Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Naruto 560 Review

Hey everyone, its been too long since I the last time I reviewed Naruto, life has recently been very hectic and I havent had the time I needed to review, but thankfully at least I have the chance to write about this awesome chapter.

Our chapter starts with a beautiful panel of ma-Tobi staring intensely at us, Unluckily this is all we see of Tobi for this chapter as the scene follows Madara and Muu engaging the long range division + Naruto.
Madara immediately notes his enemies all have one kind of forehead protector while Onoki tells us that he has no idea who the man in the mask is, in my opinion that might mean that whoever Tobi is, is someone who is thought to be long dead.

Madara knows who the man in the mask is though, unfortunately he doesnt refer to him by name, but he does say that things arent going according to plan, which hints that Madara must know who Tobi is, Madara then asks who is using Impure Resurrection...

Kabuto introduces himself to Madara, I had originally thought that Kabuto talked to the person in the coffin before he showed him to Tobi but this is their first meeting together, I like how Madara dismisses Kabuto just like Tobi did.

Its kinda funny to think how Kabuto knew Tobi wasnt Madara from their first meeting, it puts all their previous conversations in a new light.

Kabuto then proceeds to tell Madara about how his summoning is special and he is "beyond himself at his prime"   Their conversation is cut short by an attack from Gaara.

Madara decides to prove himself as the greatest Uchiha, and what better way then showing his mastery of fire techniques?

While ugly, the above images shows the allies working together well, I love elements and was impressed by how quickly the cannon fodder managed to make a wall of water to protect themselves, against someone of Madara's power this is quite a show.

Madara then proceeds to go into good old fashioned Taijutsu, moving like a cyclone he cuts up members of the alliance while Naruto prepares himself to take him on, Gaara's protective nature shows itself again as he protects a fellow ninja from Madara's sword, then proceeds to grab it while another shinobi holding something suspiciously similar to Zabuza's sword, plan doesnt work though but the Ninja army does show that its not useless in this chapter.

Muu, finding the killing too slow for his liking tries to aid Madara but luckily while split from his body he cannot use Dust techniques, Onoki not realising this tells the sensors to keep an eye on Muu anyways.

I love the teamwork in this picture, all the allies immediately retreat as Naruto approaches, knowing how large his area of effect is, while Onoki raises the ground itself to give Madara less time to react to Naruto's technique, the whole plan is helped by just how beautiful the whole page is.

Its all for naught though as Madara reveals that he himself has ( Perhaps the original?) Ultimate defense.

Madara's Susanoo looks the closest to Satan that we have seen so far, which ties in well to what the Kyuubi said, that Madara has more evil chakra then it does, Onoki doesnt seem to know that Madara has Susanoo and the Mangkyo Sharingan, I'm guessing that they had their fight before Madara acquired those powers, showing how much Madara has improved since then as well as how old Onoki is ( he fought pre-mangkyo Madara :/  )

Gaara and Naruto have a plan to handle this though, what is this Plan G? the allies really are working well with co-ordinating and figuring out the enemy, Madara, wanting to be productive decides to kill some no-names while he waits for their next attack.

Another impressive attack ( Yes you can make a drinking game out of how much I praised the alliance army this review) Naruto charges in with his Rasenshuriken and Gaara does a trick we just saw earlier this chapter...
Madara gets dragged around a lot doesnt he?
A rasenshuriken that close, no way it can miss right?

Unless of course Madara is like Pein and has some sort of Preta path to absorb Chakra but that would be a ridicules asspu-


Madara reminds us of why he is the strongest uchiha by activating the Rinningan, it seems that Kakashi might be right and that it is just some sort of mutation, Tobi saying he "gave" it to nagato might be further evidence of that...

Kabuto seems to think the same thing also, or at least that the Rinnengan is a stage higher then the eternal Mangkyo sharingan ( this news will make Uchiha fans so happy)...

Kabuto thinks that with Madara he now has some powers of the sage himself, but even dead and decaying Madara proves to us just how defiant he is.

Two heads are not better then one in this situation!
Madara has taken everything we know and taken it up a notch ( or 12) by using a two headed Susanno which can apparently use seals itself we are in for a show.

Our chapter ends with its best panel, a giant metorite is heading towards the allied army and there really doesnt seem to be anyway to get rid of it, with our heroes trapped underneath it, its unlikely everyone will get out alive.... ( Short of Kakashi wrapping it away or Onoki using some amazing technique)

And thats all folks, hope you enjoyed this review, I know i certainly missed writing all this stuff, till ( Hopefully) next week and have a great week

Friday, 14 October 2011

Survivor South Pacific episode 5 review

Howdy, sorry for missing last episode's review, damn life is getting in the way of blogging for you guys.

Well lets get to it :D

-After the recap we get the touching Stacy-Christine reunion, Stacy getting so much attention pretty much confirms that she will lose redemption island, or atleast she should, her damn cliches are getting annoying.

"The grass is always greener on the other side"
And her chucky cheese too.

-Albert is a pretty smart guy, my bet for an Upolu player winner.

- Coach has an interesting response to Redemption island, informing the tribe that his own mom calls him coach since he was 18....
Does anyone else think that Coach might be the sane one in family?

-Ozzy is being quite an ass to Cochran, course he is doing it to impress his bimbo of the season.

-Speaking of Elice, whats up with her and coch?

-Ozzy revealing that Coach should vote out Albert was a big mistake, you dont say something like that when you're standing next to the strongest guys in the tribe.

-Albert is reading the signs right, but showing his clue to Coach and Sophie really just confirms what stacy said about who runs the tribe.

-Coach with the HII? that used to be just a myth, but now it actually happened, Coach has grabbed the game by the balls, he even told his "little dragon" to go back inside the tent....

-Cochran is a bit too judgmental on Ozzy, the guy fishes for you dude and he gets fish, fishing aint as easy as chopping coconuts.

-Rick got a line this episode!, sure it was short but "thats nice"

-Disgusting challenge, I think they did this in amazon right? either way it was just gross

-Close as hell, the two tribes really are well matched and it comes down to just two ounces, who will win this?

-Its official, God has joined Coach's fan club, if you thought coach was sitting pretty before, well he now has the Almighty on his side.....oh and Brandon

-For your reward, you can take all the food you spit on, nice.

-Did Albert remind you of anyone when he ate the reward? anyone? "Oh my god its so good"

"You cannot fathom the goodness that it is"
-So its the showdown we have all been waiting for, Ozzy vs Jim ( or Cochran, but I think Jim was the guy who got the plan to go down)

-Jim really showed his survivor-smarts this episode, utilizing Ozzy's single mistake to get rid of his best ally? I like it.

-Keith is the swing vote on this, its too bad that he seems so slow on the uptake, no Keith, you dont tell Ozzy you're voting out his strongest ally.

-Whitney mentions how she wants to weazel out of the vote, foreshadowing anyone? but then again survivor is all about foreshadowing.

-Tribal therapy starts and Jeff focuses early on the challenge and asks about their injuries, I personally loved the fact that Dawn lost a tooth and just doesnt care, woman is tough.

-Did anyone feel really bad for Cochran this tribal? most of his tribe took crap shots on him and it was just heartbreaking, especially as i find this his funniest tribal so far.

-Whitney and Keith worked well in this, they appeared ignorant or weak to the rest of the tribe while getting rid of who they wanted, swing votes are dangerous as hell.

-Bye bye Elice, looks like Christine might have a tough Redemption challenge for once.

And thats all folks, hope you enjoyed the episode as much as i did as well as this review.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Survivor South Pacific episode 3 review

Hello and welcome to my very first Survivor review, while I had hoped to review the first two episodes I'll be content with starting from the third episode for now.

Anyways on to the review

After the vote.

 After voting out Christie we see her arrival at Redemption Island complaining about how much she dislikes coach calling him " King farook", since we dont get any interview from samhar I took that as a hint that Samhar is leaving the game.

Back on camp Brandan is starting to feel a bit guilty as he should, although he is still trying to get mikayla voted out.

Redemption island.

Coach really wants to go to redemption island to see Christie leave the game, somewhat petty of him but hey thats Coach for you? his tribe letting him go shows that Coach does have some standing with them, Stacy also wants to go, to support her (only?) ally in the game.

The challenge is the same as the final challenge in Samoa with the contestents holding a stick with an idol on top, really thats pretty much it.

Before we start we are treated to one of Samhar's.....Poems where she talks about getting naked and having 10 children and then another, at least the everyone else seemed as annoyed by it as me.

Challenge begins with Probst telling the the duelist to " get it where you want it" Really Probst?
From the start Samhar seems to lack the focus that Christie has, Christie wants it and she holds it with a deathgrip, while Samhar swayed a few times until finally...

Yeap Samhar is the first person out of the game, but before she left she gave Christie her jacket and that was a sweet gesture.

Back in camp

Brandan decides that its time his whole tribe knows who he is, so he gathers his whole tribe and shows them his tattoos, which didnt seem to get much of a reaction ( except for a jawdrop from stacy)
Personally I dont see what he gets from telling them he is related to Russel, hell even coach thinks that Brandon made a mistake, Coach does seem to be playing the game differently this time doesnt he?

After making a scene Brandon decides to get even more attention by having a confrontation with Mikayla when she asks him if he wants her gone and he goes completely defensive and then has the nerve to say that he is trying to apologize, wonder what he looks like when he is trying to threaten someone?

To prove his sanity, Brandon gathers his tribe Again, this time to get them to tell Mikayla that the tribe doesnt trust her and asking them who is loyal to her, the scene only truly becomes ironic when Brandon goes " just keep me out of the drama, god!"

Brandon's little outburst does nothing except make him and Mikayla cry, sad moment really :/

To have Coach point out the idiocy in Brandan's actions makes it obvious just how much of loose cannon brandon is.

Immunity Challenge

I dont like those duel immunity/reward challenge, get rid of Redemption island and give us back the good old 2 challenge an episode days.

Probst describes the challenge, its one of those physical followed by puzzle challenges, but it is new at least.

for Savaii Ozzy and Dawn are the runners, Savaii has trouble just giving Ozzy enough rope to get his flags, while Upolu has Albert, Mikayla and brandon as their runners, advantage shifts back and forth and both tribes reach the puzzle part at the same time, and here Coach gets Upolu a big advantage by hooking all five of their pieces at record piece, if you cant tell by now yes Coach did impress me a lot this episode.

Probst: Coach is getting all the pieces, what a great hooker
Upolu finishes the puzzle before Savaii even unwraps all their pieces, while the first few challenges were close this was Upolu's day.

Savaii heads back dejected and its immediately obvious that its Papa bear or Cochran for the chop, the alliance of Ozzy decide to vote out PB but tell Cochran that they will tell PB that they are voting Cochran tonight so Papa Bear doesnt ask any questions, yeah.....that'll help Cochran's security issues.

Sensing his tribe is lying to him PB decides to take matter into his own hands and rushes into the forest, making sure he is seen in the process, he then digs a hole in the ground and comes back to camp " with a noticeable Bulge in his pants" as Cochran describes it, his tribe are worried about PB's bulge and everyone wonders if he has the immunity idol...

Except Ozzy who already has it of course, lets hope he knows when to use it this time.

Tribal council

A rather dull TC this time, nothing really noticeble happened and after an explosive tribal last week this TC just felt stale.

Cochran tries to convince everyone that he isnt a physical weakness while PB tries to convince them that he is.

I wasnt quite sure who was going to get voted out, but i was leaning towards PB as he was given quite a lot of screentime this week, and my predictions were...

Correct, for once :D

Papa Bear got voted out, despite the fact that the tribe thought he might have had an idol, wonder if anything happened behind the scenes to convince them otherwise?

Next week is Papa Bear vs Christie for redemption ( On the fence on who to support for that) While Cochran grasps power in his tribe and Brandan costs even more drama despite trying to keep out of any drama in his tribe.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Survivor: South Pacific pre-season thoughts.

Hey everyone, Survivor is coming back ( like it always does, after 22 season can that show die?) and with its new season called Survivor: South Pacific they will future the same "twists" that they did in the last season, which are The Returning players and Redemption island.

The Returning players.

Lets start with a short history lesson shall we?

Last season started this new tradition of putting in two old players along with new contestants, before this we had 2 all stars seasons and one  fan vs fan favorites season, season 20 named Heroes vs Villains showed us one of the greatest survivor rivalries ever, the one between Boston Rob and Russel Hants, as a guy who watched about 15 seasons of survivor ( yes I skipped a few that I hear sucked a bit) it definitely set up season 20 as something special.
So who won?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Naruto 551 Review

Welcome everyone, its been 2 weeks since the last chapter of Naruto was released, but Kisi defeinitely used his time well by providing one of the most explosive and beautiful chapters ever so lets start our review :D

Our chapter starts off same way as the last one finished with Nagato grabbing Naruto and using his old Preta path ability to absorb ninjutsu, Naruto tries to remember all the techniques Nagato used in their fight so far and decides to go with a rasengan ten seconds after he concludes that it will be useless, Naruto still has ways to go in the intelligence department :/

After realizing that normal techniques wont work, Naruto resorts to talk-no-jutsu to try to get Nagato to snap our of it, but its pretty futile by now, while some people thought that Nagato absorbing Bee's chakra might help him break free from Kabuto, it plainly isnt going that way here.

Nagato summons the Naraka path, apparently Kabuto can use Human path to remove souls and revive them later, Kabuto clearly is no ally of Madara but he states here that he will "Revive" Naruto and Bee later, does he mean revive them as edo tensei or as normal humans?

Speaking of Bee...

Is the top panel epic or is the top panel super epic? Bee makes one pretty cool heroic entry, but Why he doesn't use Samahada is a bit strange, I would think that if they sucked enough of Nagato's chakra back he would revert to his weaker crippled form...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Naruto 550 Review.

Hello everyone, Naruto 550 came out early this week, so Luckily I am able to review it early as well,

This week's chapter is called Koto Amatsukami, and deals with the long awaited crow that Itachi put in Naruto, anyways Lets start the review.

Our chapter starts exactly where the last one ended, with the crow coming out of Naruto's mouth, hell it could just be the same scene from a different angle, as everyone but Itachi is confused by the appearance of the crow it, Itachi's eye starts to bleed and we flashback to the scene of when the crow was first given to Naruto and how it was Itachi's final fail-safe for Sasuke.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Naruto 549 Review

Hello and welcome everyone to my review of Naruto's latest chapter, sorry about not reviewing last week's chapter as I still have a bit of a computer issue, anyways while I am sure you wanna know more about that I'll just review this week's chapter for now :D

The chapter for this week is called "Itachi's question" which I find odd considering how it has more fighting then "Naruto Vs Itachi" last week, Pein starts us off by saying how it feels like yesterday since he last saw Naruto, I wonder what the afterlife is like in Naruto since Zabuza didn't experience one either, but anyways Pein follows up by saying how Naruto has changed since he last saw him, Naruto thinks he is talking about his new Chakra Mode, but Pein meant Naruto has a new expression, Kinda odd how Pein focuses on his expression and not the Giant glowing chakra around him but what do I know?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Naruto 547 Review

Hello and Welcome everyone to this late review for Naruto 547, My computer broke down earlier this week and hopefully I will have it fixed up soon, but lets start our review now.

Our chapter starts with Gaara telling his father how he is no longer a jinchuriki and he has friends, the 4th Kazekage is more surprised by him having friends then losing the shukuku, to which the 2nd Mizukage says thats its no big deal for Gaara to have friends, While at first I found the Mizukage to be annoying, I am starting to like him more and more with each word he says.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Perspective Part 2 Right and Wrong

Howdy, with my university starting on Monday I guess this might be my last post for this holiday unless I write something tomorrow, so lets get to it.

One thing I have always loved, is how we all interpret right and wrong differently then others, what is acceptable for some is a crime for others, in some cases it literally is a crime for others, like for example polygamy.

Is this wrong?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Naruto 546 Review

Hello and welcome to my review for the latest chapter for Naruto, adequately named "Clash of the Old and New Kage".

The chapter starts off differently from the last few weeks, instead of focusing on a main character, this week we start of by watching two members of the alliance fighting off one of Kabuto's edo tensei bodies.

The scene shows us how ninjas from different villages are working together, sharing intel on their former villagers and trying to save each other's lives, its not a huge thing, but its nice to see the Shinobi alliance letting go of its former ties and working as one true unit.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Debating Tips-Motions

Morning, seems like I havent posted here in a while, I just finished competing in the President's Cup, which is a debate cup my university competes in with 15 other campuses, we got 3rd place which is quite respectable I think.

So in this post I'll talk about what I've learned in my long Rather short career in debating, I'll write about the tactics and tricks my team used that got us so far and common pitfalls to avoid, experienced debaters will probably know all of this but if you're new and want to improve, I think you will find something useful here.
On to the first point.

Understand what the motion wants you to debate.

The first part of the debate starts the moment the motion is announced, when you know what it is you should focus on understanding what the motion wants the teams to argue about so no parallel debates happen.

" This House believes that we don't need no education"

The above motion can basically be said as " Education is important" however the way is is phrased can cause people to be confused and the government can go out and say that they believe that education is not important, which is the opposition's case.

When the motion is given out, both teams will have time to prepare their arguments and points, The government will use this time to make the motion serve them by narrowing it down and making it easier for them to debate.

"This House would ban abortion"

Thats the given motion, now if the government first speaker goes out and says " This house would ban abortion, on to my first point"
Since he has stated no limits to abortion, the leader of the opposition can (and should ) reply with " Since the government states they would ban abortion, this means abortion is banned at all stages of pregnancy

Thats why explaining the motion can make or break the debate, be very careful with how you describe the motion ( government) and try to find any loopholes in the given explanation (opposition).

Hard and Soft cases.

A hard case is a case where the motion would be allowed or stopped at all stages, where as a soft motion would be a weak case that wouldnt change anything, confusing right?

Here's an example to what I am trying to say.

"This House would ban abortion"

Soft example: If the government is weak and not confident enough in themselves, they will go out and say " We will ban abortion in the third trimester" 

Thats an incredibly soft case, why? because nobody aborts in the third trimester, its illegal everywhere so the government is basically saying OK to abortion in every stage except when it enters 28 weeks and after.

Soft cases are very detrimental to the government, while a Hard case can be argued with, a soft case is usually the government agreeing with the opposition.

Hard example: We will use the same motion as the above, but this time the government goes out and says "We will ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy Except if the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother"

The above is a hard motion, where abortion is completely banned except in a logical situation where it threatens the life of the mother, that's a very logical safety net the government puts to stop the opposition from saying " What if the pregnancy can kill the mother?"

A hard case is many times more interesting then a soft case, and is easier to win as well since they are arguing on the motion, in this hard motion the points can be really varied, as they can talk about if the baby was the product of rape and the mother wants to abort it early, if the baby is found to be born with a birth defect that would kill it in a few years, all these are points both sides can argue on, and it builds to a fruitful debate in the end.

Thats what we mean by using the motion, the government has this advantage to set the motion how it chooses, usually though they will make a logical mechanism and work on that.

Remember to think about how the other side would approach this case, if you are stuck on points then imagine what their points are and use the opposite of that, if you are government then try to set a Mechanism that would kill the oppositions points.

And that's it for this post, I'll have more debate-y stuff up soon, hope this helped.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Naruto 545 review

Hello everyone, Naruto's latest chapter came out today and I'll be reviewing it as usual

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Perspective Part 1 People.

Howdy, it sure feels like I haven't written anything in a while, even thought I just didn't write for... one day.

Anyways I'm planning on writing a series of posts about perspective and how we see things and why different people can interpret the same thing in totally opposite ways.

Firstly I'm gonna start by saying that we are all different, yes its obvious but some people seem to think that we all grew up in the same environment or something and thats not true, we are all so different, separated by beliefs, gender, race, colour, background, country, society, there are so many factors that come into shaping us into who we are and those factors are why we are so unique.

yeah I know what I just said is something we all know

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Naruto 544 Review

Hello everyone, here's my second review for the latest chapter of naruto, chapter 544.

We start off this week by going back to HQ where shikaku is having a hard time with the Zetsu problem, since Zetsu can can copy anyone's chakra he has slipped into the alliance bases and managed to wreak havoc, a problem that shikaku has yet to solve.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

First Impressions

In life, no matter who you are every few years you're going to go to a new and totally different environment, when you first start school, high school, when you move to another place, when you enter university, when you start working, In all of these situations you'll probably be alone with no one you know there and making a good impression will be.... well not really that important but better then making a bad impression.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Muscle Growth

Please check my other articles on Ideal weight and Losing weight.
Hey guys and possibly girls, In this post I'll be talking about how Muscles grow and the factors that affect muscle growth.

Firstly lets start with how do muscle grow anyways? Muscle growth occurs in two stages, The first part is happens when the muscle is under stress and the second part is when the muscle starts to repair itself.

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Greetings everyone, in this post I'll be discussing about cheating and why some people do it and some others don't  before I start though I'll show you what I don't mean by cheating.

Charles is quite a guy

Friday, 17 June 2011

Ideal Weight

This is my followup article to Losing Weight and Muscle growth.
Today I'll talk about the current fads that people seem to follow when they judge others on their weight, Firstly we will start with BMI.

BMI = Body Mass Index, its a way to tell if your weight is normal based on two things, Your height and your weight, by taking these two things and putting them in some equation you'll find out if you're healthy or not...
Check this chart for your bmi

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Naruto 543 review

Here's my first naruto review at chapter 543, despite being a fan of the serious since the first episode, still cant call me hasty I guess.

We start the episode almost immediately from when we finished it last week, with Raikage charging to get minato, but the 4th proves once again why he is the fastest ninja by avoiding Raikage and appearing right behind Bee by using his thunder god technique.

But before he goes through with it, Bee tells him that if he gets stabbed, he will stab the 4th in return, the flashback ends with the 4th praising Bee for being a true shinobi.

Losing Weight is a simple thing.

Not an easy thing to do though.

These days its all the rage to become fit, healthy, look good, be lean and so on and so forth.
The Scale, The Enemy...
And probably the most common thing people want when they think of health is " I wanna lose weight", and that's not surprising, considering how much Films, TV, magazines and even peer pressure discuss the topic its no wonder that weight has become such an issue, its the fastest way to judge someone, when you meet people for the first time the first thing we judge them by is how they look, and by that I don't mean " hmm, I wonder what shoe size they wear?", But along the lines of " s/he looks pretty good".

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Rejection hurts.

There is a lot of things that hurt in this world, but perhaps one of the most damaging of them is to be rejected, and by rejected I mean having your university application denied or not being accepted into the chess club, damn those assholes if I had just moved the Queen one space more....

But even worse then being rejected by the Chess club, is to be rejected by someone you like, specifically when you ask them out and they tell you that they can’t, wont or don’t even think about it.

Monday, 13 June 2011

A Moral Dilemma.

There are some situations in life, where there is no right or wrong action to make, where any path you take has consequences and both of them are equally severe, those are what we call moral dilemmas, when you are put in a situation where its nearly impossible to make a decision.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

What is shallow?

Well lets start with what the dictionary defines as shallow.

It usually means a man/woman who only judges by looks and not by personality. 
Personally I believe it's a term that is massively overused. Is it so wrong to judge a person for their looks and try to get some information about them through how they dress/look?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Game of thrones "Pointy end" review Part 2

Ah hello to the one other reader in my blog, I will continue part 2 of the pointy end review after last night's overwhelming response to my first review * sarcasm mode off*  so without further ado lets begin.

When we last saw Tyrion he was leaving the the Eyrie with Bronn the sellsword, We catch up with them with tyrion whistling and being told to shut-up because they are still stuck in the Vale surrounded by mountain tribes.

                                                            A loving couple

Game of thrones "Pointy end" review Part 1

Hello everyone, welcome to my first blog and review, i'm very new at this so please be gentle with me :P

This page will review the latest episode of game of thrones, titled " Pointy End" so kick back, enjoy and dont drink anything offered from a eunich.

This episode follows the path of multiple characters as the series slowly drifts into a war between the Starks and Lannisters so lets start with the youngest ( well now revealed to be second youngest ) Stark.