Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Naruto 631 Review

Hello everyone, thanks for opening this page, this week's chapter of Naruto was quite story heavy with very little action and no Kakashi, despite that though it's still a pretty solid chapter.
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I liked the start of the chapter, with a dagger on a rock right before Minato transports the Jyuubi bomb there, its a small visual but it does look quite impressive for me, Sakura is confused on who this new comer is but he tells her he is Minato right before warning them of the blast, she still seems confused so either she doesn't know the name of the fourth Hokage or she's wondering what he means.
Despite how far the Bijudama is sent away, it still causes a massive shock-wave on the alliance. Our comic relief for the week comes from Minato's innocent question.

Anyone else find Naruto's answer really surprising? I mean wasn't he holding Hinata's hand? isn't that some big development in the love department? or does he somehow think he can have both girls? who does Naruto think he is exactly?

Sorry Naruto, it doesnt work like this.
Either way Sakura seems very offended by this and starts hurting Naruto, I never got this "violent girlfriend" thing that anime's love, Minato is reminded of his late wife which reminds me that Kushina did tell Naruto to marry someone like her, so in a way Sakura has both parent's blessings...

I thought the shipping war between Hinata and Sakura was over but it seems like Kishi just loves fanning the flames.

While many people said that Naruto's lack of surprise over his dad showing up was because he sensed his chakra ( and this was mentioned here) I still find that to be a bit of crap, I mean even if he knew he was coming, its his dead dad showing up out of nowhere, I'd have thought he would be a lot more surprised even if he knew.

Most Epic Panel.

I Love those big cinematic panels like this one, the 4 Kages arriving all together just looks awesome, its cool how they are assembled from first to fourth as well.

Odd how Sakura can recognize the other Hokages but had to ask who Minato is but oh well.

Madara's rival has finally arrived, his long time enemy and best friend, the man he cant bear to think of yet still admires. You can see how excited Madara is to see him, while Hashirama is...decidedly less interested.

I laughed at the above panel, its just awesome to see Madara get verbally bitch-slapped like that, he's finally seeing Hashirama again and what does he get? " not now Madara, I got other things to take care of"

This chapter is a lot funnier than any other chapter that's been released in a long time.

The ten tails looks pretty damn ugly when it charges into the alliance, it is looking quite humanoid and shouldn't be too far from its final form. The Kages prepare to face it with Minato reminding us that Sasuke is on the way, oh boy another amazingly awesome entrance? yes please.

A thousand people predicted that Minato might be a jinchuriki because he has half of the kyuubi's chakra inside him and turns out they ( and I ) were right, he uses the cloak here, my guess is that although he does have its chakra, he cant replenish it, meaning he can only use it for a certain amount of time then its gone forever, unlike how a real Jincuriki works who can use more and more chakra from its tailed beast. I am not so sure of this theory though as the Gold and Silver brothers werent real Jinchuriki either but were still able to use Tailed beast chakra indefinitely.

The fourth gets high praise from both the former kages and Kurama, so in case you forgot, Minato is a badass and he works together with the 3 other kages to seal the Jyuubi. I dont understand though why Hashirama doesnt just use wood release on it to restrain it, but I am guessing this is a stronger sealing method.

I cant be the only one disappointed by the way Sasuke arrived, I mean come on.... he just pops out of nowhere with barely even a panel of attention? I read some amazing theories about how he might show up, save Naruto from some attack and say something amazing like " are you hurt, scaredy cat?"

Did we get something like that? no, did we get something almost as awesome?

Boring entrance and a missed opportunity really, but moving on, Sakura is surprised to see her old flame there and he acknowledges her for once, while a lot of the Konoha 11 decided to see if Sasuke means trouble, only one reaction really mirrored my own.

No words but you can tell from her pale eyes and rather bored expression that Hinata isn't impressed with that entrance either, I'd say he gets a 2/10 for that performance.

Sasuke announces his decision to become the Hokage, quite a bit of a change from his "destroy Konoha" attitude he has had for so long and not sure how I feel about it, still I think this will be the excuse for the Naruto vs Sasuke fight that has been the cornerstone of this manga in part 1. Everyone reacts to this news with giant eyes except Naruto who just frowns. He knows he has a serious contender for the title of Kage now.

Shino makes an appearance? holy crap and he talks? but he doesn't say much that matters, Shikimaru brings up this important fact that Sasuke may be helping them now but he is still a criminal wanted in 5 nations, showing up at the right time doesn't mean everything gets erased and I hope he wont just be forgiven for everything he's done.

Naruto though wont just stand around doing nothing, he's always wanted to be the Hokage, but all this talk is cut short when Hashirama reminds everyone that the Jyuubi must be defeated with a combined attack, I'm guessing everyone is going to throw massive attacks at it, since last week we saw that many weak walls did nothing, I guess we will instead see a few extremely powerful techniques used together.

Sakura doesn't like being left behind when Sasuke and Naruto go to fight, its a nice reminder of part 1 when she said she is always watching her team's back. I don't like violent Sakira but I quite enjoy determined helpful Sakura a lot, reminding us that every member of team 7 was trained by a Sanin was a nice callback I must say.

Good ending, lacking Kakashi though but the focus of team 7 was its relationship between its members anyways not its mentors.
Hmm, with so many people showing up its a little hard to think whats going to happen next but I'll take a stab at it.

* Minato and Naruto will use a combined Rasengan, we've seen a ton of times how Naruto uses that technique with shadow clones, so he and his father will perform a gigantic version of it together.

* I mentioned this in previous reviews but Minato will give the Kyuubi chakra inside him to Naruto, at the very least he proved he has some inside him in this chapter.

* Sasuke will be judged somehow for all his crimes, its too weird if after all the talk of the cycle of hatred suddenly he is forgiven despite committing so much.

* Will there be a battle for the title of Hokage between Sasuke and Naruto? hmm.... hard to predict really but seems possible. they cant both hold it.

* More of a question than anything but is Hinata forgotten all of a sudden? I thought she and Naruto were getting serious... either way I dont think he will end up with Sakura, yes I ship NaruHina quite hard.


Solid chapter really, but not much outstanding in it, to  be honest its a disappointment actually, the reunion of team 7 should have had a much much bigger impact yet it felt like an afterthought really, so this chapter gets a 3.5 out of 5 for me.

Thank you for reading this review, comment on what you think and thanks again.