Monday, 18 March 2013

Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Very rarely yes, but if they do finish last its generally because they aren't nice to begin with.

The media has given a lot of stereotypes based on race and gender yet probably the one guys can identify with the most is the "nice guy" stereotype, which basically states that no matter how nice you are to a woman she wont like you because you are nice, she'd prefer instead a jerk who "treats her badly".

Or so the media would have us believe.
The thing is that those so called "nice guys" aren't really nice to begin with, they dont act this way because of who they are, they act nice to girls because they somehow thing that if they are nice to the girl they love, for some reason she will love them back because they are so nice.

That's the issue those Nice Guys face, instead of genuinely being nice to a woman out of respect for who she is, they instead are nice to her because they expect something in return, its how they think life should be apparently, if they are nice to a woman, for some unknown reason she has to be their wife. You wont see Nice Guys being nice to people who don't benefit them, because they don't need anything out of them so why waste time being nice?

That's the problem with being fake nice, its not real and people will see through it eventually, acting nice isnt the same as actually being nice and deep down those Nice Guys are hardly nice at all, they try to manipulate women into loving them by pretending to be nice when in fact they themselves have no single good quality to begin with.

well perhaps no good quality is a bit much, they have some good qualities but not one people are interested in, even if a person is genuinely nice they need more than that, would a guy date a girl if all she had was a "nice attitude"?

Nope, guys want a girl who has it all, but for some reason they expect girls to like them just for being nice, while they are boring, weak unfunny people, why do Nice Guys think a girl will love them when they dont love themselves?

No girl wants a guy who is rude and disrespectful to her, guys should be nice, but that shouldn't be All they are.