Monday, 19 August 2013

Dota 2 Rubick Jungling Guide


When it comes to jungling most heroes who can perform it either have some sort of lifesteal like Naix, can use summons like Lycan or have a way of killing creeps very fast ( Doom)
So how exactly does Rubick fit into this set of heroes?

Rubick has a very interesting jungling method that utilizes lane creeps to tank for him. It is very similar to regular pulling but done in a manner that is much harder to stop than the usual pull spot and allows Rubick to easily deny creeps to the enemy heroes.

To jungle with Rubick you need:

- One Observer Ward.
- A level in telekinesis.
- Be on the Radiant side.

So how is this jungling performed?

Well firstly remember that to do this requires a little timing, pulls should always be performed at the xx:30 second mark or the xx:00 second mark, in fact doing it a bit sooner is better however you cant do it any sooner in the first minute since you have to wait for the creeps to spawn. Either way doing it 2-3 seconds before the creeps spawn is usually better than the minute they do.

When the game starts you want to come to this spot and plant a ward
If you don't ward that area you cannot pull, as creeps will lose their vision of the neutrals and stop chasing before they fight.

 Wait for the first set of neutrals to spawn then lift one of them with telekinesis and bring it as close to you as possible. Standing near the ledge will not block the neutrals from spawning if that worries you.

Always aim for the highest life creep. A neutral with low life will die from the tower hits and won't pull the lane for you.

 Once the creeps see the neutral the will automatically chase it and you just have to follow them back.

Farm for me.

If some of your creeps live they will pass by the other neutral camps, you should walk ahead of them and farm those as well. This step is easier if you have boots but even without any you'll be able to do it quite easily.


Pulling after the first pull is a bit easier since the trees are gone you can get closer to the pull camp.

 Pros and cons of a jungling Rubick.

While this is a very good thing to learn for any Rubick player, fact of the matter is it comes with a few risks. But lets discuss the positives first.

+ You can deny the entire lane for the enemy like this, with Rubick pulling one group of creeps and the other support pulling the next set you can easily stop the enemy from getting ANY experience at all.
+ This ensures Rubick can get some farm and gold for himself without having to depend on kills or disrupting anybody else's farm.
 + This method is almost impossible to stop for the enemy, while the other pull spot is easily blocked by the Dire this one is very hard to get close to and if the enemy does you can easily kill him with support from other heroes.

- This will definitely push enemy creeps towards your tower, if your carry cannot last hit beneath tower or takes too much damage he wont be able to farm much.
- Without Rubick nearby the carry player is likely to be easy to gank since enemy heroes can tower dive him while their creeps soak up the tower damage.
- It takes one ward to do this, early game you only have 2 wards with you and one of them is being used to help you farm so you can only use the other one for one rune spot or maybe to block the enemy pull spot at the top Dire.
- This tactic cannot be used if you're Dire so don't depend on it too much.

And that's pretty much it for this guide, I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to any feedback or critique you may have, thank you for reading this far.