Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Naruto 666 review

Hello everyone and welcome to Naruto chapter 666 review, I read a lot of thoughts on forums about how people expected this chapter to be a big one because of it's number 666 and I think most people will be satisfied by what happens.

Last week's chapter ended with Obito making a staff similar to Madara's and challenging him, originally I thought Obito was able to manifest the staff himself as he was a Jyuubi host himself but then it turns out that he was absorbing chakra from Madara and that is why he is able to use any techniques at all.

It's strange to see Obito absorb chakra from Madara, in the chapter Madara says it's because he was able to transform into a sage once but from what I think it seems like it's the same as the Rinnengan's ability to absorb chakra, either way Obito manages to recover a little and we see Madara make a mistake for the first time in a long while.

Forgetting Obito can phase through attacks seems like such a big oversight on Madara's part, it's like forgetting Naruto has had the Kyuubi or that Sasuke can use the Sharingan, it's Obito's most defining ability so this panel shows us that Madara might have all the power in the world but he can still make bad decisions at times, of course he might have thought that he would be fast enough to grab Obito before he phased but nope.

We then see a battle in some sort of subconscious between Obito and Madara, it reminds me a little of when Sasuke was able to interact with the Kyuubi when he was in Naruto, this time Obito manages to grab hold of some parts of the tailed beasts inside Madara.

I don't think the two beasts that Obito grabbed were by accident, he got both the One tail and the Eight tails and both of their Jinchuriki are still around, you can see Obito grabs the One tail by it's head and I'm pretty sure he got Gyuuki so that they can revive Bee. Seems like even if jinchuriki die because they had their tailed beast removed they can still be brought back to life if the same Tailed beast is plugged back in.

Obito's hope of weakening Madara enough so that he can escape to his own dimension proves to be fruitless as he still is too slow to teleport himself there, something we first saw way back when he fought with Konan who was also able to use the slow speed of Kamui to her advantage.

Madara manages to interrupt Obito's teleport but at least Kakashi sends Naruto to a safe place with Sakura, I can't blame Sakura for being terrified of Madara, especially after how far she went to keep Naruto alive.

For some reason I find this chapter full of reminders of past chapters, is that just me or did anyone else get that feeling? I was also a bit scared when Kakashi mentioned that his final mission would be with Obito, his final mission as a Jounin and his first were with the same team mate, kinda poetic really.

Another thing that reminded me of previous chapters is when Obito tells Madara that he will show him the true power of his Sharingan, Both his sharingans.

We get a bit of a useless flashback to Obito and Kakashi arguing, I'm not exactly sure what is the point of their argument really but I do like the surprise visit by Gai at the end.

Madara figures out that either one of them will attack while the other sends Obito to the special dimension, to solve that problem he just decides to attack them both at the same time, nice to see some analytical strategies coming out of Madara.


How often will Minato fail? in this chapter he sees both his students in trouble, we see him put on a serious face and then... he's lying on the floor thinking about Rin who is apparently on every guy's mind or something. I get that he has no arms and can't do much anyways but to see him fail yet Again is just really sad. Dude spends the entire chapter lying down thinking about what's going on.

Kakashi and Obito are able to use a brilliant strategy of both of them using Kamui at the same time to teleport Obito faster to Naruto, it's then that I realised that Kakashi probably expected this plan to kill him and that's what he meant by his last mission. Alas Someone shows up in the last second and it's everyone favourite green beast who doesn't even remember Madara.


 1- When I first saw that Obito absorbed the the 1 and 8 tails I assumed it meant they will be used to revive Bee, but if that was just the case then he wouldn't need the 1 tail so my predictions is that he will give those to Naruto as well, remember Naruto already has the chakra of all the tailed beasts inside him except for the Kyuubi (removed by Madara) and the 1 and 8 tails who didn't give him his chakra before in the big fist bump.

2- Will we see the 8 gates? seems very likely to me since this is the last chance Kishi has to show it, I still think Lee might demonstrate it for us but it's probably 90% chance that Gai will use it and I can't wait for that.

3- Sakura, will she die for Naruto? hmm I still think the theory that she might have to sacrifice herself to bring Naruto back to life is very possible, I do wonder if it will happen or not because it realyl could go either way, I am pretty sure she will use the same technique as Chiyo but she might not die because Naruto will have a lot of chakra from the Bijuus inside him or something.


I really enjoyed this chapter quite a lot, it had a good amount of action and it showed that Madara is not infallible like we have been led to believe so far. He fell for Obito's Kamui and then again to the two man team-up we saw later so there is definitely some weaknesses he has. I didn't like Minato failing more nor do I completely understand why Zetsu is still latched on to Obito as I assume he would be able to leave him at some point in the fight yet we see the Kyuubi extracted from him and sealed into Naruto in the last panel so... that's weird. Either way it's a good chapter and gets a 4 out of 5 from me.


"It's like every week Kishi finds new ways to completely shit on Minato."
"Kishi: Why reveal who's beside Sasuke when I could just put in some more flashbacks of Kakashi and Obito! Yeah!"