Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Naruto 626 Review

Lack of internet at home sure makes life tough, let me tell you without internet the world is a slightly darker place.

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Alright lets begin with chapter 626, all the talk about how the Sharingan makes a person more evil seems to apply with Madara, as every time we see him upgrade his eyes he has become more and more twisted, the first time he unlocked his Sharingan he decided to fight Hashirama and the more he enhanced his sharingan the more evil he got, first by asking Hashirama to kill himself or his brother and now by betraying him and trying to kill him, I agree with what the Second Hokage says about how the Sharingan causes people to become more evil, as Sasuke is further proof of that, Itachi is the exception to this rule not the norm as many would like to think.

Madara leaves the village and while Hashirama seems sad by it over time his dream of a peaceful village is achieved, children no longer kill each other and the future sems bright apart from the black spot that is Madara, in the translation I read it says that Madara " kept attacking" the village which to me means more than once, can anyone confirm this?

Either way we see the final battle between the founding fathers of the shinobi world, Madara sumoons the Kyuubi armed with Susanno armor and Hashirama summons his giant Pokemon Tree statue ( I love how fights have turned into who can make the bigger blast wins sort of situation)  Either way Kyuubi is subdued but Madara is left standing and he engages his rival one last time in an epic slash-cut.

We get a nice callback to their first meeting, with Madara claiming himself the victor this time, I get the feeling that he suffers from some massive inferiority complex as no matter what he achieves Madara is always second place to the famous First hokage and he cant live with that, its very similar to Danzou and the Third as well as Sasuke with Naruto, very few people in this manga can stand to be overshadowed.

Favourite Panel

Gotta admit, I loved Hashirama's backstab, while at first it seemed like Madara had won it was all just a ploy to spare him, yet after gloating for one last time Hashirama has had enough of sparing his old friend and decides to end his life permanently, after countless battles between them and probably fearing for future generations if he dies while Madara lives, The First finally does what he should have a long time ago.

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I loved the above panel, the stab, the expression, the surprise buttsecks I mean the drama, it all makes it for one of the best images in a while.

I also loved Hashirama's declaration that no matter who or what tries to harm his village, he will protect them all, this really gave him some depth as until now he seemed kinda tame in comparison to his more badass brother, but in this fight we see why its Hashirama whose called the " God of shinobi"

Present day

Back to the present we see Hashirama conclude his story to all those present, he is fine with what he did for the sake of the village and believes it was the right thing to do, he also confirms that he did kill Madara but isnt sure how he got revived, we end the chapter with the answer to the original question, What is a Shinobi?


Just judging from Sasuke's expression this chapter I have to think that somehow he will agree with the First Hokage, Madara was wrong throughout all his actions and Hashirama gave him multiple chances to redeem himself and he gave them all up, I also think that the fact that Sasuke is even alive is a hint that his chance of redemption is near, after all it was only seconds before his death that Madara was considered irredeemable and had to be killed, till then he was spared multiple times and I feel that is the same case with Sasuke, he's lived too long to die a villian now.

Zetsu revived Madara somehow, its why he had the Rinnengan later in life, Zetsu found and revived him, I am guessing that from their battle some of Hashirama's chakra gave life to some of the plants around and that is how Zetsu was born.

We will have a Madara flash back, that seems clear now, too many events happened that we skipped over, like his brother's death as well as acquiring the Kyuubi, there is much story left to tell still.

I give this chapter a 4/5. share your thoughts in the comment section if you enjoyed reading this.