Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Naruto 625 Review.

Finally the new chapter of Naruto is up, if you havent read my Review for last week please Read it here.

This chapter continues the love story of Madara and Hashirama and starts exactly from the offer made last week, one of the weakest cliffhangers to come out of Naruto since we know the Senju brothers become the future hokages and Madara's offer is pure crap.

I do like what Tobirama said though.

Seriously Hashi, listen to your little bro.

For making this offer, does Hashirama get mad? or sad? does he think about his life? hell no this is a shounen so instead of acting like a normal person he thanks the guy who asks him to either commit suicide or murder his brother, cause thats what we'd all do in such a situation.

Hashirama prepares himself, telling his clan that after his sacrifice they should never fight with the Uchiha again and Madara is not to be harmed,  he makes his brother swear this on his children and grandchildren ( but since it seems Tobirama never had children I guess it was a moot promise).

As he is about to stab himself Madara has flashbacks to their childhood and decides he cant let his lover childhood friend do this to himself and stops him in perhaps the most dramatic fashion possible.
Honestly more romantic than when Hinata held Naruto's hand.
 Convinced by Hashirama that peace is possible, the Senju and Uchiha make a truce and join forces, I found it odd how the Uchiha wear black and the Senju wear white, is that to show us they are yin/yang, dark and light, good and evil? hmm...

We see the early stages of the village being built, and the two former rivals reminisce about old times when they were children and how they are closer to their dream world than ever before. The newly formed village needs a leader though and I was surprised how it was Madara who was originally going to be the Hokage, well maybe the heads werent going to go for it but I somehow always imagined Hashirama wanted to be Hokage but here he didnt mind letting Madara take the lead and become the Fire Shadow.

The two men decide that their village needs a name and Madara shows us his creativity yet again.

I wonder what he would call it if he was holding a peanut at the time?
Tobirama interrupts this moment and I like how he and Madara still have animosity towards each other, while Hashi is the idealistic and unrealistic hero, Tobirama represents what real people would feel and act in such a situation and is therefore far more interesting a character than the first hokage who forgives and forgets everything.

Like a scene out of a romantic drama, Madara eavesdrops on the two brothers discussing the future of the village and learns he probably will never become Hokage, feeling hurt and betrayed ( like a lover would in such a situation I imagine) he runs away and leaves the leaf that symbolizes his ties to the village, abandoning both it and Hashirama.

We fast forward a bit and see Hashirama in the Hokage garb explaining to Madara how to achieve real happiness opposing forces must unite together, Madara says there is another interpretation to his words but doesnt clarify, instead like a jealous woman he asks Hashirama to choose between Madara or his brother.

Madara always knows the right things to say.
Seeing as how Hashirama cant choose between them, Madara seems to descend into "evil" just like Sasuke did at the hokage meeting, this led to one of the more epic rape faces in a while.

An interesting chapter to be sure, and I'm glad it didnt dwell on last weeks cliffhanger but I think we're all getting tired of this flashback by now, not to worry though since it seems its almost over.

I'd give this chapter a 3.5/5