Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dont Shoot The Messenger.

These days people do a lot of delegation, which they should since no one person can do everything. A part of delegating work is to pass on new and that's a bit of a tricky situation. Most bosses handle the transfer of news in an interesting way, they deliver good news themselves, but allow their subordinates to deliver the bad news.
It makes sense although it is a bit cruel when people are forced to do another person's dirty work, being the one to deliver bad news like an employee is fired is hard, so someone else gets that very "fun"  task.

The problem with delivering bad news is that people wont blame the source of the bad news, they will get angry at the person who delivers it. Emotions are difficult to control and when someone receives bad news the first person to blame will be the one right in front of them.

I guess I just hate being the middle man between two people, knowing full well I will get the blame for delivering the news.

Well at least they can make a funny video about being a messenger.