Thursday, 28 March 2013

NeoQuest 2 Rohane Skills.

What's up everyone? This is my NQII guide! Here I will discuss characters, their skills, and what weapons/armor they might have late game.
A Note About Skills
A skill is considered maxed at level 15, and cannot go higher than that. Having more than 15 in a skill does nothing to it – don't think that having 15 in damage increase and another 2 from his sword will make Rohane hit harder, in this case the game considers that Rohane has 15 skills in damage increase, and the extra 2 from the sword go to waste. If you are not convinced, then put 15 points in Mipsy's direct damage and get a wand that gives her +2 to direct damage, Mipsy will still only deal 100 damage.
What if you only had 13 in a skill, and a weapon gave you +2, giving you 15 points in that skill without actually spending 15 points there (only 13 here, but in some situations you can save up to 5 points)...understand? If you plan ahead and see what equipment you might have late game and adjust your skills accordingly, you can have 5 skills maxed out by the time you fight Terask II.
You start out with Rohane, a white blumaroo. He is the group's "knight" as he has the highest life in the game, the best armor and the most damaging sword, making him very well suited for his role, through his skills Rohane can move faster, resist magic and use many moves to cripple the enemy.
Although unable to target more than one enemy at a time, and being rather weak at the start of the game, Rohane becomes the most damaging character by the end of the game.
Rohane 's Skills
Critical Attacks (passive)
Grants Rohane a chance to deal extra damage on one of his attacks, putting more points in this increases the chance to critical. A widely used skill, very powerful, works on all enemies and has a very high chance to critical late game - you can easily get two or three criticals in a row late game.
However, CA is not affected by Rohane's Damage increase skill, so increasing both at the same time is not the best idea, you should probably increase this skill with Rohane's stunning strike early in the game, giving you a chance to trigger one of two very useful abilities.
Conclusion: put 11 points in this, the last three swords all give 2-3 points to this skill.
Damage Increase (passive)
You can pretty much guess what this skill does from its name. DA is a great skill; it increases your damage by a certain percentage, but its best to put points here late in chapter three, because your attacks won't hurt much before that. Please note that Rohane 's damage increases with his level and by using better swords, so even if you don't put points here, his damage will still increase. Don't think this is the only way to increase it. DA does not increase critical attacks damage, it just increases your damage with normal attacks and stunning hits.
Conclusion: put 12 points in this, since the last three swords give 1-3 points to this.

Combat Focus (has to be activated)
An activatable skill that grants Rohane increased defense but reduces his attack damage. I don't like this move, it reduces Rohane s damage too much and the increase to defense too little. Not only that it only affects his physical defense, magic attacks hit him normally. This move also reduces CA's damage, bad deal overall...
Conclusion: I recommend you avoid this, has very little use.
Stunning Strikes (passive)
This ability grants Rohane a chance to stun his opponents for up to five seconds, putting more points here increases the chance for it to stun. I love this move, it's very helpful throughout the game on all difficulties, it has a good chance to activate (but lower than CA) and is the longest stunning move in the game. As much as I love this move however, it has one flaw, it is resisted by Terask 2 in insane mode, which hurts it a bit…but you should still put points here even in insane, since it works on everyone else there. This move works very well with Innate Melee Haste, as having more turns = more chances to stun = more turns. It's a never ending cycle...
Conclusion: 12 points, end game weapons grant 2-3 points here.
Battle Taunt (has to be activated)
Rohane taunts his enemies, forcing them to attack him. It has its uses, but I never use it. It doesn't always work, and Rohane might be killed using it. This skill's best use is when a teammate is close to death, using this will (hopefully) make the enemies focus on Rohane, giving you time to heal your teammate.

Some people like to use this with Combat focus on Terask II, but I don't recommend you do that.
Conclusion: 0...a lonely number, however the last three swords in the game all grant this ability.
Innate Magic Resistance
IMR increases Rohane's chances to resist a spell, a very useful ability. Spells include all damaging abilities in the game, also increases Rohane s chance to resist slowing spells, and mesmerize. This is best taken as Rohane's last skill in the game, since by then people will begin to use spells a lot, however consider putting one point here at level 12 (before fighting Zombom) since its very helpful in that fight. I noticed though that if the spell is not resisted it usually deals its full damage.
Conclusion: 11 points here, end game armor grants 2-4 to this skill.
Innate Melee Haste
Increases Rohane's melee attack speed. More specifically, it makes Rohane's "attack" command faster, therefore giving him more turns in a fight. This is where you should start putting your points at the start of the game, it is a amazing ability and the only one that really helps Rohane in the first chapter.
However, this move does not increases Rohane's speed with potions or his activatable abilities. This move gives diminishing returns, so after putting in a few points you start getting less reduced time than before.
Conclusion: put 11 points here and leave it at that, end game armor gives 3-4 here.