Friday, 13 September 2013

Legend of Korra "Rebel Spirit" & "The Southern Lights" Review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for the premiere of season 2 of Korra.

Rebel spirit sets the tone for this season by showing us what we can expect, when the show was about Aang his job as the Avatar was to restore balance between the nations, Korra had to restore balance between benders and non-benders and this season will be all about restoring balance between the two world, the material world and the spirit world.
We get a brief catch up of what everyone has done in the 6 months between this episode and last season, Bolin's Fire ferrets are demolished which I find very annoying, I hate it when shows make a character pathetic just for cheap laughs like that. Mako is a police officer while Korra continues her airbending training, together they run into some relationship trouble, nothing major just the usual " girl-changes-her-mind-every-30-minutes" stuff every guy goes through :/.

Asami is working hard to bring back her company from the brink, this seems like an interesting story line if it keeps up but somehow I am little apprehensive if the creaters will stick to this for long.

New characters are introduced this episode, including Tenzin's sister and Korra's cousins but the most interesting of them all is Korra's uncle who I will call Tarrlok 2.0 for now since he resembles him a lot. He wants to teach the Avatar how to deal with the Spirit world and as an amazing coincidence when he shows up Korra has to start dealing with the Spirits, hmm..... I sense something fishy here.

Careful who you flirt with.
Overall a solid and very fast episode, with only 13 episodes to tell a story we can expect less fillers and more of these story-driven episodes. Rebel spirit gets a 3 out of 5 from me.

The Southern Lights.

The second episode of this season excludes Asami but brings in another potential side story by focusing a lot on Tenzin's family, particularly Jinora who is the most spiritual of his children.

With Tenzin gone Korra decides to go to the heart of the south to restore balance after being persuaded o go by Tarlok 2.0. It seems that because of Korra's impatience and eagerness to do the right thing she is easily manipulated by people who tell her she has a duty or responsibility to do.

Smooth ride indeed.
So with a big party consisting of Korra, her family and the bending brothers we go on a journey to get to the heart of the south before the end of the Winter Solstice. During that time we learn that Tonraq was originally born in the north and got banished because he attacked a sacred forest. Bolin sums it up nicely by pointing out that Tonraq was meant to be chief but his brother took his place instead, can anyone else see where this is going? I think Tarlok 2.0 is similar to another character from the past.

Anyways after a heated argument Tonraq heads back, big mistake because you should always trust your dad Korra, not the guy who always says things like " We shall set the past right" " We must do what must be done" which is like the villain motto in every show.

The episode ends with Korra restoring balance in the south between the Spirit world and the Southern tribe, but as expected Tarlok 2.0 has other plans and brought his troops from the north to help "Stabilize" the South, I wonder if this story line is related to the real world a little.

With the next episode being titled " Civil War" we can expect that the South won't be too happy about this "Stability" brought on by the north, Because of how fast this episode progressed and its exciting conclusion, I give Southern Lights a 4.5 out of 5 and gotta say this was a great premiere for Korra.