Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Naruto 633 Review.

Hello everyone, Naruto 633 just came out and seeing how I cant sleep I'll be reviewing it now instead of later.

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This chapter has a pretty awesome opening I must say, right after Naruto and Sasuke come to the rescue, they start analyzing each other and their abilities, its a great moment that shows just how deep the rivalry between those two guys runs.

But if last week's chapter had the goal of evolving Sakura's character, chapter 633 aims to show the strength of the rookie 9 ( since Lee and Tenten sat out this week's chapter as well).

Our first contestant is Kiba's fusion with Akamaru and another clone, its very visually impressive and we saw the power of the double headed wolf way back when they fought against sakon and ukon.

Favorite Panel

Kiba's wolf is just very visually impressive, I always love the idea of Cerebrus ( 3 headed dog who guards the gates of hell) so its cool to see something like this in Naruto. 

Shino Uses some sort of bug implantation into the enemy's flesh, the bugs would then eat through the enemy, a useful jutsu in a 1 v 1 situation yes it looks a bit too slow to be useful against a large number of enemies.

Hinata's dedication is fun to watch, she never gives up just like Naruto, its actually kinda cool to see how Naruto's influence even makes her stronger, the shot of Neji's advice on how to finish the 64 Palm strikes was quite heart warming.

So we're done with team 8 now, a team that is skilled in tracking their enemies, now lets focus on the team that practically screams teamwork since their first appearance, team 10.

Unlike the other teams that showcased their individual ability, team 10 shows how they have become one unit, one ability, and theirs is the most impressive display of all so far.

They combine all their techniques and basically perform a human yo-yo sort of technique, where first Shikimaru would attach his shadow to Chouji, who would use the size enlargment technique thing, then Ino would sense the presence of all the enemies and by entering Shikimaru she can manipulate Chouji to destroy them all. Its not as complicated as this explanation makes it sound, promise.

Throughout all this, have we forgotten someone? anyone? hmm....

Perhaps of all of this chapter's demonstrations, Sai's is the most...erm, well sad to be perfectly frank, he tries to attack the Jyuubi's main body head on but loses his bird and has to be rescued by Naruto.

Then again, there is no actual point to all these technique demonstrations, because what did they achieve? there is no story relevance, nothing actually happens or any real damage is performed, some fodder got killed and was replaced with bigger fodder.  Thats almost the entire summary of this chapter to be perfectly honest.

Still we got some impressive visuals and the chapter does end with team 7 all summoning their animals, its another impressive panel and brings hope that maybe next chapter will have more plot than this chapter full of fan-service.


Since nothing actually happens here, I am just going to post my predictions from previous chapters that I still believe in.

* I mentioned this in previous reviews but Minato will give the Kyuubi chakra inside him to Naruto, at the very least he proved he has some inside him in this chapter, we also see that Kurama needs time to make his chakra and I think thats just more hints for this.

*Orochimaru is still the most likely person to be the Ten-Tail Jinchuriki, since only Obito can do it and he's far away with kakashi that only leaves Orochimaru as the other possible candidate, aside from him who else is there? Madara is a zombie and cant do it which leaves no one else really.
Aside from those the other predictions are small scale and not worth bringing up again.

I didnt like this chapter, why? because its all style and no substance, we see some flashy moves and thats it, maybe this is a setup chapter and the next few will have some story, maybe Kishi wants to focus on action right now, but whatever the reason, I am a little tired of this Jyuubi arc, where everything seems very repetitive. Naruto 633 gets a 2 out of 5 for me.