Friday, 29 July 2011

Naruto 549 Review

Hello and welcome everyone to my review of Naruto's latest chapter, sorry about not reviewing last week's chapter as I still have a bit of a computer issue, anyways while I am sure you wanna know more about that I'll just review this week's chapter for now :D

The chapter for this week is called "Itachi's question" which I find odd considering how it has more fighting then "Naruto Vs Itachi" last week, Pein starts us off by saying how it feels like yesterday since he last saw Naruto, I wonder what the afterlife is like in Naruto since Zabuza didn't experience one either, but anyways Pein follows up by saying how Naruto has changed since he last saw him, Naruto thinks he is talking about his new Chakra Mode, but Pein meant Naruto has a new expression, Kinda odd how Pein focuses on his expression and not the Giant glowing chakra around him but what do I know?
Itachi seems surprised with Naruto's progress, I guess that rules out my theory about the Raven in Naruto being Itachi's chakra and watching over him, Pein brings up his old theme of hatred and thinks that Naruto has  finally conquered his and Naruto thanks him for helping him get over his Hatred, I find that kinda odd cause Pein did kill Jiraiya and now him and Naruto are chatting like they are buddies, Death really changes a guy....

Both Naruto and Itachi have questions for each other, but before they can get to that, Kabuto starts the fight between them, Kabuto wants to capture the 8 and 9-tails and wants to use them to bargain with Madara, Kabuto has never been a clear cut person, even while he was with orochimaru we didn't know what he was thinking, and now while he is working with madara we dont know if he really is his ally, but I think him trying to capture Naruto puts him squarely in the Villains category for now.

Itachi draws the first hit, he uses the old Uchiha favorite Katon Goukakyuu, but Bee manages to split it pretty easily with Samahada, but Sama does not seem to like Fire ninjutsu, makes sense since samahada would qualify as a water type weapon and fire would hurt it, still if it can absorb Kyuubi and Hachibi chakra I find it hard to swallow that a little fire jutsu would hurt it.

Itachi notices Samahada and realizes Kisame is dead, I really wish Itachi and Kisame's relationship had more page time, since they seemed to be good friends by the time they died, Kisame remebered Itachi in his last moments and this week Itachi thinks about him as well.

Naruto is mad about the attack but Bee responds by.... not rapping? I am kinda disappointed by that :(, Pein then warns them about the next attack, Seems like Kabuto hasnt completely erased their personality yet, I would have thought that he would have considering how Itachi and Pein would try to help Naruto, but since he didnt completely control the Raikage and Mizukage either perhaps Kabuto cant fully control people with large chakra, unlike say Zabuza?

Itachi asks Naruto about what happened to Sasuke since he last saw him, he seems surprised when he is told that Sasuke is a member of akatsuki and wants revenge on Konoha, Itachi really wanted Sasuke to go back to the village but he seems less surprised when he finds out that Madara is involved in this.

If you ever doubted Madara's words about Itachi, well itachi himself confirms what he said here, Itachi though still doesnt want to hear about the Uchiha Coup from naruto, a strange thing is how Nagato doesnt know a thing about this, It makes me wonder about who was responsible for recruting Akatsuki members, since we know Itachi wanted to join to keep an eye on Madara, yet I doubt Madara wanted him around, and since Nagato was only a figure head leader you'd think he would have asked Madara about if they should recruit one of the last uchiha, hmm....

Another strange thing about this page ( aside from Naruto using talk-no-jutsu on the dead now) is how Itachi seems surprised about Madara knowing why he wanted to kill the Uchiha, if Itachi didnt tell him, who did? Danzo?

Itachi doesnt want the truth to be spread out, he thinks it will tarnish the Uchiha's honour, which sort of makes sense, the Uchiha now look like a clan who died because of one crazy member trying to kill them all, if the truth came out they would look like a bunch of traitors, shame about Sasuke...

Pein uses his gravity move to suck Naruto ( Not that way you pervert) but Naruto uses a chakra arm to grab on to the ground, since I saw the Chakra arm in part 1, I wanted to see it utilized more, and now with Naruto having control of the kyuubi we might finally get that.

After a little bit more talking, the fighters seem to pair up, Naruto vs Pein for a rematch, while Bee takes on Itachi, which is kinda like a rematch between the Hachibi and an Uchiha, Pein mentions how he cant walk seconds before he gets mobile thanks to his summons, while Itachi warns Bee that he is behind him.

Bee swings Samahada, no control problems here, but Itachi dodges the attack easily and counters with fire shuriken, Bee shows us yet again what a nice guy he is by taking the fire shuriken itself instead of letting Samahada hurt itself for him, awwww....

Bee also demonstrates his control of the Hachibi by using partial transformation to send a tentacle underground and grab Itachi, pretty cool tactic, Itachi counters by using a genjutsu, but before it does anything Bee snaps out of it thanks to the 8-tails chakra, and that made me think that because of the working relationship between Bee and the 8-tails that they fight Itachi, since the Kyuubi might not snap Naruto out of a genjutsu.

Remember this position? So that's where his old swords were, pretty cool, Nice to see Bee putting swords in his sword, so he can slash while he slashes.

Meanwhile, Naruto uses what looks like the biggest Rasengan yet, its quite something, but the Dog just multiplies each time he is hit, so Pein tells him to go for the summoner instead, while Itachi gets pushed back by Bee's use of his weird sword stance, Itachi has fought quite a few swordsmen in the past, orochimaru and Sasuke among them, so seeing him have trouble with this is a remainder of just how powerful this stance is.

Itachi ends the Chapter for us, by resummoning the bird he put in  naruto almost 150 chapters ago, Considering how Itachi is unsure what will happen if he does what he is thinking of doing, I am guessing that the bird might have some sort of living chakra inside him, which if he absorbs might give him some measure of free will..... or something :D


Solid chapter as usual, then again any chapter with Itachi is automatically 10 times better then if it didnt have him, but this overall arc has been consistent with everything, the fights have all been well done ( how often do you see a fight between dead and living people?) bringing notable rematches like Milfune vs Hanzou, Kakashi vs Zabuza and Kankuro vs Sasori, so seeing Naruto face Pein is pretty cool, but I do hope the fight switches and he faces Itachi instead.

As for the art? well you will have to see Blackjack about that, but I thought that one ting this chapter has doen masterfully is show emotions and expression you can clearly tell how they feel by the look on their face, Naruto's determination, Itachi's sadness, Peins pride and Bee's..... something :D

And that's all for this week, sorry for not writing a review about last week's chapter guys, hope I made it up to you this week :)