Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Naruto 670 review

Hey everyone and hope you're having a good day, before I start this review I'd recommend Naruto Storm Generations to anyone who likes Naruto and/or fighting games in general, it's quite a fun game to play with friends and has a excellent (though not very deep) versus mode. Hope you enjoy it guys.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Naruto 669 review

Fan's reaction when Gai dies.
 I've been quite impatient for this week's chapter, it feels like it's been forever since we last saw Gai going 8 gates and talking about night elephant.

Monday, 17 March 2014

" There will be no consequences"

I'm now halfway done with my training, it's been quite an experience so far yet not how I imagined it would be, I expected to go to work to learn about work but what I ended up learning about was people.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Naruto 668 review

Finally chapter 668 is out, has anyone else been anxious to read this chapter? I've been waiting all week to see Gai go 8 tails after last week's epic cliffhanger.

The chapter starts immediately with Gai opening the 8 gates and Minato tells him nobody wants him to go 8 gates,  including his father which brings up the fact that till now of all the Konoha Jounin teachers we met only Gai's father hasn't been introduced. Kakashi's father was the famous White Fang, Kurenai's father was seen in the flashback when he asked her to give him a grandchild and Asuma's father was the Third hokage. Even when Minato mentioned Gai's dad I just thought it was a passing comment that wouldn't matter much to this chapter's fight.

The small flashback to Gai telling Lee about himself and inspiring him was short and sweet, I miss seeing those 1 on 1 interactions between people who care about each other like Sasuke and Itachi. Then there's the fact that after the 8 gates are done Team Gai will be down to half it's original members.

Madara sees the chakra has reached the Death gate which is located in the user's heart, but before we can see any pawnage from Gai we get a flashback and honestly it was....not the best time for a flashback I'd say.

Minato's comment came back to bite us in the butt as Kishi shows us Gai's highly delusional father who sprouts some of the weirdest nonsense in Naruto, I get that Kishi is making a quirky character who only makes one appearance in the manga but honestly half the things he says are ridiculous and don't really make me like him much.

Relatively the same amount of logic in all the pictures, no wonder he's the eternal genin.

When Gai sees a pair of shinobi make fun of his dad he fights them and of course he loses, at which point he yells angrily at his dad that everything goes away when he dies at which point I actually like the reply we get from Gai's father, that the greatest victory isn't from defeating someone stronger but from protecting something worthwhile. It's not exactly applicable to our daily lives though but still it's a nice thought.

So Gai learned the eight gates from his dad who is named Might Dai, so Kishi telling us this late in the manga that his full name is Might Guy Might Dai seems awfully fitting, then again it's not much of a spoiler since we knew it would happen the moment he went eight gates.

We see the previous generation of the seven swordsmen ambush Gai and his team and it's our first time seeing the previous wielder of Zabuza's blade as well as Chojuro's. In fact it's our first time see the entire 7 swordsmen.

It's a grim situation to be sure of but luckily Dai shows up and lives by his own rule, that victory isn't beating a strong opponent, it's protecting something important, in this case his son and good job Kishi on making Dai a decent character for someone with 10 pages of character development.

Gai goes full 8 gates and as I (and many others) predicted last week, the red steam is from blood as confirmed by Madara who say it more resembles leaves in autumn. Gai's reply that these leaves are nourishment for the future reminds me a lot of another speech we had in the past.

I find it very fitting that Gai's impending death already seems to have the same philosophy as the Third's. The chapter ends with Gai revealing his final technique called Night Elephant, I was not expecting the technique to have elephant in it but hey at least I guessed the Night part correctly.

Since the plot hasn't exactly moved forward in this chapter I'm just going to say that my predictions for this chapter are the same as they were for 667 since nothing really changed since then.

This was a good chapter if it focused a little more on Gai and a little less on the flashback, by no means is it a bad flashback really it just feels out of place this late in the manga to talk about Gai's father so it left a somewhat sour taste in my mouth, regardless a decent chapter that serves as even more set-up for the eventual Gai vs Madara fight that is coming soon, I'll give it a 3 out of 5. What do you guys think? Did you like Gai's speech on the leaves? Till next time, thank you for reading my review and hope you all have a pleasant week.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Naruto 667 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for the latest chapter of Naruto.

After 666 was anyone else very excited for this week's chapter? I actually spent time looking into spoilers and discussions for this chapter, I really am excited to see 8 tails Gai.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Might makes right.

So I recently started training for my future career, well potential future career really since it's odd how sometimes you go through a long path in life then realize "wait a minute... is this what I want?"