Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Naruto 551 Review

Welcome everyone, its been 2 weeks since the last chapter of Naruto was released, but Kisi defeinitely used his time well by providing one of the most explosive and beautiful chapters ever so lets start our review :D

Our chapter starts off same way as the last one finished with Nagato grabbing Naruto and using his old Preta path ability to absorb ninjutsu, Naruto tries to remember all the techniques Nagato used in their fight so far and decides to go with a rasengan ten seconds after he concludes that it will be useless, Naruto still has ways to go in the intelligence department :/

After realizing that normal techniques wont work, Naruto resorts to talk-no-jutsu to try to get Nagato to snap our of it, but its pretty futile by now, while some people thought that Nagato absorbing Bee's chakra might help him break free from Kabuto, it plainly isnt going that way here.

Nagato summons the Naraka path, apparently Kabuto can use Human path to remove souls and revive them later, Kabuto clearly is no ally of Madara but he states here that he will "Revive" Naruto and Bee later, does he mean revive them as edo tensei or as normal humans?

Speaking of Bee...

Is the top panel epic or is the top panel super epic? Bee makes one pretty cool heroic entry, but Why he doesn't use Samahada is a bit strange, I would think that if they sucked enough of Nagato's chakra back he would revert to his weaker crippled form...
Bee is spotted by the salamander thing and while it was never stated so far, I think is safe to say now that Pein's summons also share vision with him, that means pein can almost always have full vision if he wants by summoning whichever summon he needs to be his eyes.

Who said two jinchuriki are better then one?
Say what you want about Pein, but he proves himself in this panel, can anyone else play with Naruto and Bee the way he does? though I suppose being dead means usual precautions are not needed, but with his perfect use of the six paths Pein dominates this fight.

Bee has an  interesting idea for Naruto, while Pein is pulling his soul Bee mentions about the way the Kyuubi does something similar, but before we hear the full plan guess whose back from the.....death?

Okay so Bee's entry of falling from the sky was pretty cool, but Itachi takes the cake as the coolest savior in Naruto, even Kakashi cant beat him in that, itachi manages to free Naruto and Bee and protect them from nagato in one swift move,  he even manages to use his famous shuriken techniques to blind all of Nagato's summons, I suppose Itachi's true power comes from protecting others.

Kabuto is unimpressed though and describes Itachi as just one more person to capture, not exactly sure what he means by that, if he captures Itachi will he just edo tensei him again? Hmm........

After his rescue we see the difference between Itachi and the jinchuriki, while they panic he seems pretty calm about Pein coming for them.

Another beautiful panel here, Susanoo and everyone else is being pulled through, Would this count as a weakness of susanoo? that it has to have something to stand on? hmm....

While Itachi hid his personality pretty well while he is alive, here he demonstrates a pretty sarcastic sense of humour, asking naruto how he can survive a move that he said is fatal, Naruto's offers a priceless reaction to that.

Itachi again demonstrates how smart he really is, by identifying the black mass as the problem and that they have to get rid of it with long range attacks, since getting close is clearly out of the picture, when Naruto asks how they are supposed to aim for such a small object at a far distance while avoiding all the obstacles in the way, Itachi merely points out that since the block hole is sucking everything in, you dont Need to aim for it to hit it, throw the attack close enough towards it and it will hit itself.

Think of throwing a small metal near a huge magnet, all you need is to get it close enough.
Thanks to Itachi's suggestion, we get what is perhaps the most amazing panel ever, I said the art was good this week but this panel is easily the best of an already amazing chapter, its hard to tell which one looks the best, Itachi is using some sort of wind technique, with susanoo looking somewhat birdlike in his panel, while Naruto is standing on floating stones, after firing off a huge rasenshuriken, But my favourite is Bee, the Hachibi looks amazing with its tentacles and its tailed bomb, its really an amazing picture.

After that onslaught nothing is left of Pein's attack, and from a distance Itachi uses his totsuki blade, the same one he used to seal orochimaru so long ago, itachi has provided two new ways to deal with edo tensei, powerful genjutsu and this totsuki blade.

Pein apologizes to itachi while he is given the chance to say his final words, he chooses to direct them to Naruto, telling him about how he is going to go to jiraiya and that Naruto is the third part of the trilogy, and Nagato considers himself to be a failure as the second part, its sad to see Nagato so disappointed in himself but he doesnt let it get to him, he tells Naruto to be so great so that he might wash away Nagato's sins, Naruto's response is an epic "nice guy pose".


Not sure what to add here that I havent stated already, this Chapter was mindblowing to say the least, everything said and done and shown was masterful in execution.

Perhaps it was because this chapter focused on Itachi, the more time that guy gets the better the chapter, Itachi was a very dynamic character and seeing the way he fought this week protecting everyone and at the same time leading the battle makes me wish we see more of him.

Nagato also impressed here, he had no trouble till itachi came and still managed to hold on a little bit.

Art this week can not get enough praise, everything was perfect, Kishi used high angles and close up shots, he showed the choas of battle well with all the flying rocks and his image of the 3 attacking the black hole will go down as one of the best images in naruto, I myself cannot wait to see it in the anime series.

And thats all for now, I have no predictions since the story can anywhere next week.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter and this review.