Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Naruto 635 Review.

Hey everyone, this is my review of the latest Naruto chapter. To read my review of chapter 634 click here.

Last week I asked who was you favourite summon and by an overwhelming majority people voted for Gamakachi with 43 votes, not surprising really cause who doesn't love a katana wielding frog?. Second came Sasuke's new snake summon with 17 votes, personally I liked Aoda a lot so I thought he might get a little more votes. And finally Katsuyu only managed to get one vote... sad slug.

Anyways lets begin this week's review.
The chapter starts with Orochimaru discussing how they will heal Tsunade, right from where we left them last chapter, Suigetsu mentions how much salt they'd need to kill a slug which reminded me of the game Brave Fencer Musashi which also allowed you to kill a giant slug with salt, here its just Katsuyu though. Still I imagine it could be a fun game.

Now for all the people who are wondering about what happened to Katsuyu when she was summoned by Sakura, well it slipped my memory too but since she can split into many pieces she just sent a giant part of her to help Sakura and left the rest behind to heal the Kages.

Its interesting to see Orochimaru call Tsunade-sama, that usually shows a high level of respect towards her, not something we often see from Oro. Katsutyu allows them to heal her master after threatening them a bit, I think she's a bit too trusting but meh.

It seems that Slug summons are very reliant on the user's chakra, as Katsuyu cant seem to heal very fast with Tsunade weak like that, I wonder though if she can absorb chakra from long distance somehow, but if she could then she would have just absorbed some of Kurama's chakra.

Seems Karin doesn't want any scars unless they are from Sasuke, although Suigetsu brings up a good point about how she did have quite a few earlier, personally I find Karin really annoying with her obsession. I get that she wants to be stabbed by Sasuke but with a sword seems a bit extreme.

Was anyone else surprised by Tsunade being alive? I mean the women had her body separated into two pieces, how does someone live with that kind of wound?

Orochimaru speaks of his ambitions and its a nice callback to what he said before he fought the 3rd Hokage, he said a still windmill is nice from time to time, but mostly its quite boring, he wants to be the wind that moves it. Now he's fine with letting others turn the windmill for him.

Anyone else get the feeling Kishi is a fan of a certain superhero? anyone? I can give a hint here.
Its a good point though, people almost never grow up the way they expect, how many of us have had to change our dreams because our original goals couldn't be obtained or we simply stopped wanting them?

We get a few panels on the fight going on with the Alliance, Naruto wants to save the Tailed beasts and asks Sasuke to stop his flame when it gets too close, but Sasuke has other ideas and plans to burn them all. This enrages Naruto but before it goes any further the Jyuubi settles the matter and puts out the flame itself.

Still the way Sasuke is willing to kill the Tailed beasts and completely disregard Naruto shows that it is likely he has a certain agenda, he doesn't look heroic at all this chapter, he seems much more like a villian than an anti-hero. Still I'm glad he's doing what he is, it has made the Jyuubi arc much more interesting since he has been involved.

Sai calls Sakura out on trusting Sasuke, a good point since Sai doesnt have any emotions towards him and he seems able to tell she's lying, remember the whole Sai arc and how he learned all about smiling? I can trust him.

The question now is what will Sakura do for Sasuke? will she join him if he turns on them? ahh hard to tell.

Firstly, nice angle on Tsunade, we got all the Kages looking fierce and one Kage showing her rear, alright I can live with that. What does bother me though is the idea of Madara being unable to kill any of them, what the hell is up with that? does nobody die? Neji died from a spike, but Tsunade lives through being cut into pieces? and the other Kages as well? what happened to Chakra over-use leading to death?


The chapter ends with a shot of the battle between Obito and Kakashi, man I do not want Kishi to skip this fight, if this is it and its over, then he really got lazy with it. It should be an epic fight between those two instead of just showing us its conclusion, he did this with the 7 swordsmen when he just skipped their fight and showed us Kakashi has won. I really hope that doesn't happen here.


So where does the manga go from here? well I have a bunch of guess after this chapter.
* Orochimaru may not actually want to be the Jyuubi host but instead wants Sasuke to be its Jinchuriki instead, he definitely has some major interest in what Sasuke is doing thats for sure
* Sasuke has some sort of evil plan going on, it may not be clear right now but judging from what we've seen he means to do something big in the future. And he might not care about people's opinions right now because he intends to kill them all or something.
 * Sakura might side with Sasuke in his crazy quest, just seeing him seems to make her act a little weird, I wonder what would happen now if Naruto and Sasuke fought right in front of her like they did at the end of part 1?

A solid chapter really, I enjoyed the discussion Orochimaru had with everyone but I cant swallow the fact that all the Kages are alive and healthy despite everything Madara did to them. Seeing Kakashi and Obito suffering together sets a nice cliffhanger for the next chapter but overall this just gets a 3 out of 5 from me.