Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Naruto 665 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for Naruto 665. It seems I always start every review with the same greeting don't I? I should try something new Dattebyo!.

Anyways last week's chapter ended with multiple groups of people converging together, Madara caught up to Obito, Kakashi and Minato while Naruto is brought there in hopes that he can be saved.

We start this week with Madara ordering Zetsu to bring the rest of Kurama and his other eye to him, some people speculated that Madara might be angry with Zetsu for sealing half of the Kyuubi but he turns out to be fine with it, another thing though is why does Madara want the other eye? I know it's to perform the infinite Tsukiyomi but does he need two eyes for that? Obito started it with only one Rinnengan so Madara being even more powerful wouldn't need two eyes to finish it would he?

I also thought that Zetsu might betray Madara, since black Zetsu is made of Madara's will I thought he might get arrogant and try to take over the world himself, but turns out he is still loyal to...himself I suppose. Also did anyone notice how much of a symbiote black Zetsu is? originally it seemed like Zetsu was made of two bodies fused together, one white and one black but he wasn't as black Zetsu is able to change from host to host.

Obito won't let Betzu (Too long to keep calling him black Zetsu) leave him though and somehow manages to make him stay attached to him, not sure how this technique works as Betzu was easily able to take over Obito's body but has a lot of trouble leaving it, still perhaps that was because Obito was caught by surprise while here it's obvious what Betzu is going to do.

This begins a rather drawn out heart to heart discussion between Obito and Madara where the former questions the latter on his significance and it's interesting to see how Madara isn't a person anymore, it's an ideal and a belief that whoever holds the title of Madara is going to be the savior of the world and lead it to the infinite Tsukiyomi.

Personally I think Madara is still butt hurt that he never got to be Hokage and so tries to use his own name as a title now, he does bring in a little of Naruto history by telling us how originally chakra was meant to be used as some sort of communication device, similar to the Yamanake clan I think but instead of that people used it as a weapon to destroy other people. But honestly isn't that a risk with all tools? any form of advancement can be used for good or evil so Madara's idea that just because chakra is used as a weapon means the world is a failure is illogical.

If you don't have power then you will lose everything, that actually does make sense because people more powerful than us can always come over and take what they want if we can't defend ourselves, that is why both in the real world and in Naruto people should strive their best to help one another, Darwinism doesn't apply to us because we're not animals and the philosophy of the strong can take everything from the weak should not exist in anyone's mind.

By the way the best villain to show the philosophy of "the weak are food for the strong" is Shishio Makoto from Rurouni Kenshin, you should check out that anime if you find this concept interesting.

From the start of his speech I felt like Obito was just stalling to give his allies time to figure out what to do, as he never was interested in Madara's words and when it seems like he can't stall anymore his allies attack. It's very interesting to see that Minato has Senjutsu as he never displayed this technique before while they were fighting Obito, it sure would have been useful then eh? not that it makes much of a difference as Madara is broken enough to take out 3 kage level ninjas with 2 kicks.

Obito continues his slow walk to Madara's outstretched hand and does a similar trick he's done before.

Honestly I'd be terrified to ever shake Obito's hand, he seems to go lower each time too.

Talk-no-Jutsu had a strong effect as it always does, Nagato revived an entire village, Zabusa killed a gang lord and Gaara became Kage all thanks to Naruto so Obito changing so much was obvious though I dislike how easily he abandoned his old beliefs for Naruto's but hey it's a shounen.

Obito ends this chapter with a pretty badass pose, he manages to make his own staff which is similar to Madara's in design and material, at first I thought he had taken Madara's staff but if you look closely you'll notice it forming on his left hand a panel earlier. It's a pretty much the best thing Obito has done since he took of his mask and I'm happy to see it.


1- While I like seeing Obito on the good side, especially since it was obvious from the start he would flip, I gotta question how effective he will be against Madara, the only thing keeping him alive is Betsu right now so it doesn't seem like Obito has much power.

2- Here's a long term predictions, I'm banking on Obito dying while fighting Madara and becoming a hero for Kakashi again, the first time Obito "died" he left a huge impression on Kakashi, now he will die for real against Madara and we will see Kakashi later holding Obito's dead body and burying him in his spot in the Konoha cemetery, after his second death Kakashi will see Obito as being a true hero again.

3- No revelation on who is approaching Sasuke this chapter, still believe it's Kabuto.

Really not much predictions this chapter, you can find all my predictions in my last review as most of them haven't had a chance to happen yet.

Hmm, this chapter felt slow and predictable really, I don't think anyone seriously thought Obito would join Madara again and we all knew Madara would wipe the floor against his opponents, I did enjoy seeing Obito backstab frontstab Madara like that but apart from that this was a passable chapter all in all. I give it a 3 out of 5 and expect 666 to be a huge chapter next week.