Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Survivor: South Pacific pre-season thoughts.

Hey everyone, Survivor is coming back ( like it always does, after 22 season can that show die?) and with its new season called Survivor: South Pacific they will future the same "twists" that they did in the last season, which are The Returning players and Redemption island.

The Returning players.

Lets start with a short history lesson shall we?

Last season started this new tradition of putting in two old players along with new contestants, before this we had 2 all stars seasons and one  fan vs fan favorites season, season 20 named Heroes vs Villains showed us one of the greatest survivor rivalries ever, the one between Boston Rob and Russel Hants, as a guy who watched about 15 seasons of survivor ( yes I skipped a few that I hear sucked a bit) it definitely set up season 20 as something special.
So who won?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Naruto 551 Review

Welcome everyone, its been 2 weeks since the last chapter of Naruto was released, but Kisi defeinitely used his time well by providing one of the most explosive and beautiful chapters ever so lets start our review :D

Our chapter starts off same way as the last one finished with Nagato grabbing Naruto and using his old Preta path ability to absorb ninjutsu, Naruto tries to remember all the techniques Nagato used in their fight so far and decides to go with a rasengan ten seconds after he concludes that it will be useless, Naruto still has ways to go in the intelligence department :/

After realizing that normal techniques wont work, Naruto resorts to talk-no-jutsu to try to get Nagato to snap our of it, but its pretty futile by now, while some people thought that Nagato absorbing Bee's chakra might help him break free from Kabuto, it plainly isnt going that way here.

Nagato summons the Naraka path, apparently Kabuto can use Human path to remove souls and revive them later, Kabuto clearly is no ally of Madara but he states here that he will "Revive" Naruto and Bee later, does he mean revive them as edo tensei or as normal humans?

Speaking of Bee...

Is the top panel epic or is the top panel super epic? Bee makes one pretty cool heroic entry, but Why he doesn't use Samahada is a bit strange, I would think that if they sucked enough of Nagato's chakra back he would revert to his weaker crippled form...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Naruto 550 Review.

Hello everyone, Naruto 550 came out early this week, so Luckily I am able to review it early as well,

This week's chapter is called Koto Amatsukami, and deals with the long awaited crow that Itachi put in Naruto, anyways Lets start the review.

Our chapter starts exactly where the last one ended, with the crow coming out of Naruto's mouth, hell it could just be the same scene from a different angle, as everyone but Itachi is confused by the appearance of the crow it, Itachi's eye starts to bleed and we flashback to the scene of when the crow was first given to Naruto and how it was Itachi's final fail-safe for Sasuke.