Saturday, 27 April 2013

Depressing Cat Messages.

So I came across a compilation of depressing images combined with cute cat cartoons, I'm not sure exactly how the combination of those two things work somehow, do the cats make the message happy or something? I'm not sure but either way I felt like blogging about them.

To start off with, this image is depressing because of how true it is, our bodies start declining at a certain age and no matter what we do it will just keep getting worse and worse.

How scary is that? all your looks, strength, stamina, everything you have physically will be gone one day even if you do your best to take care of it

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Naruto 628 Review.

Hello everyone, Naruto has come out this week following a break for Kishi, 628 is quite a fast paced action chapter following weeks of flashbacks and Sasuke.

To read my review of the previous chapter see it here.

Firstly are any of you disappointed that we are no longer reading about the previous Kages? I just realized how entertaining they were while reading this chapter, not that this was a boring chapter in anyway but I'd much rather have more history of the previous kages.

The chapter begins with the Shinobi Alliance facing a combined attack from both Madara and Obito, since they are both Uchiha they are specialist in fire jutsus, I kinda forgot how strongly associated with fire the Uchiha are but it was a nice reminder to see them use fire jutsus here.

Not only are fire jutsus used but they also use a ton of kunai against the Alliance, however thankfully they are all still covered by the Kyuubi's shroud and suffer no real damage.

Its at this point that I gotta wonder about Naruto's new form, how versatile is it exactly? it grants him super speed, greater strength, sensing powers and he can apparently protect others with it, it doesnt seem like any other Jinchuriki can share chakra or am I wrong? and speaking of Jinchuriki where the hell is Killer B in this chapter? he doesn't appear even once.

Monday, 22 April 2013

My Brother Reviews "Mouth Agape: Over tar, Tthe Last Air Dancer."

My brother watched The Last Airbender movie with me and decided to submit his own opinions on my blog.

You are reading this because you cannot get enough criticism of the movie, of how the terrible, horrible, silly way M. Night Shamalingdong brought Avatar to life. If you are a fan of the series, and you have not seen the movie yet... go see it. It is definitely in the "so bad that it hurts" category, and is quite an experience. If you have already seen it, then let us enjoy it a bit more, shall we?

Book One: Water, was a pretty powerful season, large in geographical scope, rich with colourful characters, and with an intricate story. Avatar Aang and his gang started at the South Pole, visited the Southern Air Temple, visited Kyoshi island, visited the walled city of Omashu, went on a floating prison, freed a village from a rampaging panda, visited a Fire Temple, fought with pirates, fought alongside rebel outlaws, went fishing with an old man, got captured and freed by an enemy, saved a village from an erupting volcano, spent some time with a few nuns, met Jeong Jeong (a fire bending master), then went to the North Pole to learn more water bending, where the gang was besieged.
I suppose book 1 was kinda awesome.
That is a lot. It is 20 episodes, which is roughly 7-8 hours of non-stop animation. The quality of the storytelling means that even if you take out filler material (crossing the canyon, riding penguins and koi), you will still end up with 5-6 hours worth of dense, quality material. That is 4 or 5 movies' worth of time. Condensing all of that into your standard 1 hour 20 minute format is an enterprise doomed to failure, guaranteed. Even if you omit as much of the non-essential plots as you can, you will still need 2-3 hours for Book One, which is two movies, and that barely, BARELY does the series justice.

Friday, 19 April 2013

I Dont Understand How Money Works.

I am not sure if this title really suits the topic but its not like I know one that's better so lets just go with it.

Money is always an interesting topic, of course it would be since its such a major part of everyone's life, how much money you have and how much money you earn dictates your quality of life, its a bit sad in a way how you can measure people's worth by how much paper they earn in a month instead of who they are and what Morales they have.

But the fact that money determines people's worth isn't the point of this post, its how incredibly messed up the world's salary is, and that's what really gets to me, how little some people earn and how much others do.

Sports and the Movie industry are what surprise me the most, while I do not in anyway say those fields are easy, they seem to give far too much for what the people working in them do.

This guy made 75 million last year.
I love how people justify the salary actors get especially, " oh you don't know how hard they work, they have to wake up at 2 am and spend hours putting on makeup and sometimes they must do the same scene 8 times".

Excuse me? for the money the make Anyone would be willing to wake up at pretty much any hour of the day and sit in a chair for makeup, its almost criminal to be honest to hear how much some people get paid, and how little others do.

Public workers, policemen, teachers, etc. A lot of professions get paid too little for what they do even though they perform a much greater public service than a person trying to hit a ball on television, yet that's how life works and that's pretty freaking confusing to me.

Doctor's paid less now.

Then again that's the law of supply and demand, people don't mind spending their money to watch a sporting event and their money fuels that industry, yet they don think they will get sick or have their houses burned so they don't donate anything for doctors or fireman.

Its jarring to think of that.

Personally I believe those who make too much money should be taxed more and that would help the government and the people, what exactly do you need 75 million for anyways? what can you do with 75 million that you cant do with, say 30 million?

Such heavy taxation might sound harsh to some yet it would help thousands of others who are struggling to get through their daily lives while others are wondering which islands they want to buy. Is it fair to tax so heavily? Probably not, but its also unfair to think that people who study for years to get a job helping people are paid pennies compared to athletes who are paid millions for sponsoring some shoe.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Last Airbender Movie Review

I enjoy adaptations, from whatever form to whatever form, I love almost all of them, whether its book to movie ( Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter) comics to movies ( Hulk, Batman, Avengers) or books into TV shows ( Game of Thrones) A good adaptation is a chance to enjoy the same story A second time on a different medium.

So when I heard there would be a movie adaptation of one of the best cartoons to ever come out, I couldn't help but be excited, Avatar was an incredible show and was followed by the equally impressive Legend of Korra, but lets stick to the movie for now.

I didn't see the movie when it first came out, but I read many... less than flattering interviews about it, criticising pretty much everything about the movie, honestly nothing about this movie was spared from the wrath of critics, but hey they aren't true fans like I am so they probably wouldn't enjoy the movie like I would right?

Oh how wrong I was...

Its really hard to tell what causes this movie to fall apart so spectacularly,  I wish I could say something good about this movie to start the review, some small redeeming factor that makes it watchable at least yet sadly there just isn't anything good here.

I suppose it has an awesome poster.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spartacus Victory Review

Spartacus is over, wow that's a sad thought isn't it? its been 4 seasons of blood, violence, drama, love and..well a lot of naked women but all of that is over now and it feels so weird to think that this show which started out quite weak to be honest, has come so far to produce an episode that is truly amazing.

From the start we see that the rebel army has spread out a little into small groups attacking homes to free slaves and the commander of each group claims to be Spartacus and while this is obviously a plan made by the rebel leader it also shows that Spartacus is not really a person anymore but an idea now, Spartacus means freedom and it doesn't matter who holds the name so long as people believe in the idea.

The main focus of the episode of course is the final battle between Crassiues and Spartacus but before that we spend a lot of time seeing the both sides prepare and I loved seeing the emotional scenes between everyone involved.

Friday, 12 April 2013

So I have Internet again...

Funny how anticipating something is usually better than actually having it, I haven't had internet at home for almost a month, and when it finally arrived here at my new home I pretty much acted like.

Or at least I did for the first hour or so, after that it was back to normal, weird how quickly our brains get bored...ah well c'est la vie.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Naruto 627 Review

Man did I love this chapter, Naruto 627 was a chapter that focused solely on characters and their motivation and I always love chapters like these, its mostly a set-up for the battle against Madara and set the pieces for what will probably be the climax of the manga.

To read my review of last week's chapter and predictions Click here.

Anyways lets start talking about this week's chapter, I loved what Hashirama said about shinobi, they are people who face difficult choices and see them through, they are forced to endure many hardships and it seems I am not the only person who thinks so as those words seem to have sunk in with Sasuke as well, he has been conflicted since he met Itachi and hearing what Hashirama said was the thing he needed to push him back squarely into the good side.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dragon Age Origins Review.

Please note that this review is for the PC version, so things written here may not apply to the PS3 version of Dragon Age, if you have a choice play the PC version as its simply better.

Its a little hard to review a game as massive as Dragon Age, released in 2009 Dragon age won a ton of awards and acclaim for almost every aspect of the game, the question is, does it deserve all the attention it got? have a look below.

Pretty epic trailer, so lets talk about the game.

Dragon Age takes place in Ferelden where every few hundred years a horde of demons called Darkspawn would emerge on the surface and try to take it over, this occurs at the same time as a civil war erupts, and its up to you to solve this situation.
Not the handsomest group of demons..

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Naruto 626 Review

Lack of internet at home sure makes life tough, let me tell you without internet the world is a slightly darker place.

To read my review of chapter 625 click here.

Alright lets begin with chapter 626, all the talk about how the Sharingan makes a person more evil seems to apply with Madara, as every time we see him upgrade his eyes he has become more and more twisted, the first time he unlocked his Sharingan he decided to fight Hashirama and the more he enhanced his sharingan the more evil he got, first by asking Hashirama to kill himself or his brother and now by betraying him and trying to kill him, I agree with what the Second Hokage says about how the Sharingan causes people to become more evil, as Sasuke is further proof of that, Itachi is the exception to this rule not the norm as many would like to think.

Madara leaves the village and while Hashirama seems sad by it over time his dream of a peaceful village is achieved, children no longer kill each other and the future sems bright apart from the black spot that is Madara, in the translation I read it says that Madara " kept attacking" the village which to me means more than once, can anyone confirm this?

Either way we see the final battle between the founding fathers of the shinobi world, Madara sumoons the Kyuubi armed with Susanno armor and Hashirama summons his giant Pokemon Tree statue ( I love how fights have turned into who can make the bigger blast wins sort of situation)  Either way Kyuubi is subdued but Madara is left standing and he engages his rival one last time in an epic slash-cut.

We get a nice callback to their first meeting, with Madara claiming himself the victor this time, I get the feeling that he suffers from some massive inferiority complex as no matter what he achieves Madara is always second place to the famous First hokage and he cant live with that, its very similar to Danzou and the Third as well as Sasuke with Naruto, very few people in this manga can stand to be overshadowed.