Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Naruto 644 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for Naruto 644.

Last week's chapter ended with a cliffhanger and I am glad I was able to correctly guess the solution to the problem, but before I continue gloating lets start from the beginning.

I had a feeling this Yin and Yang symbol would come up eventually, its really quite nice how Kishi uses Naruto and Minato as the "White Dot" in the Yin symbol and Dark Kurama's hand as the Black Dot in the yang symbol. The foxes talk to each other and its interesting to note how Yin Kurama says they were originally one entitiy, it makes me very curious how they will act once they combine together again.

In chapter 641 we had Shikimaru tell us how even a little bit of power can change the tide of this war. After seeing how incredibly powerful Obito and the former Hokages are, what brilliant plan has Shikimaru come up with? Why has he kept the Alliance so close to the fight instead of running? What will he do now?

Impressive performance so far...
Of course its not really his fault that they are useless, in any other situation Shikimaru would be right, yet all the Alliance have done so far is become a hindrance in the fight, they force the Hokages to protect them without contributing anything to the far. I'm sure Kishi will make one guy have some sort of observation or they will all do some massive attack and everyone will think that Shikimaru was right to stay, not really and till then I'll continue saying that the Alliance hanging around the fight is a really bad strategy.

I loved seeing Naruto telling Sasuke to be quiet and let him focus, now that I think of it though Sasuke hasn't been too effective in this fight, I have a feeling he'd be a better match against Madara since he hasn't shown any senjutsu so far to damage Obito with.

I like serious Naruto, reminds me of the same guy we saw bring down Pain and not the idiot that Kishi sometimes makes him out to be. Plus charging the entire Alliance with Chakra is quite badass.

Juugo followed Sasuke unlike the rest of the team that went with Orochimaru and we have seen Juugo in quite a few panels commenting on the fight or on Sasuke. Considering that his Cursed seal is a form of Natural energy, I get the feeling Juugo might be a big factor in bringing down Obito later.

Obito detonates a huge amount of chakra, wow we haven't seen that before have we?

If there's one thing I learned from this arc of Naruto, its that the bigger the explosion, the less damage it does, consider what killed Neji, a stick. Yet here we got nuclear attacks every 2 chapters and nobody has been hurt yet ( well bar the Alliance HQ but still...)

Obito surveys the situation and finds out nobody has been hurt by his 4 gigantic Bijuu bombs, I can honestly understand his frustrations since it seems that Plot-no-jutsu is just too strong now even for him. Still it was an interesting tactic to use a massive Thunder God Jutsu like that but how much Chakra will that cost Naruto? and if the Alliance wasn't around he would have been able to use all that energy to wound Obito instead.

I love Tobirama's sense of humor, especially considering how serious he was in the past.

The chapter ends with an emotional high by having Minato wish that he could have talked more to Naruto, but the fist bump currently going on between those two is enough for them to share all the feelings they have. Bumping fists has been quite a theme actually, in part 1 Sasuke says all it takes for two strong ninjas to understand each other is a single punch, while Bee uses his fist bump with friends and people he trusts.


Lets see what predictions have I not made so far?
The problem with making predictions is often times you end up repeating them since you expect something to happen it just hasn't happened yet so it would be annoying to mention every prediction every chapter.

Still this chapter I think points to two things for me. The first is that the Alliance will do something useful in the end, Kishi has made them so useless so far that in the end they will do something badass to redeem themselves from being saved 5 times.

And secondly Juugo is important to the story somehow, Probably due to his cursed seal somehow. Considering that the cursed seal is made of natural energy I think that Juugo will give every member of the alliance a small part of the Cursed seal, allowing all of them to use Natural energy and damage Obito.


I enjoy Naruto a lot but really a lot of these chapters feel very much the same to each other, its all Obito does an attack, some big save happens, everyone is excited, rinse and repeat.

Still I like version 12 of that scenario and give this chapter a 3.5 out of 5 thanks to Minato's pride in Naruto and Tobirama's humor.