Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Naruto 642 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the latest chapter of Naruto, last week I asked if  the fodder ninja will do anything useful and while it was a somewhat close vote ( 16-11) more people think that the fodder will either be completely useless or just do a flashy move ( like they did with the multiple earth wall jutsu) that proves useless. Personally I agree, they are called fodder for a reason and thats because often time they really don't contribute anything to the story.
This chapter continues the battle with Obito, after landing a solid combination attack on him our heroes regroup only to discover that Obito has managed to perform another asspull somehow and took no damage from it.

Gotta say not only is it annoying how Obito is immune to everything but even the art looks weird in the above picture, did he somehow use the black liquid thing to defend? the staff? according to the Second Hokage the blow landed and he just took no damage from it, that's our only explanation so far.

Of course the heroes have other problems aside from Obito's immunity, apparently his attacks can also stop Edo-Tensei regeneration, a little odd that this technique is working now and not earlier when he managed to destroy both the Second and Third hokage, but either way Minato has lost his right arm and it doesn't seem like he will be getting it back anytime soon.

Art mistake from last week, Minato had 2 arms
After learning that Obito can now permanently wound ET bodies, Naruto decides to go into full Bijuu mode, I'm not sure that's a good idea at all, a bigger target is easier to attack and there's almost nothing bigger than going full Jyuubi mode. Not only that but it consumes more chakra as well ( not that anyone cares about chakra at this point of the story). Either way it doesn't work because Kurama hasn't gathered enough chakra yet, we get more comedy from Tobirama who scolds the father/son duo for being incredibly thick sometimes, is Tobirama becoming anyone else's favorite Hokage as well? dude's pretty awesome and hilarious as well.

Before his summoning time is expired Gamakachi decides to throw in one final attack at Obito, which leads to a surprising discovery.

But before that discovery is put to use Obito goes in for some reverse Talk-no-jutsu of his own, trying to install doubt into Minato and chiding him for always being late for the important things. Its a little sad how far Obito has fallen and continues to fall further each chapter, I guess its because I thought he was pretty damn cool when he first showed up in the Kakashi gaiden that he depresses me a little each time he talks.

But he doesn't get much of a chance to be annoying this chapter, as Naruto with the help of the Second finally do manage to land an attack this time by using Senjutsu techniques, this is very similar to when Naruto fought Pain earlier and had his Rasengans absorbed, after getting caught Naruto just let Pain absorb his Natural energy and turn into a frog. I wouldn't have thought the same concept applies here though as the Jyuubi is mentioned to be pure natural energy as well so its up for grabs whether Obito took any damage, plus judging from his face he looks more surprised than hurt.

Epic picture though despite how I think Obito will just shrug this technique off as well, the lack of blood kinda supports my theory for now. As everyone stands in awe of Naruto we see the Minato being contacted by the half of Kurama inside him, something almost everyone predicted will happen saying that Naruto has grown quite a lot.

1- Obviously I still believe that Minato will will give Naruto the other half of Kurama inside him, its interesting to note that the two halves are not the same though, as its mentioned a lot that Minato has the Yin half of Kurama's chakra, what does that mean?

While I don't think the Yin half is female it might mean that this half is perhaps less evil than the one Naruto was stuck with this whole time.

2- Obito will shrug off this attack, or it might also make him a bit stronger since he is made of Natural energy he might be able to absorb it somehow.

3- Orochimaru and the Kages are taking their sweet time, but they should be arriving soon, with the ET Hokages now susceptible to being killed we need more people around to spread Obito.

4- Minato will die or Kurama will heal his arm, he won't be a cripple for long as from what I learned most characters that have a part of them gone tend to die soon after. Its probably during his death that he will give Naruto the Yin half inside him.

Not a bad chapter at all, and I enjoyed the art this chapter a lot, aside from the confusing Obito panel where it's all black for some reason. I especially enjoy seeing how the Hirashin tehchnique is displayed by Kishi using two panels to show how fast it is.
So with good art and some nice story progress ( learning Obito can be damaged with Senjutsu) this was a good chapter and gets a 4 out of 5 from me.
On a completely unrelated note

Today is actually my 22nd birthday and I'd like to thank everyone who reads my reviews, whether its here or on the Mangahelper website I am very grateful to all of you who have supported me by reading, commenting and giving me feedback, so thank you everyone and its really my birthday wish that all of you have a good day at least.