Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pacific Rim Review.

I didn't expect to watch Pacific Rim. There I was at the cinema with my brother trying to pick a movie to watch when he said we should go for this new robot movie and I thought " well why not?"

So the story of Pacific Rim is that an alien invasion (called Kaijuis) is coming to earth, from the sea and not space for some reason. Its a little strange to think of aliens coming from underground but its no big deal, anyways so to deal with these giant aliens humans build Robots called Jaeger to fight them off. Problem is those robots need at least two people to pilot them or they cause brain damage to the pilots and that's where our movie begins.

The movie follows the story of Raleigh Becke ( Charlie Hunnam ) A pilot who is forced to fight these aliens after losing his brother. In all honesty its barely worth talking about the characters at all since almost all of them seem very flat and dull. The story tries to go for some large emotional story with drama all of which is largely unnecessary because the the audience is here to see Robots vs Aliens not a pretty lame love story or incredibly pointless "inspiring" speeches by the captain.

Still even among this cast of dull characters some actors manage to stand out, my two favorite are Ron Perlman who plays a fast talking mafia boss guy and Max Martini who portrays a protective father trying to watch out for his son. The two actors take wildly different approaches to their roles, Ron knows he can ham it up as much as he wants and he does so with gusto while Martini plays his role with a much more serious vibe to him, either way both actors perform admirably and its thanks to them that the humans in this movie don't all feel incredibly stale and boring.

One of the best things in P.R

Its odd to talk about the humans in a movie about Robots but sadly its because they take so much ( unnecessary) screen time. Most of the movie focuses on the drama going on between the pilots so we don't get quite as much action as I would have liked, but I gotta admit when the action does start, it is quite incredible. One problem of the action in this movie is how slow the robots seem to move, especially compared to the very agile aliens, its hard to imagine something so clunks and slow landing any sort of blow on the aliens, plus a lot of the action seems kinda pointless in a way, at one point we had a robot lift an alien and just throw him into the water, why? these things come from the water and are strong swimmers, just seems odd to me.

The quality of CGI in this movie is phenomenal, there really isn't enough praise that can be given to how gorgeously done things look in this movie. Its probably due to the cost of the CGI that the audience is ̶t̶o̶r̶t̶u̶r̶e̶d̶  exposed to the story.

Pacific Rim is a decent movie and I would recommend watching it for the action, but only the action, this movie is light on brain food and extremely predictable. Anytime someone says " You cant do that" means they will, or " Its impossible" means its possible, the foreshadowing is painfully obvious so don't expect to leave the cinema with much to talk about apart from " Awesome robots and explosions"

So in conclusion P.R is a action filled story light movie that feels a lot like junk food, it fun while you have it but afterwards you realize its just empty calories really.