Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Naruto 630 Review.

It sure feels good to go back to having weekly chapters of Naruto, despite the way the story has been going lately I do miss it when we have a long break. Although i could just be saying this because this week's chapter was quite awesome.

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This chapter opens up with by spending more time with Kakashi and Obito, Last week's ending showed us that Obito has removed his heart, now claiming that its brought him nothing but pain so why keep it? he also shows Kakashi what his dream world would be like.

Kakashi automatically rejects this illusion of his "ideal world" and I couldn't help but remember a quote from A song of ice and fire.
" Give me sweet lies and keep your bitter truths"

Obito wants his fantasy world because he simply cant handle reality, where as Kakashi knows that anything that isn't real is meaningless. In some ways this reminds me of relationships (which Obito is sort of all about really) Obito wants the girl to like him, whether genuinely or even if she pretends to, where as Kakashi wants a real relationship, with its good and bad. Their dialogue on how to fill the heart continues this vibe of relationship talk going.

Anyways back to the Alliance, we see the Jyuubi literally open itself up and become... a flower?

Inspiring stuff by Kishi really, at first I hated this development, its too similar to every week really, Jyuubi charges up, releases some nuclear attack, people die, rinse and repeat. But this chapter actually subverted my expectations quite nicely,by having the nameless fodder-nins do something for once, and it was awesome.

The plan first starts with Shikimaru asking how to make a simple earth wall from Kitsuchi, then he told everyone the seals with Ino's help, and finally Bee will fire Biju Bombs to try to deflect it a little, its actually not a complicated plan but wasnt it nice to see someone do something new?

And whats more the plan goes exactly as Shikimaru says it will.

Before we see whether the plan works or not we take a short break where it really sounds like Obito is a guy who just recently got dumped and Kakashi is the best friend telling him things like " Its okay bro, plenty of more fish in the sea" 

 Kakashi is right, not just in the manga but in the real world as well, people will come and go in our lives, leaving it either voluntarily or because they have to, and when they do we cant sit around and sulk just because life isn't going our way, I preferred hearing this message from Kishi over having the usual repeat of " You cant cure hate" which has become incredibly dull. Learning to accept that we may be left behind in this world is a harsh but good lesson to learn, and I am glad it was brought up here quite elegantly.

Perhaps all the proof we need to know that Obito will redeem himself is a reminder of who he used to be.

Naruto is ending soon people, every author likes to have book ends, where the ending resembles the beginning and this arc has had the most callbacks so far.

Best Panel

 Last week was a decent chapter but it lacked any really amazing pages where you just go " wow", this chapter was a lot more cinematic, but the best was saved for last with Kakashi showing us who taught him how to do his awesome " show up and save everyone" entrances.

How awesome is Minato? while Kakashi shows up and saves one or two people, Minato does it to 40 thousand shinobi, that's what it means to be a Hokage.

* Best prediction I can make from this chapter is that Obito will die redeemed, think about it, has anyone antagonist received this much attention before they died? of course whether or not he will die is a bit of a guess but I think he will, he has committed too many evil acts to simply be allowed to live later, my best bet is he dies while transporting some major attack to another dimension, spending all his chakra doing so.

Thats all the predictions for now, I mentioned others in my previous reviews for anyone interested in them.

Rating .
I feel I may have been a bit too generous in the past with my ratings, giving chapters more than they deserve so I'll be a bit less giving this week and say that while this was an excellent chapter and a big step forward for us, it still only gets a 4 out of 5.

Thank you everyone for reading this so far.