Saturday, 27 April 2013

Depressing Cat Messages.

So I came across a compilation of depressing images combined with cute cat cartoons, I'm not sure exactly how the combination of those two things work somehow, do the cats make the message happy or something? I'm not sure but either way I felt like blogging about them.

To start off with, this image is depressing because of how true it is, our bodies start declining at a certain age and no matter what we do it will just keep getting worse and worse.

How scary is that? all your looks, strength, stamina, everything you have physically will be gone one day even if you do your best to take care of it

Oh Arnie..
It scares me to think of old age, the idea that one day I wont be able to walk or get up without help is terrifying, to live your life depending on others like that... I'd much rather hope to pass away earlier at 60 than later when I have nothing, I mean past a certain age is there really any point in living? if you cant sleep, or eat or move on your own, what sort of life is that?

Thanks a lot depressing cat.

Another sad fact of this world is that somehow money is distributed in such an imbalanced way that some people have far too much and others cant feed themselves, which is so frustrating.

What gets me the most is how in advanced countries, you're better off in jail than free, in jail you get free food while living on the street means nobody takes care of you, sure you lose your freedom but freedom doesnt fill a person's stomache.

How can the world work in a way that some people starve and some people have so much more than they need ( or deserve)?

I love this one, mainly because it plays on how so many people say " true love is unconditional" or " X loves me unconditionally" sorry but nobody can love someone else unconditionally.

It doesn't work that way, while love is very much a fact of life, it happens because we make someone happy and in return they make us happy, that's very conditional if you ask me, do you love a person who makes you miserable? if a person does nothing for you, can you still love them?

When we love someone we try our best to make them happy, to impress them and hear them laugh, we listen to their problems and do whatever we can to make their lives easier, in return though we expect the same from them, we expect them to care about us and our happiness otherwise how can we say they love us?

Or maybe I'm just a selfish lover? who knows.


Ever heard the saying " We love people for their flaws?" yeah.... that's not true.

Have you met someone rude and liked them for their rudeness? or a greedy person for their greed? no you haven't, because if a person has a flaw then that's something wrong with them, how can anyone enjoy another person's short temper? what about a person with bad breath? is that unique and beautiful?

No its not, a flaw is a flaw, that's why its called..flaw? and no one should be proud of theirs, we all have our shortcomings and they aren't things to boast about in anyway, our flaws are things to improve upon and a way to be better people.

The first image I disagree with, because while everyone has had this thought at some point in their relationship, its really quite ridiculous when you think of it, the people who end up together are together because they are more suited for each other than anyone else, not because they somehow got lucky.

Everyone has opportunities to be with any number of people, yet in the end they pick one person and not someone else, why? because they know who will make them happiest in the end, you pick the person whose best for you, you wouldn't settle for less and neither would anyone else, so while its a depressing thought to have, the above image is ultimately untrue, because if the person you're with now could have been happier with someone else, they wouldn't be with you.

Its weird to think of ourselves as flawed human beings, very few people would admit they are wrong and that they made a mistake, and if they do admit it its usually to someone they care about.

But the people we dislike are always wrong, they don't like us so how can they be right in something? if they were right it means they aren't the bad people, it would mean that we are though.

Its hard to admit but everyone is wrong at some point, and not everyone will like us but that's okay, we're not put in this world to please everyone, we just have to treat people as best we can and if they dislike us after that, then its their fault and not ours.

Well not unless you win the olympics at it, then you're certified to be the best at something, but other than that... no sadly us normal people will probably live most of our lives being quite average, sure we can excel in somethings, but can you beat 7 billion people in anything?

Probably not and you know what? that's okay, we don't have to be the best in anything really, we just need to try the best we can and hope that our efforts are appreciated, what more can anyone ask for than a person's best?

Well that's all for this post, hope you enjoyed reading this.

I downloaded too many kitten gifs.