.

Coach really wants to go to redemption island to see Christie leave the game, somewhat petty of him but hey thats Coach for you? his tribe letting him go shows that Coach does have some standing with them, Stacy also wants to go, to support her (only?) ally in the game.

The challenge is the same as the final challenge in Samoa with the contestents holding a stick with an idol on top, really thats pretty much it.

Before we start we are treated to one of Samhar's.....Poems where she talks about getting naked and having 10 children and then another, at least the everyone else seemed as annoyed by it as me.

Challenge begins with Probst telling the the duelist to " get it where you want it" Really Probst?
From the start Samhar seems to lack the focus that Christie has, Christie wants it and she holds it with a deathgrip, while Samhar swayed a few times until finally...

Yeap Samhar is the first person out of the game, but before she left she gave Christie her jacket and that was a sweet gesture.

Back in camp

Brandan decides that its time his whole tribe knows who he is, so he gathers his whole tribe and shows them his tattoos, which didnt seem to get much of a reaction ( except for a jawdrop from stacy)
Personally I dont see what he gets from telling them he is related to Russel, hell even coach thinks that Brandon made a mistake, Coach does seem to be playing the game differently this time doesnt he?

After making a scene Brandon decides to get even more attention by having a confrontation with Mikayla when she asks him if he wants her gone and he goes completely defensive and then has the nerve to say that he is trying to apologize, wonder what he looks like when he is trying to threaten someone?

To prove his sanity, Brandon gathers his tribe Again, this time to get them to tell Mikayla that the tribe doesnt trust her and asking them who is loyal to her, the scene only truly becomes ironic when Brandon goes " just keep me out of the drama, god!"

Brandon's little outburst does nothing except make him and Mikayla cry, sad moment really :/

To have Coach point out the idiocy in Brandan's actions makes it obvious just how much of loose cannon brandon is.

Immunity Challenge

I dont like those duel immunity/reward challenge, get rid of Redemption island and give us back the good old 2 challenge an episode days.

Probst describes the challenge, its one of those physical followed by puzzle challenges, but it is new at least.

for Savaii Ozzy and Dawn are the runners, Savaii has trouble just giving Ozzy enough rope to get his flags, while Upolu has Albert, Mikayla and brandon as their runners, advantage shifts back and forth and both tribes reach the puzzle part at the same time, and here Coach gets Upolu a big advantage by hooking all five of their pieces at record piece, if you cant tell by now yes Coach did impress me a lot this episode.

Probst: Coach is getting all the pieces, what a great hooker
Upolu finishes the puzzle before Savaii even unwraps all their pieces, while the first few challenges were close this was Upolu's day.

Savaii heads back dejected and its immediately obvious that its Papa bear or Cochran for the chop, the alliance of Ozzy decide to vote out PB but tell Cochran that they will tell PB that they are voting Cochran tonight so Papa Bear doesnt ask any questions, yeah.....that'll help Cochran's security issues.

Sensing his tribe is lying to him PB decides to take matter into his own hands and rushes into the forest, making sure he is seen in the process, he then digs a hole in the ground and comes back to camp " with a noticeable Bulge in his pants" as Cochran describes it, his tribe are worried about PB's bulge and everyone wonders if he has the immunity idol...

Except Ozzy who already has it of course, lets hope he knows when to use it this time.

Tribal council

A rather dull TC this time, nothing really noticeble happened and after an explosive tribal last week this TC just felt stale.

Cochran tries to convince everyone that he isnt a physical weakness while PB tries to convince them that he is.

I wasnt quite sure who was going to get voted out, but i was leaning towards PB as he was given quite a lot of screentime this week, and my predictions were...

Correct, for once :D

Papa Bear got voted out, despite the fact that the tribe thought he might have had an idol, wonder if anything happened behind the scenes to convince them otherwise?

Next week is Papa Bear vs Christie for redemption ( On the fence on who to support for that) While Cochran grasps power in his tribe and Brandan costs even more drama despite trying to keep out of any drama in his tribe.