Monday, 15 July 2013

Dota 2 Guide to Warding.

( Please note that this guide is extremely image heavy and might take a while to load)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my guide for warding in the world of Dota 2 patch 6.81. If you're playing any sort of support chances are you'll have to ward for your team and I have seen a lot of players either unsure of where to ward or they would ward horrible spots.

So in this guide I'll be showing you the best spots you can ward in for both Dire and Radiant teams, but before that lets discuss the point of warding.

Warding accomplishes many things for you and your team, which can basically be summarized as:
* Warding allows you to control the runes, by having wards scout out the rune spots your team can know where the rune has spawned, what type of rune it is and if an enemy manages to get to it before you.

* Warding keeps your team safe by preventing the enemy from ganking you, especially defensive wards at your own forest.

* Wards give you an advantage when fighting in situations that include fog of war or ledges where spells are in range but enemies cannot be seen. This sounds a bit complicated so let me show you with pictures instead

* Wards Allow you to gank enemies much more efficiently. By providing sight of certain key areas where the enemy will have to pass, you and your allies can tell where they are and this makes it super easy to gank them. Wards are particularly effective for strong roamers like Spirit breaker and Pudge.

* Lastly wards allow you to stop the enemy's ability to jungle. Neutral camps that have a ward nearby will block Neutrals from spawning, denying the enemy any gold or Exp they could otherwise get.

Creeps don't spawn if the area is warded.
It should be noted that a disadvantage of ward is that they have obstructed vision, meaning they cant see past obstacles in their path, like trees or hills. Here's an example of how obstructed vision can make certain ares bad for warding.

While its easy to spot the rune, you don't get much more info from this ward due to having hills surrounding it from a lot of angles, greatly reducing this ward's vision and usefulness.

Remember when warding to always pick the highest point you can find, as those will not be blocked by any obstacle. So lets start by showing you what you're really here for, the best warding spots in the game.

Please note that because some of these Wards have such huge vision it was impossible to show it all in one image, so I split ward locations by putting a " ---- " in between different ward locations.

Base warding

When breaking a base, you should always try to put a ward inside the enemy's camp so they will lose whatever high ground advantage they may have.

Note: I planted these wards where I was standing as Furion, it might not be possile to ward these spots from other locations.

Excellent ward for breaking the bottom and middle rax of the Dire side.
This ward provides huge sight for breaking the top rax for the Dire.
Good ward for breaking the bottom Radiant side.

This ward is great for taking out the middle and top Rax of the Radiant.
Rune Wards.

These ward spots the rune as well as provide some sight of the surrounding area. Controlling the Runes is a key factor in winning the game so you should always have a ward at both Rune spots.

This ward scouts out the top rune as well as the dire jungle, making it quite useful for the Radiant side.
This rune spot provides good sight of the Radiant jungle as well as vision of the bottom ward, more useful for the Dire.
Sight of the entire upper part of the river but more importantly this ward is rarely ever dewarded.
Ward of the top rune as well as the Radiant ancients and provides good sight of the middle tower, excellent ward for the Dire.
A good ward to scout the bottom rune and provides good sight of the Radiant hill. More useful for the Dire side.
Huge Vision Wards

These wards do not cover any sort of special locations, but they provide a huge amount of information due to how much sight they have.
One of the best wards you can have if you're Radiant, huge sight of the top tier 2 tower of the Dire.
Not as much sight as the first ward I mentioned, but this is a great ward if you're having trouble breaking the Dire middle tower.
This ward nullifies the ledge advantage the Dire have in the middle tower. You can place a ward on the Radiant ledge if you're on the Dire side.
You can plant a rune here if you're dire and want to break the mid tower.

Or on this side of the river if you expect the enemy to approach from this side.
Good ward for breaking the Dire tier 2 tower as well as scouting if the Dire side approaches Roshan.
Excellent ward for breaking the Radiant middle and bottom tower.
Nothing particularly notable about this spot, it just covers a big chunk of the Radiant forest.
Closing Comments.

And that's about it really, I'm sure there are more good spots to ward that I haven't discovered yet, if you have any questions or a good ward spot, please share it with me.

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Thank you for your attention and support.