Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Naruto 627 Review

Man did I love this chapter, Naruto 627 was a chapter that focused solely on characters and their motivation and I always love chapters like these, its mostly a set-up for the battle against Madara and set the pieces for what will probably be the climax of the manga.

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Anyways lets start talking about this week's chapter, I loved what Hashirama said about shinobi, they are people who face difficult choices and see them through, they are forced to endure many hardships and it seems I am not the only person who thinks so as those words seem to have sunk in with Sasuke as well, he has been conflicted since he met Itachi and hearing what Hashirama said was the thing he needed to push him back squarely into the good side.

Was anyone really surprised Sasuke became a good guy again? since the moment he joined Orochimaru from part one Sasuke didnt do anything that was morally irreparable, he killed some people correct but none of them were what you could consider both Important AND good characters, he killed Deidera, Danzou and Itachi but all of these were considered evil at the time ( Itachi isnt evil of course but everyone thought he was at his time of death) and he did kill some fodder samurai earlier but those arent important to the story so they can be considered a forgivable offense.

If Sasuke had killed Kakashi in their reunion then he would be permanently in the villain camp, simply by virtue of being alive for so long without committing a major crime meant Sasuke was always set up to return to Konoha. ( This was one of my predictions from last week and I am happy it came true)

The above panel somewhat confuses me, did Madara's brother contribute anything towards peace? from all we saw he did try to protect the Uchiha by sacrificing his eyes but from almost all his appearances we see Izuna fighting, so I'm hoping someone can clarify this for me.

Itachi inheiriting Hashirama's will was a very interesting concept, the ones who usually get the cycle of hatred instead got the will of fire, I liked that a lot, I also liked it how when we consider the two brothers Itachi and Sasuke, Itachi the "good" one died being thought of as a villain and Sasuke who I think is more evil will turn out to be the one who redeems his clan.

Tobirama is not the villain people make him out to be, despite his questionable decisions earlier he proves that as second Hokage he deserved the title, he respected his enemies and trusted the ones who proved himself, was he a racist? Thats hard to tell, he has a hard view on the Uchiha and its up to every person to determine whether he is right or wrong in his views.

Pretty epic Panel.
While Sasuke's return to Konoha's side is expected, Orochimaru helping him isnt, its hard to figure out what he will do now that he has come back into the story, Orochimaru always seemed like the most unpredictable character and I doubt he will just join the Allied forces without some hidden agenda.

Karin is further proof that Kishi cant write women for some reason, the way she just forgave Sasuke for you know, trying to kill her was just mind boggling, this guy stabbed her without a second thought then ordered that she be killed and she just forgave him? what sort of sick love is this? but then again Sakura is still in love with Sasuke even after he tried to kill her too so perhaps trying to kill a woman is the fastest way to get her to love you in the Naruto world.

Suigetsu summarizes his group best.
The kages and everyone else assemble and its fun to see what they all want for the future, Minato wants to see his son, Hashirama wants to meet Madara again, Tobirama wants to defeat him this time and Hiruzon just wants a fight.

Best picture.
simply wow.

The last double spread page is epic, its just amazing, there is no other way to describe it other than that, its easily the best image this chapter, widescale shots like these are beautiful and seeing every kage stand on top of their own carved monument was too cool.
So yeah thats the end of 627, a chapter that dealt with the results of Hashirama's speech and flashback as well as set the story up for the next few chapters, I personally loved this chapter so much and cant give it anything less than a perfect score.


Its a little hard to predict where the story goes after this since it could be anywhere, however I dont think the kages will arrive early in the next chapter, we will see how the allied forces are doing by themselves first for a while then have them join the battle, my bet is they will join at the end of a chapter, maybe 628 but not likely, They will appear to save the allied forces from some major attack by the Jyuubi.

Minato's gift to Naruto will most likely be the Chakra sealed inside him, I read many theories on how Minato has half the kyuubi's chakra inside him and I believe that he will now give it back to Naruto when he meets him, this will probably allow Naruto to power up the entire shinobi army.

Orochimaru is the person I am most unsure about I simply cant tell what he will do because he's never been predictable, but I think he might try to either be the Jyuubi's jincuriki or he will sync with the Gedo Mazo, Tobi wont do it and Orochimaru has always talked about being a complete being, a god and whats more godly than being the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails?

Thats all my thoughts for this chapter, hope you enjoyed reading this.