Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Naruto 550 Review.

Hello everyone, Naruto 550 came out early this week, so Luckily I am able to review it early as well,

This week's chapter is called Koto Amatsukami, and deals with the long awaited crow that Itachi put in Naruto, anyways Lets start the review.

Our chapter starts exactly where the last one ended, with the crow coming out of Naruto's mouth, hell it could just be the same scene from a different angle, as everyone but Itachi is confused by the appearance of the crow it, Itachi's eye starts to bleed and we flashback to the scene of when the crow was first given to Naruto and how it was Itachi's final fail-safe for Sasuke.

The blood on Itachi's eye worries Nagato and make him think that Itachi is going to use amatersu, Bee tries to stop Itachi but it turns out that all that Itachi was doing was casting a genjutsu on himself.

Everytime Itachi so much as sneezes, everyone goes "wtf?:

Kabuto reacts with surprise, his degree of control on Edo Tensei has never been completely established, but even with less pawns to control and more Oro chakra thanks to Anko he still cant stop Itachi from doing whatever he is doing.

The crow lands on Naruto's shoulder, and it has one sharingan and one normal eye, how common is one eyed sharingan now? Kakashi, Danzo and Madara each have one, and now birds too? ehh.... the only thing worse is if the sharingan suddenly starts appearing on peoples arms like pimple- oh right...

Itachi uses Amaterasu, but he misses ( or did he?) and gets Pein's dog instead, Naruto's giant rasengan from last chapter couldnt get rid of it, but Amaterasu seems to do the trick, My guess is that if you burn every part of the body it wont have anything to regenerate from, Anyways after burning the pup Itachi sets his sight on Pein.

Kabuto clearly lost all control of Itachi, as Itachi burns Nagato and his poor bird, one thing that occured to me is when Edo Tensei bodies are revived, what state are they in? the state they died in? cause Nagato looks just like when he died, yet Itachi died without his sharingan but he still has it.... or maybe they are revived based on what time their DNA is taken, any ideas?

A confused Naruto asks Itachi what just happened, apparently the crow would use a genjutsu on anyone with Itachi's mangkyo, this genjutsu would compel the person to only perform actions that would protect konoha, like burn Pein or save Naruto.

The eye of the Crow is a real sharingan, unlike the usual sharingans that itachi puts in his crows during genjutsu's, it belonged to Shisui Uchiha, the same Shisui who Itachi killed and Lost an  eye to Danzo, after casting the genjutsu, the Crow loses its mangkyo and cant use it again, either because of a chakra limitation ( like with Chidori early on) or because of a time limit problem ( like with Pein's shinrei tensei).

Bee recognizes the name of Shisui, just like Ao did when he saw his Chakra in Danzo, we havent been told much of Shisui, but he was apparently famous both for his use of the body-flicker technique and for this genjutsu eye, the most powerful genjutsu eye.

Itachi mentions on what  a true ninja is, a true ninja is one who doesnt seen glory, but who protects his village from the shadows, that is a true ninja.

Shisui gave one of his sharingans to Itachi after danzo took one, Shisui in some ways is like Madara's brother, both gave their eyes to the person they trusted to make them stronger, and both died shortly afterwards, in another irony, Shisui died in a similar manner to danzo, Shisui died to prevent his enemy ( Danzo) from getting his eye, while before he died Danzo crushed Shisui's eye to prevent his enemy ( Madara) from getting it.

Itachi has great faith in Naruto, and in brother in general, in fast Itachi's whole theme has been related to brotherhood, he killed Shisui who was said to be like a brother to him, and killed everyone except for his brother who he loved too much, and the only person he trusted to save Sasuke if he turned evil was the person who also considered Sasuke his brother.

The orginal use for Shisui's eye was to activate on Sasuke if he transplanted Itachi's eye, a decent plan that would have worked, Itachi could not have seen a mass edo tensei, but Bee brings up another point, why not just use Shisui's genjutsu on sasuke from the start?  and Itachi answers that he couldnt at the time, and it will take 10 years for it to be used again unless they have some Hashirima senju chakra around ( I swear that guy's chakra can be used for anything, from charging birds to subduing tailed beasts)

Naruto reassures Itachi, telling him that he will save Sasuke, a lot of people have told Naruto to kill Sasuke lately, so its nice to see someone tell Naruto to stick to his original plan and try to save him instead, coming from Itachi, it created quite an emotional moment, Itachi's life has been nothing if not self-sacrifice for his brother.

Nagato didnt burn completely, thanks to his gravity repelling ninjutsu, Amaterasu can be removed as was demonstrated by the sand siblings during the kage meeting, Pein regenerates and charges for the 2 jinchuriki and Itachi has vanished, what happened to him?

Pein fires a massive charge from a summoned creature, then follows through by charging Bee who responds with my favourite Rap so far and switches to his version 2 of the tailed beast, we havent seen it in a while and it was devastating the last time, but our time with it is cut short when Pein uses Preta path's ability to suck off Bee's chakra, yet with Bee having samahada cant he just suck it back? with Bee taking and giving chakra and Pein doing the same, it will be like a chakra filled 69... :D

Bee's chakra has a very interesting effect of turning Pein into a younger version of himself, and when Naruto attacks Pein he uses Human Path's ability, if you dont know what that is, it was the same ability Pein used to kill anko,  and with the chapter ending ominously with the words " Nagato has become complete" well it doesnt look good for our heroes does it?


Beautiful, Beautiful chapter, I loved the history lesson of shisui, the uchiha clan having such members as Itachi, obito and Shisui makes me wonder why they ever wanted to revolt?

the fighting this chapter was less then last week, but seeing Itachi turn on Nagato was sweet, two dead guys fighting each other? awesome, although i wonder what happened to itachi after he gave his message to naruto, was he released from edo tensei cause he became emotionally satisfied like some other dead ninja? ( 4th kazekage, sasori)

Kabuto losing Itachi should have been a major blow to him, yet it seemed that Shisui's eye is even more important then that, Kabuto seems crazy prepared for everything.

The art this week had many varied shots, from closeups of character's faces to pictures of huge blasts, burning giant dogs and birds, there was something for everyone, and I thought most of it was well done.


My prediction for last week was right, I knew the bird would snap itachi from edo tensei, but I thought it was in the form of living chakra not a genjutsu.

I am honestly lost about next week, but it seems like Nagato has lost all his free will, so I think it will be a serious fight between the jinchuriki and Nagato.

and thats it for today, hope this review has been helpful, and I hope you all have a nice day.