Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Naruto 637 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review of Naruto 637, If you would like to read my review of chapter 636 please click  here.

Last week I asked if Obito was redeemed in his final moments when it looked like he was going to die and a vast majority (38 votes) said that no, Obito's performance didn't change their opinion of him at all and that they still considered him a loser. A much smaller group said that Obito was in fact redeemed when it seemed like he might die ( only 8 votes) and 5 people thought Obito was always awesome.
Me personally I find that I liked him a bit more in the last chapter, true he will never be as cool as when he had his mask on and called himself Tobi. But Obito is hugely motivated by love and that's something I think we can relate to, sure he's way overboard and crazy but at least I can understand what he feels a little.

But enough of last week, lets talk about this chapter now.

Madara's manipulation of  Obito's body starts us off and we get a minor flashback to their first meeting and how Obito thanked him. Its quite surprising to think that from the moment they met Madara saw Obito as nothing more than a guy he will some day either convince or force to give up his life for. Its sad to think how low Madara would go.

Hashirama senses the chakra that's being formed and asks either Naruto or Sasuke to stop him, its a bit hard to tell which one he is referring to but either way Sasuke responds first and charges on to stop Obito. While they prepare to stop Obito the Kages finally get a bit more involved in the story, with Hashirama and his brother sending their clones to distract Madara and the 4th recognizing that Obito = Masked man and uses his teleporting jutsu to get to him.

Where is the third Hokage anyways? feels weird to see the other Kages taking action and he's just disappeared, then again its not something new since a lot of other characters are apparently standing around and doing nothing except watch as team 7 + Hokages do all the work.

Its sad to see young Obito being told never to give up and how things will change for him in the future. While the fourth probably meant that if he kept trying one day Rin would like him back, Obito instead took the darkest meaning possible to never giving up and continued to try to be with Rin decades after she has already died.

Most Epic Panel.

I loved this page a lot, the way time has changed everything for those two men. In one panel Minato is encouraging a young Obito and in another he is trying to kill him. I cant write too much about it aside from the fact that I found it beautiful.

Obito's hair loses its color very much like Nagato did before he died. That along with his black half makes him look identical to Zetsu, I wonder how much of Madara's will is inside Obito as well.

The fourth mentions how his mark never leaves a target, so once marked he can teleport to anyone anytime he wants and he marked Obito in their fight way earlier. Still even Hyuuga seals disappear up death so for a seal to last 17 years is a bit skeptical for me. 

The chapter ends with Obito surprising everyone ( well at least I myself was surprised) and becoming the Jyuubi's host, I did not see that coming at all and I gotta wonder why he didnt just become the Jinchuriki from the start since that would have made more sense to me.

Whether its due to being betrayed by Madara or it was his plan all along, this war now has developed into a 3-way fight between the alliance, a Jinchuriki Obito and Madara.


My prediction of Orochimaru being the host of the ten tails is an impossible dream now sadly, I really expected him to show up and do something about it but it seems Obito will become the new host. Still here's my thoughts on what could possibly happen.

* Madara might ignore or even help the alliance in order to kill Obito, he will be enraged that his "puppet" has become the thing he aimed to be from the start.

* If Obito does use the infinite Tsukiyomo, the only person who could stop it now would be Madara as he has infinite chakra as well as the Eternal Mangkyo.

* How the other Kages will get involved is a bit hard to see now however I can imagine if Madara forgives Obito for his betrayal then we will have the alliance split into two forces, one to face Obito and the other to face Madara.


I really enjoyed this chapter, I like the dynamic between Obito and his sensei and even though we barely got a glimpse of it here I enjoyed what we got and hope for more. Sasuke continues to ignore everyone and do his own thing which I find refreshing and interesting. I look forward to seeing how the story goes and give this chapter a 4 out of 5.