Thursday, 21 March 2013

Happiness is a choice.

I wonder if the title is a bit misleading, but anyways I believe we can choose to be happy yet for some reason many people either dont want to be happy or just dont know how to be.

Imagine yourself in a dark room, and you're holding a flashlight, in this room there are all kinds of sights, good and bad and you can choose where to shine your flash light on, will you choose to focus on the good things and be happy or the bad things and be miserable?

Too often we forget the good things we have in life and focus on the one bad thing yet its our choice to give it attention even when its far away and no longer affects us. For some reason its easier to feel down and miserable than to put in effort into being happy.

Think of the world for a second, right now it has wars going on, extreme poverty that people sleep starving and a natural tragedy every few months, but what exactly can we do about it?
Aside from donating to these countries, we cant do much so after doing what we can its easy to stop thinking of these situations because they dont affect us, yet if you kept thinking of them eventually you'd feel sad about the state of the world.

Our daily problems get bigger simply because we give them too much attention, you can confront a problem and resolve it, or you can ignore the problem and forget about it, the worst thing you can do though is dwell on it and have someone or some issue ruin your happiness.

We give our problems power over how we feel when we pay too much attention to them, we're only human and of course we feel down from time to time but staying down and feeling horrible is a choice we make after that, a choice we make all too often.

The world isnt here to make you happy, so make your own happiness because no one can make you happy if you're determined to be miserable.