Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Naruto 640 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Naruto 640, you can check out my review of last week's chapter here.

This chapter starts with a shot of Jubito holding Sasuke and Naruto and preparing his black ink object to kill them. Its interesting to see how he holds Naruto with his right side which includes his Sharingan eye and holds Sasuke with his left side, which includes the Rinnengan eye. I would have imagined the opposite situation but lets move on.

Minato realizes he cant reach his son and Sasuke in time, so instead of moving himself he just extends a chakra arm to hold both hostages and then teleports all of them away back to safety.
Jubito's control of his body is slipping it seems, as he extends parts of it and then has himself encased in a sort of Cocoon and then fires of a bijuu bomb at himself.

 We get some pretty gruesome shots of Jubito suffering from some body alteration, then we get a look inside his head/memory/heart, its tough to tell really but either way we see Obito's body being ripped apart in the same way a picture of team Minato is being torn apart, then we see the whole picture being put together again.

So what did all this sequence mean? its a rebirth I think of Jubito, through destruction something new can be made, while at first it looked like he was nesting like a butterfly in the end it just seemed like all his pain and loss is what lead to him being pulled together again. Strength through pain somehow, just like how Sasuke was willing to cut his bonds to become stronger... Its a bit confusing what goes on with Jubito but the results are clear, the second sage of six paths has arrived.

Despite being the host of the ten tails, everything about Jubito comes in 6, he has a weird 6 tomoe necklace around his neck, he has 6 balls floating around his head and his staff holds some weird 6 talismans on it or something, hell even Minato threw 6 blades at him earlier.

Perhaps the most impressive thing of this new form isn't the increase in power, but the amount of control Obito now has over his body. He is able to talk and uses his abilities much more effectively by somehow attaching some sort of Chakra bomb to Minato that travels with him when he teleports.

The chapter ends with an explosive cliffhanger as this bomb is about to go off in the middle of our heroes. Of course it might not go off but instead suck them in somehow like the Chibaku Tensei did with Nagato, either way it is not a good thing that everyone is close to this thing.

Comments and verdict.

This was a good chapter and it felt like the story advanced a little here which is something the recent chapters have been doing, its hard to imagine any form superior to the one Jubito currently has because it resembles the original Sage's form almost exactly.

The chakra bomb thing at the end looks very interesting, it might explode, implode or it might do nothing just like with Deidera and instead go inside their blood stream somehow, like it did with the Sasuke. 

This was a very small chapter in a sense that we only saw a total of 5 characters and Gamakachi barely did anything so it was really just Jubito with Sasuke, Minato and Naruto. Of them Jubito got some nice character development and the chapter flowed quite smoothly combining action and story well.

I'll give Naruto 650 a 4 out of 5 I enjoyed the dynamic going on between the trio facing Jubito, I liked the small flashback to young Obito saying he wont have time for women ( trust me, you make time for women) and just felt that overall this was a solid chapter.