Saturday, 17 August 2013

Naruto 643 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Naruto 643. Supposedly this chapter wasnt supposed to come out till Wednesday August 21st but for some reason we got an early release. No complaints although to be honest its a very slow chapter.

Last week I asked if Senjutsu will be the key to defeating Obito and a massive majority said it would be, with exactly 42 votes saying it will and only 2 votes saying it wont. Personally I am not so sure yet myself, I know that Obito is going to take some damage from Senjutsu then he will most likely "evolve" into the next form and have all his injuries healed somehow.

Either way lets talk about this chapter. The Yin half of Kurama that is sealed in Minato tells him not to worry about what happened and that it will help him out, a bit surprising considering how difficult the Yang half has been with everything. I hope Kishi explains this because it took Naruto his whole life to get the Kyuubi to work with him and Minato just having this easy pass feels very cheap to me.

Of course it makes sense story-wise, we can't have some training montage for Minato near the ending but logically, I don' think it should be so easy for him. Some people say that because Minato is such a sealing expert he can get the Fox to work with him, ironic because Kushina taught him the seals he knows and she couldn't get the fox to work with her.

The attack on Obito seems to have dealt some damage to him, but while everyone seems to celebrate the blow and even Obito says that Sage techniques hurt him, its all for nothing really as it doesn't slow him down or anything. The whole Natural energy vs Natural energy thing reminds me of Starcraft and how only the Dark templar who use Dark energy can kill the Zerg Cerebrates ( who also use Dark energy). Obito covers his back in some fire technique to prevent any more surprise attacks, a very clever tactic since he can't avoid it he might as well make any attack on him very risky.

We see Obito summoning another flower shaped thing like he did before, now before I continue this review I wanna talk about this flower. Firstly its called the " Rafflesia arnoldii" but it is more commonly known as the the "Corpse Flower" because unlike most other flowers this one emits a very strong and repulsive smell that is very much like the smell of decaying meat. It is also the largest flower in the world and all this might go to show how different the Jyuubi ( Corpse flower) is from other tailed beasts ( who would be the Roses in this situation).

See the similarities?
We get a glimpse of the fodder and this is why I don't like these guys sticking around, why are they here again? they can't help and they need rescuing constantly without contributing anything to the fight. Of course its likely that in the end they will do Something useful, but considering the amount of time and chakra needed to keep them alive, they are more trouble than they are worth.

Either way before we see it in action we get a glimpse of the Hashirama/Madara date and it seems to be going swimmingly so far. Both of them have brought out their Pokemons and while Hashirama wants to focus on Obito it seems Madara is content to keep him occupied. Whether this is because of the massive bro crush he has on Hashirama or if he is worried that the First Hokage might be the only person able to stop Obito we dont know yet.

The Alliance tries to figure out ways to escape the 4 Bijuu bombs that Obito prepares for them, their only options seem to be either that Minato and Tobirama teleport 2 bombs away or that they try to redirect the energy of the blasts away into the sea. Of course the problem with shouting out your plans outloud is that the enemy might accidentally overhear you and thus Obito prepares a suitable response to their plans.

Minato and Naruto bump fists to get their tailed beasts to talk to each other, we've actually seen this before with Killer B when he uses the same fist bump to get his tailed beast to talk to Naruto. Either way we see that the two foxes are now separate entities, which is something very strange as I pictured it to be more like clones but they seem more like twins who grew apart and now have different ideas of how to think and act. The jyuubi was split into 9 tailed beasts, can the Kyuubi be split into other tailed beasts as well?

Of course since this chapter had an early Japanese release we got a lot of interesting dialogue variations and this one was my favorite.

Obito does more of his trask talking, I don't really get why he keeps doing that since if he couldn't break Naruto after Neji died ( Sniff) its very unlikely he will kill him just by calling his dead weak and worthless. Still I suppose Obito is nothing if not persistent.

Chapter has a cool ending with Minato and Naruto getting ready to attack, with their chakra charged up.


This chapter doesn't really give us anything new to bite into, the most we can say is that I am pretty sure we will get a unique solution to that Bijuu bombs problem. Most likely they will use the barrier to surround just Obito or the father-son duo will redirect them somehow. Another possibility is that they will teleport all the alliance members out of the dome itself.

The two foxes is kind of interesting, eventually they will merge back together somehow when Minato inevitably goes away. I do wonder though if this isn't the gift Minato had for Naruto then what was he planning?

This was really just a setup chapter, nothing really happened and nobody moved much here, all we got was Obito summoning his flower and creating the domes so there's not much to go on here. I get the feeling the anime will do a better job with these slow chapters as it can condense all these events in 5 minutes...or drag it out into 3 episodes you never know.

Either way a very mediocre chapter from me that gets a 2.5 out of 5.