Thursday, 11 July 2013

Always Keep Calm.

So the other day I was watching an episode of Survivor where we had a couple of people arguing quite seriously, and while both of them were in the wrong, one of them kept his cool and the other got madder and madder, as in consequence louder and louder.

Now after the episode finished and I decided to see what the forums said on the topic, it seemed everyone agreed with the guy who kept his calm and didn't react, why?

Now I'm not going to talk about what they argued, because in all honesty most of the time it doesn't matter what an argument is about. It matters who behaves better because the point of an argument isn't to prove who is right and who is wrong. People could settle that easily by talking with each other normally without resorting to yelling. The point of arguing is to make the other person look bad, because if they look worse than you do, then surely you're right.

When we see other people argue and one of them sits there calmly while the other stomps their feet, yells out-loud and generally behaves like an idiot, who will we side with? Almost surely the calmer one. Because naturally in our mind we think " Oh the other person can't handle their emotions no wonder they are yelling and acting like children."

In fact yelling and making a scene can generally be attributed to behaving like a big baby, since really what do babies do most?

So the point of this entire post is basically to say that no matter what happens, what you fight about, how you argue. Just keep calm, because as long as you do you will look better. Anyone will look wrong if they start throwing furniture around and yelling like a lunatic, and even the wrong person can make themselves look right simply by being calm.