Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Naruto 648 review

Greetings everyone and welcome to this week's review of Naruto 648, after chaper 647 dealt with encouraging the Alliance I expected a very action-packed chapter this week but we mostly got another story-heavy chapter. Not complaining since those are the easiest ones to talk about.
 Our chapter starts by having the two main protagonists gather their attacks, Naruto takes some chakra from dark Kurama inside his father while Sasuke uses Juugo as a sort of battery to charge his Susanoo with Senjutsu, something I've mentioned he will do a bunch of times.

For some reason people start praising Sasuke for using this Susanoo Sage energy combination, I am not exactly sure why since its Juugo whose doing half the work, also Orochimaru mentions how Sasuke can use Sage energy from Juugo because he is compatible with his cursed seal which makes me wonder if my theory about Juugo powering the entire Alliance even possible.

Seeing people compare Sasuke and Naruto to the first Hokage and Madara reminded me a lot of a picture we saw way earlier in chapter 462.

The good old days when Tobi spoke sense.
Whether or not this new generation will surpass the old one is a tough question but it will be interesting to see how Naruto and Sasuke will act towards each other in the future, especially with people always comparing them to the most famous rivals in history.

We see Hashirama share some memories with the fodder ninja, god knows why he would do that since having them be "inspired" or not so far has done less than nothing in this fight and the memory he picks? lets show the first 5 Kages in history arguing.

It's clear from the start of his rule that Hashirama is clueless and that his brother was the more politically minded, while it's nice to have a good and sweet leader Hashirama's naivety makes him unreliable in my eyes and I'd rather a leader like Tobirama who is serious all the time and doesn't cry tears of joy and bang his head on the table every 2 minutes.

The future second Kages of every village.
The Sand make an interesting request, they don't want a tailed beast but instead demand for some wealthy land and payment from the other countries, one can expect that the Sand are fairly poor due to living in the...well...sand and therefore lack any resources, gold is more useful for them than power.

Of course when the Sand propose that the 4 countries join together and take out Konoha, what does Hashirama do?

Inspiring stuff.
So after a plea from Hashirama that all ninja will have their hearts come together as one we end this really strange flashback and chapter having the 5 Kages arrive on the scene and get ready for what will probably be a rematch with Madara starting next chapter.


Hmm lets see where will this chapter go? 

Firstly I expect a rematch between the 5 kages and Madara, that would be epic and really cool if it happened since it's been a while since we got any sort of rematch between anyone, not sure how likely it will be with Hashirama there since he might just want to handle Madara himself if he can.

Sasuke not reaching his full potential yet is a bit worrisome, where exactly can he go from here? he has the full Susanoo doesn't he? and EMS so I am really curious where his next power up can come from.


Aaah how to rate this chapter I wonder, in truth this chapter is hardly any different than the last one since it mostly dealt with inspiring the Alliance, comparing Naruto and Sasuke to Hashirama and Madara and Obito said some nonsense. The only real progress this chapter are Juugo powering up Sasuke and the 5 Kages arriving which should hopefully speed up this arc a little bit, for now I give chapter 648 a rating of 2.5 out of 5 and say I was not impressed much this week.


Since I read a lot about Naruto during the week from various forums and comments on my reviews I thought I'd start posting the ones that make me laugh or are just generally interesting here.

"Naruto is thinking if he became friends with Sasuke earlier, things might've turned out differently between them. And how these flashbacks manage to motivate the alliance I have no idea...If I were one of the fodder shinobi, would I care about Naruto and Sasuke didn't talk to each other in the playground? in the middle of a war?" -Anonymous comment.