Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Naruto 641 Review

So Naruto 641 has just been released, following last week's cliffhanger, this chapter straight away deals with the bomb situation the alliance is currently facing.

There were many possibilities to who could save Sasuke and Naruto from the bomb, many people guessed it could be Kakashi with his Kamui, or maybe the Fourth would somehow teleport away, I'll have to admit though that I forgot all about how the Second Hokage is able to use the same technique and is therefore almost as fast as Minato.

Thanks to his speed, Tobirama is able to return the bomb to its original owner, along with some badass-ness thrown in for good measure of course.

Tobirama really does prepare for things doesn't he? he marked Obito the last time he touched him, which I am guessing is around he used his multiple exploding tags on him. Its a good show of how far ahead he is able to plan, assuming his technique wont work and marking the target so that he is able to perform a counter-attack later.

I miss Naruto comedy, we rarely get the jokes we used to get in part 1 so it was nice to see a little humour even in this bleak situation.

Of course the joke comes at the expense of poking fun at Naruto's intelligence but you can't have it all.

Epic Panel

You have to wonder what is Madara's problem with the First Hokage, even with everything going out of control all he seems to care about is renewing his rivalry with his old boyfriend. Still its thanks to that obsession that we get this awesome panel featuring Madara's Susanoo and Hashirama's wooden dragon. Its interesting to see the minor minions of the Juubi still around, I would have imagined that when Obito sealed the Ten tails he sealed all of it yet it seems some small parts of its body are still running around outside somehow, I wonder if this will make any difference later.

After weeks of complaining about how useless the rest of the ninja world is compared to the former Kages and team 7, we finally get even those fodder ninjas to admit " yes, we are useless and pathetic". A fact well known to every reader, yet despite that Kishimoto tries to get us to care a little about all these people by using Shikimaru to send a message to the Alliance and perhaps to us audience as well.

The message here isn't really about fighting Obito, its about telling everyone who is reading this that you should never give up, regardless of how powerless you may feel in your situation. We don't face monsters in our world yet we have our challenges just the same and Shikimaru's speech applies to anyone facing a tough time, no matter what is happening try your hardest and wish for the best.

Now that my therapy session is over, lets go back to the battle, Obito of course blocks his own bomb like its nothing, this black material thing he uses seems like the strongest substance we have ever witnessed, able to shield every attack so far as well as be used offensively. And not only is Obito able to use better tools but he is also able to think as well, by recognizing that Sasuke is focusing chakra in his left eye he prepares a shield to block Amaterasu before it hits him, I don't think we've seen anyone do that before as most fights that included Amaterasu have had the victim dodge it somehow or get hit by it. 

Recognizing that they need to try something new, Sasuke and Naruto decide to charge straight into Obito, very stealthy ninja tactic. Luckily for them the Second and Fourth come up with a brilliant plan, by marking each other the the two Hokages are able to swap places, and instead of trying to catch Obito with an attack, instead they almost attack the Fourth and just as he is about to take the blow, he swaps places with the Second who is holding Obito and uses him life a shield to take all the damage.

Its a pretty impressive maneuver one must admit, and thanks to that Obito has taken his first possible blow that might slow him down, it most likely wont but lets hope it does.

The chapter ends with the heroines observing our heroes smiling from a distance, its good to see Sasuke express positive emotions so I quite like the last panel, his team work with Naruto and the Hokages was also quite impressive this chapter.


The chances of the attack that landed doing any damage is incredibly small, and even if it does damage Obito he will undergo some further transformation and all damage received will be healed somehow. A shame really since the closer we seem to get to finishing the manga the slower Naruto progresses.

No idea what the living Kages are doing right now but when they do arrive they will aid Hashirama in his fight against Madara, it will be Kages vs Madara round 2 and I believe they will be the ones to stop him. Having two zombies fight each other is boring so by including fan favorites like Gaara the fight will have some suspense on who might live and who might die.


I don't often like enjoy action chapters very much, for one they don't usually show much character development and for another they are difficult to talk about, what can I say really? " Sasuke attacks Naruto, but misses... yeah that's awesome".

This chapter though mixed things in very well, it had amazing action that wasn't just brute force or laser spamming, the Kages fought smartly and managed to land a good hit, the Second showed a cool sense of humor, I enjoyed Shikimaru's speech and overall it was just a fun chapter to read about. So I give this chapter a 5 out of 5 and hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.