Friday, 20 September 2013

Legend of Korra " Civil Wars part 1" review

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks review of Korra which deals with the aftermath of the Northern Tribe paying a "visit" to their friends at the Southern Tribe.
If there's one theme in this season its family and this episode deals with that a lot by showing us two stories that deal mostly with families, Tenzin's family and Korra's.

Let's start with Korra's story, after opening the spirit portal last week Korra has to deal with the two tribes having problems with each other, it definitely seems like the Northern side is looking to overtake the South by kicking out the chiefs from their palaces, shutting down the harbor and generally oppressing the southerners.

And Korra doesn't help the situation either by continuing to trust Unalog just because she thinks he believes in her. Seriously how immature is Korra being this season? after turning into an airbender and learning the Avatar State shouldn't she be more focused and centered and not so impatient and reckless? it seems she just has regressed a lot from last season.

Clearly a trustworthy guy.
Korra's story this episode concludes with Unalog arresting her parents after being attacked, if this wasn't enough to convince her to turn on him and side with her parents I don't know what is, but its a very interesting cliffhanger and I enjoyed this story quite a bit.

The second main story this episode is about Tenzin's vacation with his family, which I think we can all relate to since it's pretty much a reflection of every family trip in the world. It seems Aang's children have very different opinions of their childhood with Tenzin thinking it was perfect but his siblings felt neglected instead.

It was both fun and a little sad to see how Tenzin is with his family, fun because its like every family with everyone having baggage from their past, whether it's because they felt overshadowed by their siblings because they can't bend,or that they had to revive an entire culture, all of Aang's children feel very conflicted. fun.
A bit of a mini story this episode is Bolin's love story with Desna...or is it Esna? meh the only difference is that one of them wears eye shadow. It was fun to watch Mako's brotherly advice on how to break up with her by simply telling her he no longer is interested in her. Personally I would have gone with the more classic " It's not you, it's me... but it's also because you're an ice queen".
This is what love looks like.
With 2 really interesting stories this week that dealt more with emotions than action I definitely prefer these more story-driven episodes over the action packed  episodes, Not that I don't love the action in Korra episodes like these advance the story a lot and bring in a lot of character growth, loved it and I give this episode a 4.5 out of 5.