Sunday, 4 August 2013

Memory is a curse

When it comes to memory I have to side with people who think its a bad thing. Memory or at least a good memory definitely seems like a curse to me, to remember the rude things people have said, the bad way you have been treated, anything negative is so easy to remember and so hard to go through again. It's not bad enough that you lived through it once, you'll forever carry that bad memory in your head, to think about when you're alone, when you're being idle, before you sleep. However I look at it, I wish I could have a shorter memory myself.

Of course nobody wants some weird short term memory, that's its own curse as well, but remembering everything is equally bad I think. Of course as humans for some reason we seem to hold on to painful memories instead of positive ones and focus on the bad things and not the good. Or maybe that's just me and other people with a good memory aren't as miserable.

I envy the people who are quick to forget, they usually have quick tempers but that comes with either a forgiving heart or a bad memory, either of which grants them the ability to forget things, move on and be happy. I consider myself to have a pretty good memory and I notice it doesn't help me as much as I would like, sure its useful when it comes to some important things like exams. But when you stop and think of the people who hurt you, whether they are friends, family or your partner, a good memory hurts you then by bringing up ever negative thing and making you wonder why you go through it anymore.

Well, at least there's something for me to look forward to in the future.