Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Naruto 645 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for the latest Naruto chapter 645.

Last week I asked you readers if you thought that the Alliance was useful at all or they are just a waste of chakra and the result is equal with exactly 14 votes saying they will be helpful and 14 saying they are a waste of chakra. Personally I am sure Kishi will make them do something to make up for needing to be saved 5 times but even then if Naruto has to save them 5 times just so they do one useful thing then they really can't be considered useful at all.

Onwards to this chapter which starts with Minato tearing up a little at watching Naruto and having the same feeling as he did with Kushina. Of course Naruto gets pumped up and starts to charge ahead until Tobirama reminds him that its not possible for him to forget that Obito is immune to this chakra and can only be damaged by Sage techniques.

I can't say I enjoy seeing this idiot Naruto that we are sometimes exposed to, its like either make him battle smart or make him an idiot, it can't be that the dude switches from one level of intelligence to another inbetween chapters.

Naruto and Kurama have a tsundere moment where they both don't want to admit they love each other. Since I never really liked these types of characters here's a funny image to make up for it.

We take a short walk down memory lane to an event everyone was expecting to happen, the combination of Sage chakra with Kurama's chakra. This happened before against Pein and was strong enough to resist his chakra control even at close range so its capabilities are enormous and now Kurama will allow Naruto to mix those chakras together to achieve what is probably his final power up as I can't see anything else happening to make him stronger, aside from re-absorbing the other half of Kurama.

Minato's Kurama also joins in and allows him to go full Kyuubi mode...well to be honest I am not sure what this mode is called but it seems like going full Kyuubi to me .

A few weeks ago I predicted that the father son combo will do a combined Rasengan but I never expected it to have Kurama's chakra as well as Sage energy mixed it, thanks to Tobirama's help they manage to land a direct hit on Obito....

Well that's what I would like to say, instead using plot-makes-no-sense-jutsu Obito is able to stop their attack, I'm pretty sure Sage energy wounds him and was able to bypass his black orbs before yet for some reason instead of it working here he just blasts both Jinchuriki's away and that's it, the attack ends and the whole sequence turns out to be pointless since it just doesn't achieve anything.

Trying again the two Kuramas combine to their Bijuu bombs with Sage energy but Obito decides to act before this technique finishes. Since he has the Rinnengan why not just absorb the chakra of every attack? Pein was able to do it and Obito has all his powers+  the Ten tails inside him, he should be able to absorb any amount of chakra thrown at him.

In the last few chapters we haven't really seen Sasuke do much and ever since he joined the Alliance he has thrown many cryptic hints on what he intends to do, he has tried to burn down all the Tailed beast and wishes to become Hokage as well as a bunch of other stuff I ( sadly) forgot. No matter what he does though it seems Sasuke is very intent on Naruto and this panel shows more of that, whatever it is Sasuke doesn't seem too happy to me with Naruto's power and I can't wait to see him make a move instead of standing around acting mysterious.

The chapter ends somewhat abruptly with Obito releasing/transforming the Ten-tails, its a bit hard to tell exactly what happened if he released it from inside him or if he simply transforms into the tailed beast but this will be explained in the next chapter I think, Madara assumes he is going to start his Eye of the moon plan though and I hope he does so we can see what happens.


No predictions this week since I can't really guess where the story is going from here, I assume the Moon eye plan won't go exactly the way Obito wants it to though.

Speaking of that plan I can't figure out why Obito doesn't just revive Rin using Edo-tensei, I mean she has a grave in Konoha, I'm sure he can dig her up, wouldn't that be romantic? Though doing so would mean acknowledging that she died which Obito has been too insane to do so far.

Anyways enough ranting, this is an Okay chapter but really all it had was Naruto acting dumb and another failed attack so I can't give this chapter more than a 2 out of 5 since all it does is set the manga up for next week after this cliffhanger.