Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Naruto 647 review.

Howdy everyone and welcome to this week's review of Naruto chapter 647.

Last week I asked you guys if you think K kashi will appear again in the manga and if he is even relevent anymore. 15 votes said that Kakashi has to reunite with Minato before the story is over, 8 votes said that he no longer has any plot significance , 4 said he might die and just one guy thinks Kakashi will just appear in the epilogue. I personally believe Kakashi still has a role to play, especially when I saw Hiruzen appear I knew Kakashi has a good chance of showing up and doing something useful now.

The chapter starts with a brief shot of the 5 Kages rushing to aid the Alliance thanks to Gaara's sand, of course it's still taken them a long time to get here when you stop and think about it but that's fine with me. We go back to the Shinobis and witness the destruction brought on from Jyuubito's attack.

Good plan to stay behind and "help" Naruto.
I read a lot about how the Jyuubi might just get the Chakra from people and not kill them but seeing how weak Shikimaru is and how he thinks he's going to die it's pretty obvious that Obito is aiming for their lives as well as their Chakra.

Obito tries again to break the will of the Shinobi, he's done this many times before and I have been re-reading the manga lately and from the start when Madara asked Obito what he wanted to do with the enemy he said " I want them to feel despair" so it's clear that no matter what happens Obito is aiming to break their fighting spirit first, I think a part of that is because it would make the genjutsu a lot easier to use if everyone just submit to it.

One thing I see a lot in villains who wish to create a perfect world is that they tend to force others to go with them towards this "perfect world" which is strange, if everyone is going to be happy and healthy in this world then why do they need to be forced to go there? why can't they just choose not to go? and how real is this false world anyways? All I know is that I wouldn't accept an offer like this, to sleep and always be happy, doesn't sound real to me.

Hashirama thinks that this Genjutsu is the same as dying, kinda is I guess, die and go to heaven or fall to this technique and live in a dream world. But before he can say anymore guess who finally joins the party?

Minor Note: I am a big fan of Suigetsu, no idea why considering he barely does anything, just find him funny, also I enjoy how Orochimaru is always polite to everyone, that's a very cool quality for a villain that makes them very interesting.

Orochimaru notices that Sasuke doesn't seem happy with the current turn of events, whether it's because of how the fight is going or because of seeing Naruto become so powerful is unclear but Sasuke has been very "off" somehow for a while now and I wonder who Orochimaru would side with if Sasuke betrayes the Alliance. Remember Orochimaru's first statement when getting revived was that he wanted Sasuke's body/

So that's about 15 chapters I suppose, still this does give us a clue on how the story will go, in 15 minutes either Obito activates the technique or he no longer is the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails, personally its been a load of crap that he can control it so easily after becoming it's host so I'd be glad if he somehow gets defeated in that time before the Moon Eye plan is completed.

Using Ino's technique Hashirama is able to relay what he heard to everyone in the Alliance including the arriving 5 Kages and tells them they should aim either for the tree or Obito in the time they have. I'd aim for the tree myself, Obito is a hard target to hit and he has that black shield that has stopped every attack so far, the Tree seems somewhat less scary somehow. Maybe I have a thing against tree but the Ten-tails was so much more threatening before, it's like it went from Venasaur into Tree-saur

we go from this...

To this " I'mma kill you all"
So yeah... not impressed by its final form. Anyways Hashirama's pep talk and telling people not to give up inspires some while others point out that he is just an Edo Tensei and isn't like the rest of them, good point really after all how alive are these zombies to begin with?

At least one guy though isn't going to lay on his butt and give up, while I may give him some flak sometimes Sasuke does the best thing here, too often people stand around talking about inspiration and hope, Sasuke just goes and cuts the damn Tree and shows people that hey, this thing is not invincible and if you work together you can take it down. No words or drama just plain old Sasuke and I love it.

Why can't you say " Are you okay, scaredy cat?" Already?
Somehow by being connected to Naruto's Chakra people are able to see his memories, really weird to see so many flashbacks in this chapter to be honest, it was flowing well and this sort of just stops the story in it's tracks like that with a slideshow of everyone who has died so far. Still this "inspires" the Alliance and the chapter ends with Naruto in Kyuubi mode yelling how he won't let everything go to waste.


Firstly I can't tell from the art but it seems the Tree healed almost exactly after it was cut by Sasuke, that's how it looked like to me, but I imagine that what Suigetsu said about how many saws they would need to cut it down to be a minor foreshadowing that it's far more likely they will cut down this Tree than Obito, either they will burn it down or somehow chop it down, can't imagine any other way to damage it.

Sasuke continues to hold Juugo close to him, he even takes him inside the Susanoo when he attacks the Tree and earlier he wanted to save Naruto and Juugo from Obito's explosion which further convinces me that somehow Juugo is very vital in this fight, assuming the Tree can only be damaged by Sage energy then Juugo is the perfect guy to bring it down somehow.


I apologize for the long review this week, this chapter is far longer than most that have come out and I tend to over analyze things, still overall not much happens in this chapter really, Orochimaru arrives to the battlefield and Sasuke cuts down the tree a little and that's it roughly so it's hardly a game changer right now. Still I enjoyed it somewhat and give it a 3 out of 5.

What did you guys think? good chapter? am I being too harsh? will the Kages do anything? let me know :D