Friday, 3 May 2013

No One Appreciates Your "Neutrality"

Say you're walking down the street, minding your own business, maybe listening to your mp3 or something, and in-front of you a poor old man is getting mugged, the muggers are big scary men with knives, do you decide to help the old man? or is it not your problem so why should you care?

some people might say they are neutral and don't want to get involved in things that don't concern them, they don't know this man and if they do something they might get hurt, besides its not like they are committing the crime or doing something bad, right?

Because you chose to stand back and watch as a crime happened while you could have helped, you've become a part of that crime, you may not have held the knife nor made the threats, but simply by standing around and watching as another person gets hurt, you become as guilty as the culprit.
Believe it or not, you sitting right now and reading this, are as much responsible to prevent a crime as the person who is being attacked or robbed, by standing around and watching as bad things happen we enable evil to know that there is no justice for them, they can do whatever it is they want and the rest of the world will sit back and watch.

Some might think that others should be able to handle their own problems, why should we defend people who cant defend themselves? Survival of the Fittest is how it works in the animal kingdom, but we're humans not animals and if you choose to ignore the needs of others, please don't expect them to help you in return, everyone has their own problems and the only way to live this life we are given is by working together and helping each other.

Its a harsh world we live in, although this world has few evil people, it has too many "neutral" people who think they are being fair and cute when they do nothing.

Don't watch others suffer when you can help them, no one deserves to be hurt.