Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Naruto 632 Review

Good day everyone, Naruto 632 just came out and since I cant sleep I decided to review it now instead of later, so hope you all enjoy this.

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This chapter has a pretty awesome opening I must say, it seems a bit early but I think my favorite panel is just the team 7 members getting pumped up for battle, it looks pretty badass.

We get a glimpse of the other teams discussing this recent development of Sasuke helping them out, Shikimaru knows its necessary but doesn't like it, Ino and Chouji are happy to have the gang back together, Kiba makes a dumb statement about becoming Hokage and Shino rightly tells him that its no longer dramatic for someone to say they want to be Hokage after Sasuke said it.

Personally I felt that we lacked team Gai in this panel, where are they anyways? it would have been epic to have the entire Konoha 12 here...oh wait Konoha 11. I forgot.


Moving on, its weird to see Juugo wondering what Sasuke is thinking, does he suspect Sasuke to have some ulterior motive? and where is Orochimaru? he's the most wildcard character around right now and not knowing what he's up to is making me anxious here.

We get to see the power of the Jyuubi again where it uses its massive bijuudama again, luckily its sealed inside the barrier and cant do much, still I am getting kinda annoyed with its current form.

The barrier stops its attack and sends most of its force upwards while it still damages the Ten-Tails as well, it kinda made me wonder, why not just seal it in that barrier forever? I mean they have unlimited chakra and will stay around forever, does  this make sense to anyone else?

Hashirama makes 5 clones, 4 to let people inside the barrier and one to fight Madara, but Madara is having none of it this chapter, since he really got rejected last week he's deciding to play hard to get and ignore Hashirama's clone until the real one arrives.

I just love the above panel, but anyways Hashirama manages to trap the Jyuubi and allows his allies to enter the barrier, its interesting to see all the previous Hokages just sealing the Jyuubi instead of fighting it head on like I thought they might. I think a lot of people assumed we'd see some amazing techniques from them and while we probably will, its nice to have the younger generation take the spotlight for a while while the former Kages stand back.

The Jyuubi splits its body into many human-sized pieces, this is something new and I kinda love it really, I don't think we've ever seen another tailed beast do something like this and its quite original, although the bodies somehow remind me of Zetsu for some reason ( speaking of which, where is Zetsu anyways?)

Character time ladies and gentleman and who gets it this week? ah its Sakura's turn. First we start with some flashback to the Chuunin exam of how she always used to watch her teammate's backs and how Tsunada told her she must learn how to fight, nothing really ground-breaking here, and now we're introduced to Sakura's new power.

So its just like Tsunade's technique eh? to be honest I cant say I was much impressed with what she displayed this week, I mean Sakura had super strength since the start of part 2, whats new here exactly?

 She punches hard... that's new somehow? even with other characters looking surprised and Shizune saying she couldn't master that technique its not too impressive, then again I am probably a little bias here so forgive me if I am a little underwhelmed.

The sad thing is right after Sakura actually performs something badass, she gets in trouble again, its like Kishi cant have a strong woman who doesn't need rescuing somehow, I felt it really cheapened the moment that a second after she kicks the Jyuubi's butt, her own needs rescuing.

I cant say I liked how she only acknowledged Sasuke and ignored Naruto, maybe its funny for others but seems rather insensitive to me.

And that's pretty much it, chapter ends kinda abruptly to be honest with no big cliffhanger.


I have no real predictions for this chapter so I am going to skip that section, if you're interested in what I think will happen check out my reviews for previous chapters, for now I think this chapter didn't really deliver much in terms of plot, its mostly just action and while I enjoyed the first  couple of panels and seeing the Jyuubi split up was kinda cool, overall not much has changed, decent chapter but nothing outstanding and it gets a 3 out of 5 from me.