Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Naruto 664 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for chapter 664.

Last week I mentioned how Madara absorbed the Jyuubi and became Judara but I didn't really discuss on how he looks now, what do you guys think about Madara's new look?
Personnally when I compare Judara with Obito's ten tails form, I prefer Obito's because he looks more battle damaged, also notice how Judara has only one horn on his head? it's because he still doesn't have the complete Jyuubi inside him.

664 starts with Tobirama noticing that someone is near Sasuke, he doesn't recognise him so it's not some old shinobi (Like Oonoki) but someone young, I'm pretty sure it's Kabuto still and a lot of other readers on forums seem to think it's Kabuto as well. Tsunade is a possibility but that looks like a rather manly foot.... still can we really find out who someone is based on their feet?

It never occurred to me that Orochimaru might try to take Sasuke's body again, this would be a really good time for that yet somehow I don't think it's gonna happen, Orochimaru seems too interested in Sasuke's path although he did mention that he still wants to take his body.

Definitely a possibility.

Here's the first nail the "Mysterious man is Kabuto" theory, Karin can't recognise the chakra of the man who is with Sasuke which would be very unlikely because Kabuto was with Orochimaru for a long time so it would make sense for him to know Karin Plus both Karin and Kabuto took the Chuunin exam together, then again one can also argue that Kabuto's chakra has changed a lot since the last time Karin has met him so that's a possibility too I suppose.

How awesome is Gai? he was able to help bring down Tobi and reveal his face with the help of Kakashi and Naruto so I'm glad we're seeing him again, he has had a big part in the story ever since the war started by defeating Kisame then joining in the battle against Tobi, since then we haven't seen him much but here's hoping Kishi brings him back to the story.

I wonder if Madara is having trouble controlling the Bijuu inside him? for all the amazing things he pulls out of his butt, controlling the Jyuubi is the only one that would actually make sense, as he has both Senju DNA and the Rinnengan, although perhaps it's the fact that he only has one eye right now that is causing him trouble. Judara spits out two of the 5 tools of the sage, the Gourd that is able to take a person's "word" and the sage's Pot which also functions by sealing people based on them responding to the wielder of the Pot, Kishi is setting up ways for Madara to be sealed this chapter by giving us the most powerful tools in the Narutoverse, the tools of the Sage himself.

One criticism lately has been the fact that Minato hasn't noticed his son has died and I'm glad he does this chapter thanks to the fox informing him of it, he doesn't have much time to respond to it since Naruto shows up almost immediately after that, somewhat pointless of Minato to know his son is dying 5 seconds before he gets there but alright, more panels wasted I suppose.

Minato starts sealing his half of Kurama into Naruto, pretty much something we all expected was going to happen the moment we knew Minato had half of the Kyuubi inside him, but before that we get a flashback of Naruto's parents and it's funny to see how Kushina is worried that Naruto might grow up to be a a trouble making, insensitive and rude guy. None of that happened of course since Naruto is such a model citizen.

Mostly though it's a pointless flashback, what does it tell us exactly? that Naruto's parents love him? well that's a shocker.

Here's a twist I didn't see coming, just as Minato starts sealing Kurama, Zetsu shows up and somehow is able to absorb at least a part of Kurama inside him, however it's unclear if he is able to absorb all of Kurama or just a part of him as he retreats almost immediately and Judara shows up to the party.


1- Do you guys think that Zetsu absorbed all of Kurama? it's like one panel and then he announces that he has Kurama in his grasp, firstly I love this plot twist, Zetsu with Kurama inside him has some awesome potential, I hate though how fast it happens, two seconds to extract the Kurama and and half a second to re-seal him? come on Kishi.

2- The tools for the Sage are going to be important I believe, not sure how they will work on Madara but I think this is Kishi's way out now, he made Madara far too powerful but these tools are also incredibly potent, so yeah we have a way of defeating Madara now.

3- Opening of the 8 gates soon I hope, I have been waiting for those gates to open since Gaara fought Lee and they were mentioned, it's about time to show us the strength of the 8 Gates Kishi.

4- Who is approaching Sasuke? I still think it's Kabuto but who knows maybe it's Yamato who is approaching Sasuke and Kabuto who is sealed inside Zetsu right?

5- Two ways I see for Naruto to live, the first is that the Gourd and Pot Judara spit out have some of Kurama's chakra in them thanks to the gold and silver brothers, one or both of them can give him Kurama's chakra. The other method is for Gaara or Sakura to use Chiya's technique, the one that sacrifices the life of the user to bring back someone else.

6- Black Zetsu is a part of Madara's will, so it's possible that Madara will absorb Black zetsu and acquire the full Kyuubi that way.


Ehh.... what to say about this chapter? a ton of set-up involving team Gai, the Sage's tools and Zetsu but I hate how fast somethings happen in Naruto now, Zetsu getting sealed that quickly is just too mind-blowing for me and how many times must Minato fail already? he lost two of his students, he failed to protect his wife, he couldn't defeat Obito and now he sealed Kurama into the enemy instead of his son, dude's reputation has been taking so many hits lately. Overall I give this chapter a 2 out of 5 and find it merely passable.