Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Naruto 628 Review.

Hello everyone, Naruto has come out this week following a break for Kishi, 628 is quite a fast paced action chapter following weeks of flashbacks and Sasuke.

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Firstly are any of you disappointed that we are no longer reading about the previous Kages? I just realized how entertaining they were while reading this chapter, not that this was a boring chapter in anyway but I'd much rather have more history of the previous kages.

The chapter begins with the Shinobi Alliance facing a combined attack from both Madara and Obito, since they are both Uchiha they are specialist in fire jutsus, I kinda forgot how strongly associated with fire the Uchiha are but it was a nice reminder to see them use fire jutsus here.

Not only are fire jutsus used but they also use a ton of kunai against the Alliance, however thankfully they are all still covered by the Kyuubi's shroud and suffer no real damage.

Its at this point that I gotta wonder about Naruto's new form, how versatile is it exactly? it grants him super speed, greater strength, sensing powers and he can apparently protect others with it, it doesnt seem like any other Jinchuriki can share chakra or am I wrong? and speaking of Jinchuriki where the hell is Killer B in this chapter? he doesn't appear even once.

From this panel and from what Minato said earlier about giving his son a present, I think its pretty obvious now that by the time the 4th arrives on the field, Naruto will have spent most of his chakra and he will receive the other half of the Kyuubi inside his father, its foreshadowed pretty hard and almost guaranteed to happen by now.

How many times has Obito asked for Talk-no-jutsu? it seems that everytime he argues with Naruto he's begging to be convinced or persuaded that he's wrong and Naruto just hasnt hit the right note on that yet, i am on the fence on whether Obito will convert back to being a good guy since a major theme in Naruto is how bad guys tend to redeem themselves before they die ( Zabuza, Nagato, Danzo).

Obito seems very confused by what he wants.
Madara senses the chakra of the First Hokage, which is a little confusing since there should be a lot of people walking around with Senju DNA, all the Zetsu's as well as Orochimaru are comprised of Hashirama cells and Madara was never stated to be a sensor either, still I cant complain too much because we get another Madara "rape face" ( the best one so far in fact).

This week.
Last time.
Just from his expression I think Madara has always felt inferior to Hashirama and that every time they faced each other he has wished for the chance to prove he is greater than him, he probably drove his clan to ruin by his obsession to defeat his rival and that has cost him everything, I imagine that after receiving any sort of power-up Madara felt this ecstatic at the chance of defeating Hashirama but he fell short everytime, he might feel he has been revived this time just for the opportunity to prove he is superior once and for all.

But probably the best part for me this entire chapter, was seeing Obito and kakashi teleport to the other dimension to fight each other, we've seen everything else in this chapter before, the Ten-Tails using a massive attack, Obito talking with Naruto about something to do with bonds, Madara thinking about the previous First kage, so the only real step forward is the start of Obito vs Kakashi.

But thats for another time, as the chapter ends with the Ten-Tails releasing a massive attack that completely obliterates the surrounding terrain, its a little hard to imagine how everyone can make this out alive so I am curious whats going to happen in the next chapter.


There isnt much to add about this chapter since its mostly action so I'll just put in my predictions for the next few weeks.

1. Kakashi's fight with Obito will reveal the secret behind Rin's death, I am not too sure how the fight between those two will proceed but Kakashi is the only one who knows why Rin had to die and nobody wants to know that more than Obito, I think somehow that Kakashi will win and Rin's story will either change Obito and make him a good guy again or it will be the last thing he hears before he dies and he will die in peace.

2. Minato will give the other half of the Kyuubi's chakra to Naruto, this is fairly obvious but I still feel like saying it, I also think Minato will talk to Kakashi during this war, probably after Kakashi comes back from his fight.

3. Orochimaru is still the most likely person to be the Ten-Tail Jinchuriki, since only Obito can do it and he's far away with kakashi that only leaves Orochimaru as the other possible candidate, aside from him who else is there? Madara is a zombie and cant do it which leaves no one else really.


This is a mostly repeated chapter with nothing really that new happening that we havent seen before, therefore I cant give this chapter a rating thats too high, the art was decent and I am looking forward to Kakashi's fight and hope he wins one for once as he seems to always perform badly in most engagements, either way Naruto 628 gets a 2.5 out of 5.     

Thanks for reading my review :D.