Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Naruto 639 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Naruto chapter 639, if you're interested in my review of last chapter you can find it here.

So this chapter starts immediately by answering a question I saw a lot of forums wonder about, did Jubito destroy the first two Kages? or were they clones?
Well it turns out that while Hashirama was a wood clone Tobirama was actually destroyed by Jubito. Still Tobirama is able to salvage he situation by planting Exploding tags on the enemy.

It turns out that one of the uses of Edo Tensei is to use the revived bodies as some sort of explosion, in this chapter we see Tobirama invented a fighting technique that takes advantage of this fact. I am guessing that if a revived body sustains enough damage the user can cause it to explode, which is exactly what the second does in this chapter by piercing himself and releasing an exploding tag.

Other shinobi want to fight as well,  which is a bit surprising considering that I almost forgot that there are other characters in Naruto aside from Madara, Jubito, Sasuke, Naruto and the 4 kages. Still if Kishi brings in some old characters I dont mind, so lets see what great contribution the special guest of this chapter brings.

He seems very useful, anyways Jubito somehow manages to resist all the explosions that the Second threw at him, so now its time for Hiruzen, the god of shinobi, the third Hokage, the name nicknamed as the Professor because he knew every technique Konoha has ever had, I'm sure we will see some amazing technique, not some lame shuriken tossing that anyone can do.

I'm not impressed but Jubito does do something interesting by using some sort of black material that he can manipulate into any shape to destory the shurikens. It looks quite confusing yet this ability is sharp enough to attack with and strong enough to use as a defense as well, making it a very versatile technique.

The Third compares it to Oonoki's technique yet seems more flexible to me as it doesn't require any hand seals and apparently combines 4 nature elements into one, I think its the fire element that is excluded since it hasn't displayed any explosive capabilities, yet.

The price of showing us this new technique is that the Third gets blown up by Jubito in point blank range, this angers Naruto until Sasuke brings up an excellent point about the Edo Tensei bodies.

This reminds me a little of the fight against Kakuzu when Naruto would send in shadow clones first to get some information on the enemies movements and abilities before attacking with his real body. This is almost the same since the ET Kages are more expandable than any of the living shinobi, its quite a decent tactic to keep sending the former Kages on Jubito until they have enough information to bring him down.

Madara has finally joined the fight and prevents Hashirama from creating any sort of opening, this is a very inconvenient timing for Madara to get involved in. Anyone expecting a three-way battle between the Alliance, Madara and Jubito has to wait a little longer as for now Madara still seems to be supporting Jubito or at least buying him time until his "Trump Card" shows up.

Jubito's body starts to distort and bloat until he is unable to fly anymore, and while at first it seems like this is an opening for our heroes, it turns out Jubito is able to extend parts of his body and sends his torso ahead to attack Naruto and send him flying.

With Naruto in the air and unable to dodge, it seems almost like Jubito can land an attack on him, but at the last moment Sasuke is able to use his Susanoo and blocks the attack. Meanwhile Minato gets forced back when Jubito extends his lower body to kick him, it looks pretty weird I must say.

The attack elicits a very interesting response from Sasuke, one which makes his motives a bit clearer to me at least.

Considering that Naruto was the one almost killed and the way Sasuke says the phrase, it makes me think that Sasuke's end game is to kill all the Tailed beast, this would explain his behavior a few chapters ago when he was fine with burning the other Tailed beasts inside the Juubi. The fact that his memory of the pictures cuts in Naruto's face and not anywhere else makes me think he is considering killing Naruto to get to the Kyuubi.

The chapter ends quite similar to chapter 637, where Jubito again grabs two people, this time its Naruto and Sasuke while last time it was Minato and Sasuke ( everyone wants a piece of Sasuke) and this time its Minato who will come to the rescue in the next chapter.


While I cant make too many predictions from an action filled chapter, 639 does further show that Sasuke is not quite a good guy yet. He says many cryptic things from time to time and definitely has some sort of hidden agenda. Not that I mind though since Anti-hero Sasuke is way cooler than revenge-horny Sasuke.

So my prediction is that Sasuke will turn evil or at least do something that puts him in complete opposite of Naruto, many think that those two will fight for the title of Hokage but it seems the Tailed beasts will be a much bigger issue for them and might be the cause for the Sasuke vs Naruto fight we have been waiting years for.


I found this chapter too confusing and it doesn't really advance the plot much. Perhaps its my fault for not enjoying these sort of chapters but I cant give it more than a 2 out of 5.