Friday, 27 September 2013

Legend of Korra "Civil Wars part 2" review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of part 2 of Civil wars. After last week's cliffhanger I expected big things from this episode and boy did it deliver!

Unlike last week that had 2 strong story lines this week focused more on Korra than Tenzin but we did spend some time with him and his family and finished the story between him and his family. After finding his daughter Tenzin is able to reflect on his relationship with his siblings by seeing how Ikki feels with her siblings, it was a nice and funny moment to see Tenzin just sitting with his daughter and Blueberry Spicehead.

After reflecting how nice it would be to not be called "delusional" in your own family, Tenzin is able to reconcile with his siblings and they get along, again while this is kind of a filler arc in these two episodes it was still a nice moment to see and I'm glad they included this family dynamic.

The bigger story line this episode is Korra's family and her attempts to save her father, from the beginning we all knew Unalog is a shady character, if you want to know someone is evil by the way they will always use stock evil phrases such as " did you tell anyone this information?" or in this episode " if he is innocent, he has nothing to worry about"

Love how the sky is darker on Unalog's side.
After a very brief trial in which only Korra's mother is released the rest of the defendants ( including Korra's father) are sentenced to life in jail at the north pole, thanks to Unalog's request to the judge, Korra can't accept this decision at all and goes to her father who tells her not to do anything rash.

Korra, being wise and not rushing her decision.
 After the whole story comes out that Unalog set her father up and wanted to be chief his whole life, Korra goes to rescue him. Who saw this coming by the way? it was hinted at strongly in episode 2 I feel when Bolin yelled how Tonraq was supposed to be chief but thanks to the event Unalog became chief instead was a really clue that Unalog was evil and betrayed his brother.

How funny was Bolin this episode by the way? his story with Eska is just hilarious, I don't think anyone cares about who Korra or Mako end up with, we all just want more Bolin/Eska storyline.

I hope my proposal is this romantic.
Not only does Bolin work well with Eska but he and Varrick are an amazing pair, I'm not sure if it's due to Bolin or if Varrick by himself is just that badass but every scene with him in a bear was golden, add the fact that his assistant Julie is with him the whole time ( god knows where she is in that costume, its awfully small) and you got one of the funniest episodes of Avatar ever.

" You're never going to believe this"
The episode ends with Korra rescuing her father and being tasked with bringing in the United Forces, which means the return of general Iroh ( probably) and a cool arc of the world vs the North Pole which sounds epic though it's sad how every Avatar joins in a war at the North Pole.

As the credits start one character feels rather left out and by waterbending a tidal wave Eska shows up, mad at Bolin for not showing up to their wedding, a comical ( and terrifying for bolin) ending to the best Korra episode this season.


What an episode! god this was awesome, it had everything an Avatar episode is about, heart warming stuff with Tenzin and his family, some awesome action ( need more! ), drama and most of all it had a ton of comedy that just made everything in this episode work and for that I really can't give it any less than a 5 out of 5 and hope that Korra can keep this pace up because episodes like this will make this season incredible.