Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Naruto 629 Review

Finally after 2 weeks off we get a chapter of Naruto, it felt a lot longer though since the last chapter we had also came after a 2 week break so the manga is advancing a bit slowly now.

Anyways to anyone interested in reading last chapter's review Click here.

So lets get started on this weeks chapter.

The Alliance.

The first 1/3 of this chapter focuses on whats going on at the alliance forces, last chapter had a cliffhanger ending and thats where we start, with the Jyuubi literally going nuclear on the Alliance.

And when I say Nuclear, I mean its seriously looks like some sort of nuclear strike has hit the shinobi world.

Yet somehow not even this massive explosion, which makes a crater on the landscape seems to kill anyone, the most that happens is that Naruto loses all his chakra and the other shinobi lose their defensive shield because of that.
By the way, does anyone know what technique was used to protect all the shinobi? was it just Kurama's cloak? that seems a bit cheap to me, a massive attack and all it costs is some guy's chakra.

Or maybe it cost him more than that, as this panel shows Naruto seemingly channeling the chakra of all the Tailed beasts he freed earlier to protect everyone, its still a bit of a stretch but I suppose I can believe that using the chakra of all the tailed beasts is enough to protect the whole Alliance, I do hope though that there wont be anymore of these Meteor attacks from Madara.

The Jyuubi has got to be close to its final form, its getting more and more defined as time goes on, in this panel it seems almost humanoid, which is quite similar to the Hachibi and the Kyuubi in fact, a rather human like body with its tails.

The last time we see the Alliance in this chapter is when they all stand infront of Naruto ready to protect him, not too impressive actually considering that they have lost their protection from Kurama and I cant imagine any of them being in any shape to fight, while the Jyuubi gets closer and closer to its complete form.

Kakashi and Obito.

Arguably the far superior part of this chapter is when we follow with the two former friends into the other dimension. I love the fact that they are fighting in their own world, both these men have influenced each other so much that its just fitting for them to be alone in a place no one else can reach them, because in the past they also influenced each other in a way no one else has been able to since.

The battle starts almost immediately and Kakashi goes in with Raikiri, yet before he can make the killing blow he hesitates and is unable to finish Obito off.

( How many times has Kakashi not been able to kill the person he's targeting now? Almost every killing blow he's ever made has been interrupted somehow or unsuccessful)

Its quite surprising though to see Obito receive any mercy he has, yet this isn't the first time Kakashi has shown mercy to an enemy, even Sasuke took a while to rile him up, it seems that in his heart Kakashi holds some people very dear to him and even if they are his enemies right now, he cant help himself from caring about them, perhaps not caring about who they are now, but who they were in the past.

Obito though just thinks its guilt from his failures in the past, and that's probably a factor in the way Kakashi treats him, perhaps in his mind saving Obito will relieve him of his guilt from killing Rin and you can see that in the way he keeps telling Obito that its not too late to come back and be the man he once was.

Another unsuccessful kill for the copy ninja.
Like Yahiko long before him, Obito justs walks into Raikiri, showing us just how durable he is, of course its another failed kill by Kakashi, I really think Raikiri is not as strong as people say it is, how many people has it killed so far? 2?

We get a nice bit of back story, about how Rin actually died and why, the plan of releasing the Sanbi in Konoha is quite similar to having Gaara go berzerk years later, is it possible that Akatsuki somehow planned their attack after being inspired by the Mist village? of course its Orochimaru who actually performed the attack but its been revealed recently that he may have had other reasons for attacking his home village.

Perhaps the biggest source of irony for me is how Kakashi has killed the one person he swore to protect, while failing to kill many people he has aimed for.

Obito Continues his monologue, he actually says something interesting for once since his mask has been taken off.

Troll logic to the maximum really, If I don't believe it, then its a fake and didn't happen, Obito is far gone by now and I think there is no real way to redeem him, the last visual of this chapter which shows Obito with a hole in his chest, just goes to further emphasize that Obito is in fact heartless.

Conclusion and Ratings.

 This review turned out longer than I thought, so congrats on making it this far, Not much to add to this chapter other than the Kakashi vs Obito fight being really interesting, true its not a real fight as its just one attack but Kakashi is a fascinating character and he even makes the dull Obito quite interesting.

Nothing new on the Alliance, Jyuubi attacks, some one gets injured, same old same old.

I'll rate this chapter as a 3.5 out of 5 and only because of Kakashi, it would get much higher if it cut out the Alliance portion of it.