Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Naruto 669 review

Fan's reaction when Gai dies.
 I've been quite impatient for this week's chapter, it feels like it's been forever since we last saw Gai going 8 gates and talking about night elephant.
Before I talk about this review I wanna ask who do you guys think is stronger, Kakashi or Gai? we've seen these guys talk about their rivalry (mostly Gai talking about it) and how they seem very close in strength, we know Gai can counter the Sharingan decently and he has done well in all his fights. Kakashi has always been praised as worthy of being Hokage so do you think he is stronger than Gai?

Onwards to this chapter, it starts immediately from last week to the point that I thought I was missing a page or something, 668 ended with Gai getting close to Madara and 669 starts with a punch Gai throws that doesn't exactly connect directly with Madara but instead launches a sort of air missile at him due to the speed of the attack. It's actually very similar to the Afternoon Tiger but instead of one gigantic attack it's multiple smaller blows.

However this continuous barrage of attack that make up the Night Elephant put a massive strain on the body, we already knew it would kill Gaibut even during the attack itself he can't complete the technique at first due to the pain he is going through, it's similar to Lee's Lotus that almost stopped him during his attack on Gaara way back in part 1.

Kinda cool seeing Gai and Lee going through the same thing, it was awesome to see Lee almost beat Gaara and now we're watching Gai give Madara a pounding, not that I expect him to beat him completely but it's clear that Madara is having trouble as even he notes that a few more blows and he'll be finished and one direct hit might be enough to end the fight.

We get an explanation on the 8 gates again, also from Kakashi this time but notice how the first time we are introduced to the 8 gates they give 10 times the power? and now it's 100.... huh that's interesting.

It's nice to see Lee determined as he watches his sensei fight on, it would be an insult to him if we see Lee just moping around or crying, instead with the help of Minato who devises a plan. Minato notices that the black orbs Madara uses can only travel 70 meters before he loses control of them and also the black stuff can be absorbed by Kakashi, unfortunately it seems that Kakashi's eye sight has gotten a lot worse lately as he admits he can't see very well with his left eye but that's alright as Gaara will use his sand to transport him.

So Lee has gotten stronger in part 2, now he can open 6 gates so perhaps we will see him using morning peacock? sadly Lee thinks he's not strong enough and gets mad that he can't do more and finally we see Minato do something cool by mentioning how Lee's life is something Gai wants to protect so he's glad he can't go 8 gates yet.

Multiple mid air attacks? seems very similar to the Primary Lotus so far that we saw in the Chuunin exam, so far this fight really mirrors that even though some fans expected us to see Might Dai's fight with the 7 Swordsmen and Gai would be duplicating some of the attacks we see in the flashback.

Madara is crapping his pants when he sees Gai charging at him, since he can't move at all he decides to block the attack instead and tries to shield himself with his black material thingy, does that thing have a name by the way? I'd like to know. This is when we see Minato do something awesome after several weeks of failing, with Lee's help (Since Minato can't throw anything without arms) he teleports to Gai and transports all the black orbs with him, I wonder if he will sustain damage from them since we know this black material can permanently damage ET bodies, we'll find out later I suppose.

The teamwork this chapter was awesome, first Lee and Minato take care of the offensive orbs then Gaara and Kakashi remove Madara's shield, it's nice to see multiple ninjas work together so well, in fact despite Gai having the spotlight we spend as much time with his supporting cast seeing them contribute in their own way to the fight.

Despite taking a direct blow Madara is still not done and even mocks Gai if he can keep on dancing, I wouldn't brag too much if I were Madara as essentially he got treated like a rag doll this week and took quite a lot of damage.

But instead of concluding the chapter with Gai we see Naruto awake in some sort of pool and the chapter ends.

1- I think Gai has a bit more fight in him but not a lot, he can go for 1-2 more chapters and he's out after that, his main purpose is to buy time for Naruto and Sasuke to revive basically, I also expect to see his team do something to help against Madara, Lee can use his Taijutsu and Tenten will be able to use the sage's tools to help.

2- Naruto doesn't look like he woke up in the other dimension, I think he is in his consciousness or his mind somehow and he will either meet the tailed beasts again or the sage of 6 paths.


A very interesting chapter indeed, it had a lot of action but it was well paced with dialogue as well so it was fun to read and review, I don't like chapters which are just images of characters attacking each other so thankfully we got some story here as well. Not much to say here except to give this chapter a 4.5 out of 5 and wish you all a happy day :D.