Thursday, 14 March 2013

You cant change the world, but you can change yourself.

One thing I find that I completely disagree with my brother is how we would both change the world for a better place, my brother thinks that to change the world you need to change other people to be better, while I think that change begins from the ourselves first, that you shouldn't ask others to change since we are flawed, how can we tell other people to get rid of their problems while ignoring our own?

 Laws and Rules exist to make sure people don't do wrong things, because we assume without them that society would collapse, the thing that keeps people in line is the threat of punishment, not personal goodness. Countries that get overthrown or suffer a revolt show the worst in people, with no law to govern them they act little better than animals, rape, murder, theft spread like fire.

Knowing all this, we have punishments for crimes in normal society, you get fined, jailed or even first degree murder depending on the severity of your crime, all this helps us reinforce the notion that bad actions will be punished.

That is how the world is right now, we tell people what to do and what we expect out of them and should they follow through they get... well nothing really, but if they disobey the laws then punishment soon follows.

My brother thinks along those lines, as do many others and it works of course. That is why we would criticize other people for their faults and tell them what to do instead. But I think thats the problem, we tell others what to do without showing them instead.

On a driving trip recently the car in-front of me suddenly stopped and I had to change lanes, no big issue yet this bothered my friend sitting next to me, he cursed and got angry at the stalled car yet I didnt see the issue myself, I just changed lanes, it was far simpler to just change my course than to sit and fume and wait for the other driver to move.

Thats how life is, at least to my eyes, people try hard to change other people when its so much easier to change yourselves and avoid problems. We get angry at our friends, family, lovers for their problems and nag them to change when in reality we could just change a littler ourselves and adapt to them much easier and avoid many problems, in time they will change because they want to, not because we nagged them over it endlessly.

You cant change the whole world

So that's what I think at least, we are a small thing in a huge world, expecting to change it is just impossible, but changing yourself can happen, its not easy, we all molded into the people we are over years and experiences, but you can change and be a better person, more patient, kinder, nicer.
Lead by example, don't expect others to follow what you say, show them how to be better people by improving yourself and they will follow.