Friday, 19 April 2013

I Dont Understand How Money Works.

I am not sure if this title really suits the topic but its not like I know one that's better so lets just go with it.

Money is always an interesting topic, of course it would be since its such a major part of everyone's life, how much money you have and how much money you earn dictates your quality of life, its a bit sad in a way how you can measure people's worth by how much paper they earn in a month instead of who they are and what Morales they have.

But the fact that money determines people's worth isn't the point of this post, its how incredibly messed up the world's salary is, and that's what really gets to me, how little some people earn and how much others do.

Sports and the Movie industry are what surprise me the most, while I do not in anyway say those fields are easy, they seem to give far too much for what the people working in them do.

This guy made 75 million last year.
I love how people justify the salary actors get especially, " oh you don't know how hard they work, they have to wake up at 2 am and spend hours putting on makeup and sometimes they must do the same scene 8 times".

Excuse me? for the money the make Anyone would be willing to wake up at pretty much any hour of the day and sit in a chair for makeup, its almost criminal to be honest to hear how much some people get paid, and how little others do.

Public workers, policemen, teachers, etc. A lot of professions get paid too little for what they do even though they perform a much greater public service than a person trying to hit a ball on television, yet that's how life works and that's pretty freaking confusing to me.

Doctor's paid less now.

Then again that's the law of supply and demand, people don't mind spending their money to watch a sporting event and their money fuels that industry, yet they don think they will get sick or have their houses burned so they don't donate anything for doctors or fireman.

Its jarring to think of that.

Personally I believe those who make too much money should be taxed more and that would help the government and the people, what exactly do you need 75 million for anyways? what can you do with 75 million that you cant do with, say 30 million?

Such heavy taxation might sound harsh to some yet it would help thousands of others who are struggling to get through their daily lives while others are wondering which islands they want to buy. Is it fair to tax so heavily? Probably not, but its also unfair to think that people who study for years to get a job helping people are paid pennies compared to athletes who are paid millions for sponsoring some shoe.