Monday, 3 March 2014

Might makes right.

So I recently started training for my future career, well potential future career really since it's odd how sometimes you go through a long path in life then realize "wait a minute... is this what I want?"

I'm not sure myself but time will tell. What I do notice now that I am in-training is the mentality of how a superior can be right in any situation.

Being a new guy in the work place means I still need to learn about the ins and outs of the company and oddly enough that isn't all about the technical and work stuff, it's also about the people there and how they think, I made a mistake of asking a question to the wrong person, I didn't voice it rudely nor mean to offend him, I was simply curious about one of the work conditions that states we must stay inside the company until 4.30 every day regardless of whether we are contributing anything or not.

Unfortunately my question must have rubbed him the wrong way because it led to some angry outbursts and the threat that I can be removed from the company easily if he wanted to, it made me realize then and there that while I have done nothing wrong (I hadn't raised my voice or said a single rude remark) my superior can say I had and the company would believe him over me, a junior engineer who has been there for only a week.

It's remarkably unfair but that's a life situation I learned, you can be completely correct in something but if a person with more power and authority than you decides to put you in the wrong, then you're wrong.
To keep it short it's often best just to agree with superiors and keep your job than to try and argue with  them and end up fired, it makes us into "yes-men" but sometimes that's the only option we have left. It's sad, it's unfair and it's life.