Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Naruto 663 review

Hello everyone and thanks for reading my review for chapter 663, this chapter was delayed for a week because Kishi lost his dad earlier last January. 

It's a very sad thing and I'm sorry for his loss and I'm sure everyone understands now why he took a break, I would feel better in fact if he took more time off to grieve but everyone copes with loss differently and perhaps working is his way of recovering.
Bit of a sad note to start the review with but it should be said.

Now who has been watching the Anime lately? it's focused on Obito's recovery and added a small arc about how he helped found the Akatsuki and it's quite interesting to be honest, it's not cannon but it's very relevant to the story so check it out. 

Chapter 663 begins with pretty much the same panel as last chapter's ending, both Naruto and Sasuke are almost dead and barely hanging on, in fact it seems almost like Naruto does die at the start of this chapter as many have said before "If Naruto dies how can the Kyuubi chakra still be around?"

Gotta wonder if this is because of Naruto dying or the Kyuubi being sealed, because Minato and Kushina died but managed to seal some of their chakra in Naruto so is it really his "death" that makes the Kyuubi chakra disappear?

Either way Sakura can't help him with medical jutsu, why exactly is a bit hard to understand since Tsunade can recover from being sliced in half, we've been told that Jinchurikis die when their Bijuus are removed but why does that make them beyond saving?

I've said it before, quite a few times that Minato will give Naruto the Kurama inside him, it just seemed obvious since the moment he was brought back that he will help Naruto that way, while it seems that a lot of fans want to see Naruto without the Kyuubi inside him I don't really think that will happen.....yet.

Gaara's sand cloud isn't fast enough to get Naruto there on time and I love what Sakura does next to save him.

What a way to make Sakura cool, it's not her strength or anything like that Kishi focused on this chapter but instead he made Sakura put her hand inside Naruto's chest and made his heart beat manually. Damn that's awesome and this scene made me think about my own heart beating un-aided right now.

Gaara speeds up and we go back to the other dying main character, Sasuke stops crawling and Tobirama wants to save him by using some sort of forbidden technique that transfers souls but he can't due to Madara's black rods, it's nice to see how Tobirama does care about people, some have said he's racist or a bigot because of how he treated the Uchiha but he did lose many of his family to them and yet was willing to do anything to save the last Uchiha, alas he can't but hope is still there for Sasuke...

Whose the strongest member in the alliance right now? is it Hiruzen who can use any technique and has infinite chakra? is it one of the Kages? Gai? Darui?

Karin manages to break the statue that Spiral Zetsu was using, thanks to the chains that Kushina used to subdue the Kyuubi, these chains seem really powerful as they can bind Bijuus and these giant wooden statues as well, Odd though that Karin never showed these abilities before when they would have been very useful in the past like against Bee or Danzo.

Speaking of Bee where is he? that dude used to be so badass.

Still despite breaking his statue Spiral Zetsu is still able to land a pretty devastating blow on Karin, before he can do any worse though Suigetsu finally uses the move he showed us back in his very first appearance.

Orochimaru also manages to help out by biting Spiral Zetsu, at first I thought Zetsu couldn't move because he was infected by some poison Orochimaru used but it turns out he was branded with the cursed seal, the same one Sasuke had such a long time ago.

More importantly though the attack from Suigetsu manages to tear off part of Spiral Zetsu and reveals that inside there is someone who is being protected. Also Zetsu was a lot more serious this chapter than we've seen him in any other appearance and it reminded me of how Tobi also changed so abruptly.

Madara fully absorbs the Jyuubi so for one thing I am glad we won't be seeing another "Alliance vs Jyuubi" arc but at the same time I hate how easy Bijuus are being removed and installed like they are nothing, they used to be some of the most powerful forces in Naruto and now they are playthings for Madara, even the strongest Bijuu and the one they said is as strong as a god can be sealed in 2 seconds and have it's power mastered. And why does Madara even need more power? dude wipes the floor with everyone when he didn't even have eyes but sure let's power him up some more.

I hope people don't explode over this, Naruto's heart and lungs don't work so Sakura has to keep him breathing and his heart beating, this was more emotional for me than a lot of other "sad" moments we had lately and of all people it's Sakura who provides it, it's touching how much she cares about him and it seems that they finally reach Minato by the end of the chapter, unfortunately they aren't the only ones heading there as Madara wants his second eye back and I'm looking forward to seeing Minato and Kakashi face off against Madara,

Zetsu mentions that Karin won't make it in time to save Sasuke and I am inclined to agree, so any guesses on who this foot belongs to?

1- From the above panel I am pretty sure it's Kabuto who shows up to save Sasuke, firstly Kabuto must have broken out of his mind-pattern thing by now and will want to protect Sasuke (not sure why he would but we'll go along with it) and secondly because he is barefoot and Kabuto was also barefoot in his last appearance.

And lastly, who else would show up to save him?

2- Who is inside Spiral Zetsu? it's probably Yamato although I can't say we got much of a clue of that in this chapter, I mean Spiral Zetsu's insides have ears and Yamato had ears so that's a link I guess?

3- Expecting a big fight between Team Minato and Madara, I can see Kakashi getting angry and yelling how he will protect his friend, his master and his student and fight Madara, personally I would be so pumped if we got a couple of chapters of just Madara vs Kakashi, Kakashi has no way of winning but it would still be awesome to see that match-up.


I enjoyed this chapter quite a lot, mostly for it's emotional strength though and not so much for the little action that we got, we see Spiral Zetsu lose his statue and take a hit but apart from that this chapter serves to set up to reunite Naruto with his father and Madara with Obito, I expect Kabuto to show up and save Sasuke and then we will have Orochimaru and all his minions team up to fight Madara. Good chapter, good setup, loved seeing Sakura do her best to save Naruto, loved seeing Suigetsu as well so I'll be giving this chapter a 4.5 out of 5.